Benevolent @ 5/1/2010 12:42 commented on Weapons

knights so won :P

Benevolent @ 4/29/2010 21:43 commented on Big Bird

oh ok ty chrispy

Benevolent @ 4/29/2010 21:36 commented on Big Bird

Ummm im not sure if this is somtin they both saw or did some one steal an idea and change it? It might just be me over reacting...........Am i wrong or did someone copy?

EDIT: or is that a pokemon(new) ive never seen before?

Benevolent @ 4/29/2010 17:03 commented on Weapons

WEWT RH 29 to 24 knights still ahead

Benevolent @ 4/29/2010 12:45 commented on Simple Raccoon Dog

dog+racoon=rogdoon backwards id noodgor:re-spell newdgore- d newgore! thats what i would name it lol

Benevolent @ 4/29/2010 09:24 commented on Weapons

28 to 24

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 22:42 commented on Weapons

27 to 23

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 22:23 commented on Big Bird

by cat one, you mean Photocopier?

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 22:18 commented on Weapons

I would ask Metaru on that jao.

i think it is based on the current avatar and not the work.

If you want to do both just put both on one icon and have something to show you want both.

I'm not sure if thats allowed .

Like i said ask metaru on that.

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 21:20 commented on Big Bird

Attention all pixel artist!

If you would like to be counted towards the Clash of the Forces please leave any kind of comment on the comment page for the Clash of the Forces. Also make sure that your icon is a knight or dragon style. The current score is knights:26 and dragons: 22

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 19:30 commented on Chocolate Bar... Mmm.

Nice edit good job

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 17:49 commented on Weapons


all we need is knights and our felowship !

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 14:27 commented on Weapons

how am i being a hypocrite? i said vampires burn not sparkle only way i could be a hypocrite is that if i was a vampire that sparkled in the sun >.> and im not >.> so....ya

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 14:18 commented on Weapons

26 to 22

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 12:11 commented on Big Bird

I've counted 1ucas as a dragon and its still 26 to 21 knight winning.

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 10:10 commented on Weapons

Sparkly gay vampires count as -5 vampires


Vampires to donot sparkle in in the sun.......they BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!

i second it since RH cant count >.>

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 08:16 commented on Dash: Bathtime

why do steam and buble always happen to block all the good parts

Benevolent @ 4/28/2010 08:09 commented on Weapons

Welcome brother Kinnison to the fellowship! 26 to 21

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 22:45 commented on Big Bird

i hate typos >.>

Thats why i go over what i'm going to put down because thats the first thing you guys jump on is typos and make a joke out of it.

well im off to bed 10:50 pm im beat from school today talk to ya'll later

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 22:37 commented on Big Bird

Heilige Scheiße several months


(for those who dont know that was german, best language to curse/yell in )

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 22:29 commented on Bottom of riddlebox

well i told you so :P

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 22:26 commented on SLEF PROTIAT

oh wow im an idiot :P ty vic

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 22:01 commented on Bottom of riddlebox

lol the thing is this has no shading in the pic hes using. and its ont those 3 colors.

see for your self:


And for Xinix :I told you youll need a reference but your to lazy to get it(like you always are :P) so i got it for you

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 21:54 commented on Weapons

25 to 21 big whoop were still winning....

ty for pointing that out anyways

also i find it funny that i put my self in charge of keeping track

Benevolent @ 4/27/2010 21:26 commented on Big Bird

im getting kinda mad its taken 2 days and my pieces has yet to be accpeted or denied.....kinda tiking me off its taking so long to say yay or nay to the avatar i made for my friend.......