iSTVAN @ 2/17/2015 15:08 commented on Eira Portrait

Thanks for the feature!
Jalonso, they have our names in the end credits and even included a photo of us. We were happy to change the opening credits to bring it in line with the rest of the show.

iSTVAN @ 6/29/2013 19:49 commented on Pterodactyl (Lineart by iSTVAN)

 I really love what Pukahuna has done with the colors. I agree with Brejan about the wings. They could use a little more form. Looking at it now after so long I also noticed that the arrow pouch isn't really connected to the rider in anyway. Regarding the genital area, I saw this as pixelated censorship, which I found pretty amusing.

iSTVAN @ 2/2/2011 16:32 commented on Beta Ray Bill

Ptoing: Thanks for the indepth feedback. I agree with everything you've state and will pass on the crits to the Conor programmer. The music was also made by Conor within the 48 hours! We've discussed the possibility of developing the game further and maybe making a release for the iPhone. It's something I'm very interested in pursuing.

Stickman: EdJr hit the nail on the head. Conor had made several shoot 'em ups prior to this game, so he sort of knew what was involved in the process.

EdJr: I had the same problem with the game screen on my computer. You can launch the game into full screen by pressing ALT+ENTER. It will stretch the graphics, but it's more playable than missing half the screen.

If anyone is curious I used the EGA colour palette as a base and added a few more colours on top, mainly because the EGA has fugly greens that wouldn't allow for the depth needed to keep the foreground and background from getting mushy.

Thanks everyone else!

iSTVAN @ 10/16/2010 22:33 commented on White Skinny Yeti

Slightly awkward cycle, but very funny character design!

iSTVAN @ 10/15/2010 23:00 commented on Big Bird

Thanks Dumbo and Chrispy. I'll post something new and pixelly later this week!

iSTVAN @ 10/14/2010 18:45 commented on Big Bird

Hey check out this short I worked on!

iSTVAN @ 10/4/2010 17:58 commented on Big Bird

Spent the last week creating pixel graphics for an upcoming promotional Flash game. Best freelance job I've had! I'll upload some mockups and sprites once the game comes out. : D

iSTVAN @ 8/3/2010 22:17 commented on Twiggy

Thanks Cure! Characters are my favourite part of animation, illustration and it indeed pixel art.

iSTVAN @ 8/3/2010 21:52 commented on Taku XD

Just had a quick play. As expected the graphics are lovely. It's just a pity that the game runs really slow on my computer---or perhaps the engine is built that way? Either way, I found it too slow to play.

iSTVAN @ 8/3/2010 18:41 commented on PJ

Another Spumco fan, eh?

iSTVAN @ 8/3/2010 18:40 commented on Coyote And Road Runner

The road runner cartoons are Chuck Jones' finest in my opinion. Great work representing the characters here. It feels like there are more than two frames!

iSTVAN @ 8/3/2010 18:36 commented on Taku XD

Looks cool. Downloading as I type.

iSTVAN @ 8/3/2010 18:32 commented on Taku O_O

Wow! Am I the only one who thinks that the pixel art versions look cooler and funner to play? Maybe I'm bias...

iSTVAN @ 7/20/2010 06:35 commented on Big Bird

Whats happening in the world of pixels?

iSTVAN @ 5/20/2010 22:21 commented on Cow

No it isn't.

iSTVAN @ 5/28/2009 03:53 commented on A Man.

Ripped me off a bit, eh?

iSTVAN @ 5/13/2009 00:04 commented on Gorgon ga-ga!

Wonderful work on the tentacles. They seem so lively!

iSTVAN @ 5/11/2009 17:40 commented on Rhino Gunner

Really beatufiful. I would like to see a little animated sprite of this character.

iSTVAN @ 5/11/2009 16:57 commented on Landian Bazooka Fire

Is it just me, or does it look like the guy is thusting a dildo with his back turned?

iSTVAN @ 5/11/2009 15:59 commented on Sydney Spelunky style

Thank you Lollige, Jalonso, Peach and Badassbill.

I haven't got a new Sydney game planned any time soon, BUT I am keeping a weekly comic about him going:
You'll also catch him introducing my website:

iSTVAN @ 5/11/2009 00:59 commented on Plagued - GB Challenge

I saw this in the forum. I was really impressed by the concept, particularly. Nice work, Jalonso! I particularly like the rat.

iSTVAN @ 5/10/2009 23:19 commented on Sydney Spelunky style

I can't make any promises!

What inspired a return to the pixel art form was a recent stint of freelancing that required pixel art. I think pixel is a specialist niche that regular illustrators just can't fill.

Thanks Reo.

iSTVAN @ 5/10/2009 23:16 commented on Trapped.

He sort of looks like Wolverine...this was intentional, right?

Nice liquid and palette.

I see no reason why this should be disqalified. It's both a thing and a scene, in my mind.

iSTVAN @ 5/10/2009 22:28 commented on Tasteless Nudity

CommanderD97, have you ever pulled a breast up with your hand? Applying enough upward pressure to the top of a breast will cause the nipple to (and the rest of the breast) to tug upwards. Notice how the left breast is sagging down more than the right?

iSTVAN @ 1/25/2009 03:15 commented on Big Bird
Here's the Dumm Comic link again: