Gecimen @ 6/15/2021 06:23 commented on me and booglet

Plenty of amazing stuff. Good job!

Gecimen @ 6/8/2021 13:49 commented on Samurai warrior

I intended 7+transparency. The number of rainbow colors.

Gecimen @ 6/8/2021 13:48 commented on ISOrd

All of them are flawless but the one I admire the most is the dragon tile since it really made the collab stand out.

Gecimen @ 6/4/2021 12:45 commented on Bambaloo and Me

Plain amazing. Also beautiful bird there!

Gecimen @ 5/29/2021 10:15 commented on Big Bird

Silver star is the rarest of the stars by far. Bronze is for (non-social) contributions, gold is usually saved for adding something to the site such as a new interview or tutorial, silver is for extraordinary stuff or long term achievements.

PS: I gave the silver star to Jal. He told me not to hand it out without a very good reason.

Gecimen @ 5/26/2021 04:36 commented on Running robot

These colors are like your signature.

Gecimen @ 5/25/2021 05:20 commented on SPY Photo to Pixel with Pixel Art Workshop

Selam, bunu glow effecti kaldırıp güncelleyebilirseniz galeriye alabileceğim. Teşekkürler.

Gecimen @ 5/24/2021 12:30 commented on OLDCAR Photo to Pixel test with Pixel Art Workshop

Selamlar, öncelikle Pixeljoint'e hoş geldiniz. Sitenin moderatörlerinden ikisi (ben ve Theoden) Türk'üz. :)

Pixeljoint'te özellikle manuel olarak yapılmış pixel art işlerine yer veriyoruz. Bu imaj sanırım yazdığınız bir yazılımla dönüştürülmüş değil mi?

Yanlış anlaşılmasın ancak aksi taktirde çok fazla otomatik dönüştürülmüş şu minvalde işler postlanıyor. O zaman da pixel art  sitesi olmaktan çıkıyoruz. Ancak eğer manuel yaptıysanız ve belirtirseniz kabul edilecektir.

Diğer postladığınız imajda zaten 400 küsür renk olduğu için onu kabul edemeyeceğiz, glow effecti kaldırıp tekrar postlarsanız onu da kabul ederiz.

Gecimen @ 5/19/2021 12:24 commented on Loba

249 unique colors is way too much for this piece, especially when you have done similar pieces with much less colors.

Gecimen @ 5/18/2021 12:25 commented on Fire demon animations

The attack animation is really convincing. Good job!

Gecimen @ 5/15/2021 10:27 commented on Evolved into Chickens

I love this, the feathers are very well rendered.

Gecimen @ 5/15/2021 10:26 commented on Tropeognathus Mesembrinus

This is excellent, I especially love the butterfly like design on the wings.

Gecimen @ 5/12/2021 13:26 commented on Evolved into Chickens

Perfection! Not only the detail level but the idea is great too.

Gecimen @ 5/9/2021 10:29 commented on Dancer Remade

The detail level is beyond amazing.

Gecimen @ 5/8/2021 12:27 commented on Rawal Rumble Corte Ingles

This has 532 colors. Can you check for artifacts?

Gecimen @ 5/8/2021 12:24 commented on 5 color portrait

This has 80 colors, not 5.

Gecimen @ 5/8/2021 07:03 commented on 01

Loving the two versions of the same character :)

Gecimen @ 5/6/2021 15:16 commented on DJ Marshmallow

Could be 7 colors but this piece has 173 unique colors at the moment.

Gecimen @ 4/27/2021 13:16 commented on 2021 Avatar

While we were all here 10 years ago, none of us had the moderator role back then. The old mods that I know of were very nice people themselves but they cared less about moderating the member interaction. Here's a comment I got on my 2nd piece I posted on PJ:

"this couldn't be more ugly and stiff."

I didn't delete the piece and the comment is still there, the piece is indeed stiff and ugly but it's hardly the ideal way to motivate a newcomer to be better.

Anyways, we want to change things.

The problem is twofold, though. In terms of member interaction, we don't want to silence people, but we should somehow step up and encourage positive interaction as CELS pointed out. PJ gallery is more lively than ever, but the forum culture is dying thanks to many ways of instant messaging and social media; as we've seen with Pixelation. The gallery format, however is still the best way to check out someone's art. For example when someone wants to see what Cyangmou made in years, it's much easier to scroll though here on PJ than, say, twitter.

In terms of gallery rules, what we are trying to do is to keep PJ as a pixel art only site - not because we only like pixel art, but because there's no other place that people can scan through wonderful pixel art with ease. This means we have to limit the gallery to pixel art, but what is pixel art? That is a long standing debate.

Anyhow, your input is important to us, and if you think there are steps we (mods) can take to make you and other professionally active pixel artists post their work here more, please let us know.

Gecimen @ 4/27/2021 01:50 commented on 2021 Avatar

I'll politely disagree with Hapiel and Dawnbringer here. The gallery rules about color are here so people don't post without caring about color control and I don't think your knowledge of color control is in question. The mentioned background consists of straight lines, doesn't seem messy and seems to be done on purpose here. I would accept it with a notice (for the viewers, not you) that this piece could use much fewer colors.

Gecimen @ 4/26/2021 03:48 commented on Quick Jungle Ferns

Educational material.

Gecimen @ 4/16/2021 14:24 commented on D... Frogs playing poker, and a crocodile

Your geometric style with a fantastic palette really worked wonders.

Gecimen @ 4/13/2021 05:24 commented on For Great Justice

Everybody: you can't make gifs that can be heard.

Vierbit: hold my beer.

Gecimen @ 4/12/2021 00:33 commented on For Great Justice

Amazing. Maybe the sub is missing the "are" in all your base are belong to us? :)

Gecimen @ 4/9/2021 16:35 commented on fc11

I want to go back to level 1 again XD