Gecimen @ 5/10/2022 01:43 commented on Obwarzanek Krakowski

Looks a lot like "simit" from Turkey.

Gecimen @ 5/9/2022 14:37 commented on Feast For The Gods Challenge: Eight Evil Gods Eat Tiny Humans On A Wooden Table

I dig the wood texture.

Gecimen @ 5/8/2022 14:14 commented on Planet ISO tiles.

Excellent stuff, thanks for reminding these.

Gecimen @ 4/27/2022 02:14 commented on Muckman

Any specific reason why this isn't in the weekly challenge?

Gecimen @ 4/25/2022 02:59 commented on Maoi in the wild

Hello, you can't upload your art zoomed. I have updated your piece, please don't reupload your zoomed version.

Gecimen @ 4/7/2022 16:07 commented on Weapon Designs

Very well pixelled! Good job.

Gecimen @ 4/4/2022 02:21 commented on April Fools 2022

I thought this was shm31 and it is!

Gecimen @ 3/31/2022 12:37 commented on Xenia Georgievna

Awesome stuff man

Gecimen @ 3/31/2022 03:01 commented on Valkyrie

Great interview, well done! Lots of insight in here.

Gecimen @ 3/24/2022 11:22 commented on Very Old Art Dump

The lower left one is neat as hell. I wouldn't dump these if I were you :)

Gecimen @ 3/23/2022 17:08 commented on Flurry attack

This is pretty awesome! (and will get into the gallery in the next batch).

Gecimen @ 3/23/2022 16:56 commented on Big Bird

You say you miss the old days of PJ and then you talk about thousands of people being chased away from the site in the same old days.

Btw, some people discussing here are either equally long or even longer time members than you are and nobody's backing up this "hundreds of thousands of pieces were scrubbed from the site" thing so I'm having a hard time believing you. Sure, a few people must have been scared off from the site but I'm not sure there ever was an organized purge.

Gecimen @ 3/22/2022 17:23 commented on Big Bird

I joined PJ in 2010, been modding over 9 years now, so I don't know that 2007-8 you're talking about. But since 2010, if anything has changed about PJ, it's WAY more active (including Discord but why not?) and we're just a bunch of people trying to keep it that way. We're all busy people IRL, the site doesn't even belong to us but we still produce ideas, projects, contests, keep daily and weekly routines and choires... Only because we love pixel art and we want it to have a specialized portal and not just be buried in the ocean of social media. This is the only place that you can search for the works of thousands of artists from years back. We aren't asking for praise, but help is more welcome than harsh criticism :)

I wasn't even here when the old artists were "chased away" as you call it, so current mods won't take the blame for it. I have actually been stalking new artists on twitter and facebook and telling them to post their work on PJ for years, I'm sure many of us are doing the same.

Gecimen @ 3/12/2022 14:13 commented on ruins

Hello, pixeljoint has an inbuilt zooming function. Can you please repost this in original size?

Gecimen @ 3/7/2022 14:41 commented on Leftovers

Amazing concept and execution!

Gecimen @ 2/12/2022 03:23 commented on fanart

Hello, can you please update this without the glow effects?

Gecimen @ 2/11/2022 10:27 commented on Dream Game Mockup.

I can see the animation?

Anyways this is awesome!

Gecimen @ 1/26/2022 09:30 commented on Big Bird

We're already halfway done!

Gecimen @ 1/20/2022 13:05 commented on Big Bird

Hi all, vrine has joined the team of moderators!

Gecimen @ 1/18/2022 12:12 commented on Our Lady of Viticulture

Master class.

Gecimen @ 1/3/2022 02:37 commented on Cyberbathe

Actually there are easy ways to group close colors together but your choice :)

Gecimen @ 1/2/2022 11:52 commented on Warrior of the Sand:Arcah

filled in!

Gecimen @ 1/2/2022 03:34 commented on Cyberbathe

This seems excellent but has almost 1000 unique colors, which is unusual for such a small piece. Can you please check how you saved it? (perhaps saved as jpeg at some point?)

Gecimen @ 1/1/2022 14:00 commented on pear study

Awesome clusters!

Gecimen @ 12/31/2021 10:49 commented on Amaroque

Plain amazing!