Gecimen @ 3/23/2023 01:37 commented on CarnISOl Submissions [+BONUS]

Awesome tiles!

Gecimen @ 3/23/2023 01:36 commented on one piece is real

Hello, your piece as 2046 different colors, probably your background noise is not pixel art. Maybe you'd like to remove it.

Gecimen @ 3/22/2023 05:00 commented on Monty Python and the Holy Grail Point&Click Adventure

Love MP&HG, and never thought of a point and click adventure about it but I now need to play this

Gecimen @ 3/10/2023 11:35 commented on CarnISOl tiles

All of them are great but the top one is so iconic within the collab.

Gecimen @ 3/10/2023 11:34 commented on Carousel (CarnISOl Collab)

Fantastic tile

Gecimen @ 3/10/2023 11:33 commented on PJ Photo Board Collab

Is that a foreign ditto?

Gecimen @ 3/8/2023 23:53 commented on Zombie Attack

Hello, you may have forgot to upload the actual file.

Gecimen @ 3/6/2023 12:54 commented on Five-Color RPG Enemies Parts 3 & 4

7 years of style, that's consistent and awesome looking!

Gecimen @ 2/22/2023 05:52 commented on Swim-up Sushi Bar

That fish being sucked

Gecimen @ 2/22/2023 00:54 commented on Mega Drive Girl

BTW I make 3d modeling since 1998. Other pj mods all do different sorts of art too. We just don't post them here. We aren't pure pixel fascists. 

Gecimen @ 2/22/2023 00:42 commented on Mega Drive Girl

It's completely awesome to do any sort of art! But why is it so hard to understand pixel joint represents pixel art? It's a pixel art website, it shouldn't be so hard to be in peace with that fact. We have already removed all restrictions from the gallery that the old timers put except for one: pixel art. 

Gecimen @ 2/7/2023 12:20 commented on Face Practice 01

Yes exactly, both of these are true.

Gecimen @ 2/7/2023 11:54 commented on M-M-Maxa Lisa

Hello and welcome to PJ. Can you please upload an unzoomed version as the main file and also crop an unscaled version for the preview? Please tell me if it's too much work and I'll help you out.

Gecimen @ 2/7/2023 11:53 commented on Buy Cannabis Seeds: All You Need to Know

Nice art but I need to send this back until you remove the ad links - unless you are a bot.

Gecimen @ 2/3/2023 04:40 commented on Guardian of the old Tales

Amazing atmosphere.

Gecimen @ 2/1/2023 04:18 commented on City Balcony

Can you please reupload this unzoomed?

Gecimen @ 1/27/2023 15:35 commented on Yield

Maybe it's just me but the inconsistencies makes this piece even more valuable. 

Gecimen @ 1/27/2023 15:29 commented on That's a lonley old town

Holy sh*t, I didn't even think the preview was yours. Masterpiece!

Gecimen @ 1/12/2023 12:14 commented on Big Bird

Poor palette control is one thing, but this is not remotely pixel art and I think PJs existence is a better reminder what pixel art is than active forums. Note that newcomers don't ask for advice about what pixel art is, as someone who teaches pixel art at uni for 3 years and made countless workshops, every young person I've met who is interested in pixel art think they know what pixel art is, just that 90% of the time they are wrong (I was there too) . First they need to see actual pixel art, then they may start asking questions. 

Gecimen @ 1/12/2023 08:49 commented on Big Bird

@Eishiya I strongly disagree with your guilt by association idea, if that were the case anyone who used a currency would be guilty of all the evil deeds that the country that's the owner of that currency does. In essence, all forms of currency are ponzi schemes. That said, I'm removing said newspost in order to prevent any false assumptions about me or Pixel Joint.

Gecimen @ 1/12/2023 05:28 commented on lildude lase 02

We are definitely not advertizing crypto and the reason I posted this myself is because the person who originally would (who is a real person as well) post it couldn't somehow. I or we have nothing to do with the company above, don't even know who they are except eBoy, ofc.

That being said, I believe a pixel art competition of any sorts can be made news here, unless it looks like scam (eBoy leading it seemed like a safe sign).

I'm ready to hear what's wrong with it.

Gecimen @ 1/6/2023 15:49 commented on Firework

Hello, if this was intended for the weekly challenge, we requested the use of 4 colors including black, but you have used 175 colors. Maybe you scaled the piece or something?

Gecimen @ 1/1/2023 15:41 commented on Left behind

Instant classic 

Gecimen @ 12/30/2022 06:59 commented on Fast Travel

Just saw this amazing animation again in hall of fame. This game's name ended up to be Savior. Still not out, but marked as coming soon.

Gecimen @ 12/27/2022 00:35 commented on Secret Santa 2022

Thanks a lot!