Gecimen @ 9/14/2021 04:17 commented on Hiyayakko Tofu

Alright thanks :)

Gecimen @ 9/14/2021 01:55 commented on Hiyayakko Tofu

Is this for the weekly challenge?

Gecimen @ 9/14/2021 01:29 commented on ISOrd & ISOrcery tiles

Thank you, come join the new one :)

Gecimen @ 8/27/2021 02:15 commented on Internal Feasting

Very well done. I can see all the... consuming...

Gecimen @ 8/25/2021 02:47 commented on Big Bird

Well it's good that opensea deletes stolen art pages so easily.

Gecimen @ 8/25/2021 02:41 commented on Pixeleen contst entry

You needed to be really unlucky in order not to get #1 with THAT piece, though.

But yes, the monthly top competition has become really hot in the last few years.

Gecimen @ 8/25/2021 02:39 commented on Terrosaurus

Is it bad to fall in love with this?

Gecimen @ 8/24/2021 02:23 commented on My very first pixel art background

Hello, can you please post this with a non-scaled preview? We can't allow scaled pieces in the gallery.

Gecimen @ 7/30/2021 09:48 commented on Dead Knight

And now it's 2733 colors.

Gecimen @ 7/27/2021 10:34 commented on Random Sprite Dump 8

Inspiring as always.

Gecimen @ 7/19/2021 13:55 commented on Big Bird

A standard color count limit is not suitable for PJ as a whole. One 64px sprite would naturally have less colors than, say, one of Wolfenoctis' sprite dumps. And (both as mods and as viewers) do we favor single 64px sprites over huge sprite dumps? Heck no. This is THE place for pixel art showcasing - be it new artists showing their flourishing skills or masters showing their latest progress. And I must say lately PJ is doing better than ever as a pixel art gallery.

Gecimen @ 7/15/2021 16:18 commented on Some shit stuck on a stick!


Gecimen @ 6/29/2021 10:46 commented on Big Bird

Surely this piece would have been rejected without much discussion 6 years ago. That being said, the artist informed us about the processes of how he 'deliberately' pixelled all of the art. And although some of which aren't the conventional ones (manual pixel placement) we normally use, we concluded the end result (background and character included) is not out of artist's conscious decisions and thefore voted to approve the piece. 

We could avoid discussion simply by rejecting it but it would be the poor choice considering the artist is trying to demonstrate new ways to make pixel art. 

Would that mean we would approve some of the old pieces that were rejected in the past? Some yes, some no. We would also reject some of the (very famous) pieces if they were submit today. 

Gecimen @ 6/23/2021 10:27 commented on Quantic Dust

Hello Mr. Hk, I think you forgot to post the actual image.

Gecimen @ 6/22/2021 02:06 commented on Movie mockup challenge

What's in the bubble?!? Oh sorry it's transparent 

Gecimen @ 6/21/2021 16:24 commented on Movie mockup challenge

Se7en ofc. Third lady is Gwyneth Paltrow 

Gecimen @ 6/15/2021 06:23 commented on me and booglet

Plenty of amazing stuff. Good job!

Gecimen @ 6/8/2021 13:49 commented on Samurai warrior

I intended 7+transparency. The number of rainbow colors.

Gecimen @ 6/8/2021 13:48 commented on ISOrd

All of them are flawless but the one I admire the most is the dragon tile since it really made the collab stand out.

Gecimen @ 6/4/2021 12:45 commented on Bambaloo and Me

Plain amazing. Also beautiful bird there!

Gecimen @ 5/29/2021 10:15 commented on Big Bird

Silver star is the rarest of the stars by far. Bronze is for (non-social) contributions, gold is usually saved for adding something to the site such as a new interview or tutorial, silver is for extraordinary stuff or long term achievements.

PS: I gave the silver star to Jal. He told me not to hand it out without a very good reason.

Gecimen @ 5/26/2021 04:36 commented on Running robot

These colors are like your signature.

Gecimen @ 5/25/2021 05:20 commented on SPY Photo to Pixel with Pixel Art Workshop

Selam, bunu glow effecti kaldırıp güncelleyebilirseniz galeriye alabileceğim. Teşekkürler.

Gecimen @ 5/24/2021 12:30 commented on OLDCAR Photo to Pixel test with Pixel Art Workshop

Selamlar, öncelikle Pixeljoint'e hoş geldiniz. Sitenin moderatörlerinden ikisi (ben ve Theoden) Türk'üz. :)

Pixeljoint'te özellikle manuel olarak yapılmış pixel art işlerine yer veriyoruz. Bu imaj sanırım yazdığınız bir yazılımla dönüştürülmüş değil mi?

Yanlış anlaşılmasın ancak aksi taktirde çok fazla otomatik dönüştürülmüş şu minvalde işler postlanıyor. O zaman da pixel art  sitesi olmaktan çıkıyoruz. Ancak eğer manuel yaptıysanız ve belirtirseniz kabul edilecektir.

Diğer postladığınız imajda zaten 400 küsür renk olduğu için onu kabul edemeyeceğiz, glow effecti kaldırıp tekrar postlarsanız onu da kabul ederiz.

Gecimen @ 5/19/2021 12:24 commented on Loba

249 unique colors is way too much for this piece, especially when you have done similar pieces with much less colors.