htdreams @ 3/8/2010 07:09 commented on I wanna be an attorney at law!

Enhora buena por el 2º puesto, tiene una pinta muy profesional

htdreams @ 3/8/2010 07:04 commented on Joe Pass 1929 - 1994

Congratulations! your texture effect is really great, i've learned a lot by studying it :D

htdreams @ 3/1/2010 11:46 commented on Future Work

@balder: muchas gracias, tu entrada tiene mucha más personalidad, yo aun no se darles ese toque "vivo" y creo que es todo por el color, que aún soy novatillo en eso :) , la transparencia no quedó como a mi me hubiese gustado... quizás demasiado dithering

@snowk: thanks!, i'm also not happy with the transparency, by using to much dithering i ruined the coloring behind the pieces... i have a long way for improvement :)  By the way, could you tellme what kind of anatomy problems do you see? i know the grayed out scientifics have poor arms, but out of that?

htdreams @ 3/31/2008 16:29 commented on Mech Suit
Really nice animation, color choice and overall design its a favorite for me :D

I don't know if you had this in consideration but the master arms seems a bit to separated, it's supposed to be like arms covers and make the mech arms movements clone the pilot arms moves...

htdreams @ 2/7/2008 09:20 commented on Mighty Coffe Grinder of Doom
Equilibrix: mmm... yes... good point, like now it seems to be a generic monster, more near pokemon than something out of a Tim Burton's film... I could forget the eyes and have the drawer open a bit with some blood drops splatting the floor... slowly... and the rusted dome would add personality...

This week i'm ultra busy, but this is going to get improved, thank you!! :D

htdreams @ 2/6/2008 16:28 commented on Mighty Coffe Grinder of Doom
Equilibrix: i'm open to coments on how to improve it, or new ideas, i plan on finish this piece before creating something new, as i want to get better at pixeling, rather than have several unfinished works

I'm very curious about your thoughts :)

htdreams @ 2/4/2008 15:12 commented on the Chase
Very good atmosphere and color choice, i also like the style, like illustrations in old fables

htdreams @ 9/30/2007 23:52 commented on My Room
The table wood texture looks really nice, but the monitor looks a bit small :)

You could use dark shadows instead of black for outlines in objects.

Really nice scene.

htdreams @ 9/30/2007 23:46 commented on Lagann
Rally cool, may be would look better with a crystal cabin protecting the pilot.

Do you plan to animate it?

htdreams @ 10/23/2006 01:03 commented on Indy G.I. Ant

Great character! i really like the animation on the head and arms, but the feets looks a bit static, you could try to move it a little to increaste the effect

By the way, great deail at the hands ;)

htdreams @ 10/4/2006 00:23 commented on UCA Race, Main car
Yes, it's true, i didn't have in consideration the light source (at the time i did it i didn't noticed) and it's made like you said, with only to sprites...

htdreams @ 10/4/2006 00:20 commented on Pcero_01
It's a wip so i'll finish animation details and clothes colors, but as it's going to be a sprite for a game it will not have more shades than the face have...

htdreams @ 10/3/2006 10:13 commented on Mafia guy
Ok, now i don't have the time to do it, but i'll put it in my pda and make a 100% pixelated version ;)

htdreams @ 3/22/2006 04:53 commented on Htdreams Ace!

Thanks pal!

I'm over busy with work but i'll make more pixel art someday... sure.... (i hope).... :-)

htdreams @ 2/2/2006 13:39 commented on Logo for LA COMUNIDAD

I'm very sorry :-( it's true, my last two work uploaded to my gallery are all messed up by dithering (-_-)¡

It's all my fault, sorry, i will upload it again and well converted to 8bit (althought the images are not 8bit because i was not restricted to one limited palette they really are pixelart, hand by hand :-) )

htdreams @ 1/30/2006 10:18 commented on An evil character
Yeah, the eye is a bit to high because is a kind of camera mounted on the helmet, so he has some special vision googles inside the helmet :)

htdreams @ 1/11/2006 07:37 commented on Chocobo


Great job! it really looks like a chocobo from square pixel artists :D , and i love the color choice and the use of shadows for the feathers, my only critq is the rear leg, it seems to hang just above the front leg, and it's too small compared to the front leg

htdreams @ 1/3/2006 02:46 commented on ColinSick HTDREAMS

Yes, the base was made by ColinSick in that style because he was making a game like River City Ransom :)

His site is no more online... so i don't know if he finished it :-P