TKNy @ 6/6/2012 06:06 commented on Spike It!

Fun to watch! :D The perspective is off (foreshortening is missing). Other than that I can't say much, since I'm not really good myself, but I hope I could help anyway :)

TKNy @ 6/5/2012 09:59 commented on Pajama Sam

I've been searching for HE games pixels on this site. I think you're the first to upload one here! Love ya! :)

TKNy @ 6/4/2012 02:43 commented on Rocking Rome

hair -> punk rocker :D

TKNy @ 5/29/2012 07:02 commented on 50% off, this week only!

I would play this :)

TKNy @ 5/24/2012 07:40 commented on ESCAPE

Simple, but real nice! The font is awesome :)

TKNy @ 5/16/2012 04:28 commented on Sofie and Skitty

Love it! I remember you from dA. :)

TKNy @ 5/15/2012 06:56 commented on Dancing sniper

Made me giggle :)

TKNy @ 5/15/2012 04:45 commented on Chickenbreasts

Köszi a tippeket! Egyébként érdekes, mert az előtted lévő pont az ellentettjét mondta, igaz elsőre túlzásba vittem a vonal megtörését. Az eredeti feltöltést megtalálod a descriptionben.
AA színnel kapcsolatban igazad van. Be is vetettem!

TKNy @ 5/13/2012 23:22 commented on Chickenbreasts

I uploaded the new version. Please tell me what you think about it!

TKNy @ 5/13/2012 13:25 commented on Chickenbreasts

Wow Christoballs, that's a lot of help! Thanks!

So does that mean I should remove the AA around the body entirely and create a continuous line? (Sorry for asking back, I already used google translate multiple times after reading your comment, and still not sure.)

My awnser: Because she's special in many ways...

TKNy @ 5/13/2012 13:11 commented on Chickenbreasts

Hi Jim16!

I'm glad you like the colors. There already was a shadow underneath it, so I tried to make it darker, but that only made the beak look bigger, because it blends in too much. Making it larger made it look weird too. If you have any other suggestions to make the shadow more visible, I'd love to try that out as well!

TKNy @ 5/13/2012 10:38 commented on Cyclops Lover

Adorable. I love all kinds of cyclops! :)

TKNy @ 5/12/2012 09:13 commented on fuckyeah.png

Wow! Thanks so much for writing that out! I used to be totally the same, but that means I'm on the right road right now. :)

TKNy @ 5/10/2012 05:29 commented on fuckyeah.png

Hi! I used to do dolling, but then I discovered this site and wanted to understand real pixel art. I had to stop due to the lack of time (school), so I'm still in the fase of not getting it. If you could put in words what made you "feel more comfortable with pixel art" except for practice I would be so thankful! :)

Also I don't understand the right half of the image. If you remove it, the whole image would look so much more complicated! The bright magenta on the bottom I don't like that much, but overal I love it really! I'm not the person to comment much, so that proves it! :)

TKNy @ 10/7/2010 08:54 commented on Princess Peach

@T-Mind Thanks! :D I will try out your tips later :)

TKNy @ 10/7/2010 08:52 commented on well...grapes!

the square is hidden very nicely :)

TKNy @ 10/3/2010 00:55 commented on Ten Tentacles

Nice! Very smooth, and I like the dithering in the backround very much! The heart in it is very cute :D

TKNy @ 10/2/2010 02:19 commented on bottom canvas: fruity

Haha, it's amazing, maybe unfinished, but I think you'd win anyway :D

TKNy @ 10/1/2010 08:57 commented on hellboy

very nice! I like it very much :)

TKNy @ 10/1/2010 08:56 commented on The house on a tree

The house looks awesome! But the tree's shading style suddenly changes...why? :)

TKNy @ 10/1/2010 08:54 commented on Lemonade

Cool! I like it very much! :)

But maybee those glasses in the background are slightly too shiny/light.

TKNy @ 9/28/2010 10:22 commented on Princess Peach

@Adam Igen, próbáltam, de ettől csak rosszabb lett, úgyhogy inkább hagytam í köszi :) (tudod, úgy mindent)

TKNy @ 9/27/2010 13:12 commented on Human Hunter, also good for editing pictures and stuff...

TKNy @ 9/27/2010 06:21 commented on map

Amazing job!

TKNy @ 9/26/2010 11:34 commented on Uknown Plant of Doom!

cool! I really like the leaves on the bottom :)