eishiya @ 1/21/2023 09:35 commented on Asha & Pepelogoo

Please upload this at 1x, pre-zooming is against PJ's rules in most cases because the site has its own zoom feature.

eishiya @ 1/17/2023 12:07 commented on Just a metalic slime girl

Please upload your work at 1x when posting to PJ. The site has a zoom feature that works best with 1x images, so pre-zooming is against the rules in most cases.

eishiya @ 1/16/2023 07:31 commented on Ashtree - walking animation

By "(quasi) hexagonal design", do you mean the snowflake needs to have hexagonal symmetry, or is it enough that the canvas is hexagonal?

eishiya @ 1/15/2023 18:39 commented on Mindblown

The skull looks great, but that flashing background is a bit much ):

eishiya @ 1/15/2023 18:38 commented on Portraits

Please don't pre-zoom your art on PJ. The site has its own zoom feature, and pre-zooming clashes with it.

eishiya @ 1/15/2023 18:37 commented on An entire game worth of little fellows

PJ has a bunch of different themes, so it's not mid-grey for everyone (although it is mid-grey for me, and is way more legible now!). And if the image has a transparent background, people can easily view the image in its own tab to see it on a different background.

eishiya @ 1/15/2023 15:14 commented on An entire game worth of little fellows

Would you mind uploading this with a transparent background? The dark green doesn't make the sprites look better, and in fact makes it really hard to see parts of them.

eishiya @ 1/14/2023 19:28 commented on union

Please consider uploading this without the solid background (such backgrounds are generally against PJ's rules when they don't contribute meaningfully to the piece). In addition to not helping, the current background causes parts of the sprite to tangent visibly with the edge of the image, which makes it more difficult to see. A transparent background would sidestep this problem.

eishiya @ 1/12/2023 06:43 commented on lildude lase 02

@Mathias eBoy have done NFTs for a while now, this is not new.

Edit: At least I thought they had? Apparently they started last year, with this company. I guess anything earlier was art theft.

eishiya @ 1/12/2023 06:40 commented on lildude lase 02

[Edited due to double-post. PJ is working very well xP]

eishiya @ 1/12/2023 06:38 commented on lildude lase 02

Guilt by association, essentially. People involved with NFTs and crypto have caused a lot of grief to artists (art theft, harassment, etc) and NFTs are just kind of scammy in general - they function similarly to Ponzi schemes, requiring continuous new buy-in to be profitable to early participants, and the late comers are left with losses. Crypto, even when it's attempting to be safe and stable, is also just risky, and not suitable for the casual participant. And that's not even getting into the environmental costs of these things, although Ethereum, which this uses, is one of the less terrible blockchains for this.

In addition to that, as I already mentioned: the post itself, though technically honest, does a bait-and-switch, luring people in to read with the promise of a "$4000" total prize, only to reveal near the end that this is in crypto (although readers already somewhat familiar with crypto can catch on early since it does mention requiring a crypto wallet near the top). In addition, this contest does the usual asset contest thing: paying out prizes that amount to just slightly above market rates to the winners, while still getting to use all the losers' work for their project too, meaning that they get a load of work while only having to pay for a fraction of it. Part of the submission process involves formally submitting your piece to their project. Contents like this are always skeevy IMO, even when not related to crypto.

The fact that you don't know about this company is itself a problem. Vet the companies you promote! And you *are* promoting them, by promoting their contest. That said, it's likely that Phi will do what it says and is "trustworthy" in that regard. The problem is that what they're promising is itself a problem to me and just participating in this contest requires getting into crypto, and I do not want to see PJ associate with NFTs, web3, crypto, etc.

eishiya @ 1/11/2023 15:38 commented on lildude lase 02

I'm not sure how I feel about PJ advertising crypto. Not good, that's for sure.

Also, above the fold it says "$4000", which is misleading since the actual prize is in USDC, not USD. Stablecoins are only stable until you try to cash them out xP

eishiya @ 1/11/2023 12:59 commented on Big Bird

Ugh, PJ is logging me out every time I leave the site today ._. If I disappear, assume it's because I was annoyed to death.

Edit: Huh, apparently the chatterbox doesn't display if you're logged out. That's a shame, it means users considering joining don't get to see that aspect of the community.

Edit 2: 3 days later, the issue seems to have resolved itself.

eishiya @ 1/11/2023 11:53 commented on Come at me man

The CSS you keep posting appears to be a bug in a Chrome extension. If you have the "Webpage Screenshot" extension, disable it. If you don't, then it'll be another one, you can try disabling them and re-enabling one by one to narrow it down.

eishiya @ 1/11/2023 06:44 commented on Come at me man

Why is there random CSS (with a typo in it!) in your description?

There's banding in this piece. Banding is when pixels of different colours line up in rows and/or columns without any staggering, making the piece look lower-res and blockier than it is.

eishiya @ 1/11/2023 06:41 commented on The Bloody Satellite

This looks very cool! Is there a backstory to this?

One critique: your AA on the outside of the character is ineffective because it's so dark compared to the background that it just blends with the black of the character and does nothing to smooth the edge. Also, it's usually unnecessary to add a whole new colour just for AA, you can almost always use a colour from elsewhere in the piece. You can solve both of these problems by using the mid-purple from the metal parts (#7c374b) for that AA.

eishiya @ 1/10/2023 21:02 commented on Touhou Project - Highly Responsive to Prayers

This piece has 161 colours, many of which are barely different from others, and some of which are used for only a few pixels each. I think some palette clean-up would be nice here, even if you aren't following any palette restrictions.

eishiya @ 1/10/2023 13:37 commented on Dark Altar

There are a lot of colours in this that are only used for a pixel each. Did you blur the thing on the bottom somehow? I think this could use some clean-up before being put in the PJ gallery.

Speaking of blur, applying AA extensively like you did on the animated shapes tends to make things look blurry. If that's intentional, then this is fine (and perhaps some extra colours to soften it further could be good!), but if it's not intentional, you may want to tighten the AA up.

eishiya @ 1/10/2023 13:31 commented on Avjan

I don't imagine many other people on PJ make a habit of drawing glowing green foxes xP

eishiya @ 1/10/2023 13:29 commented on Avjan

You should! There are still a few days left, I got mine in weirdly early.

eishiya @ 1/9/2023 21:23 commented on Avjan

Thank you :D!

eishiya @ 1/8/2023 06:55 commented on Night Fighter

What is the black border on the top and left?

If the background isn't there for any specific reason, consider removing it entirely. Often, sprites look better just presented with a transparent background. If you do want to include a solid background for some reason, consider adding some padding between the bottom of the sprite and the edge of the image - tangents like the current one can make it harder to "read" the image.

eishiya @ 1/8/2023 06:53 commented on Slime

Please don't pre-zoom your work, PJ has its own zoom tool, and pre-zoomed artworks make it harder to zoom.

In this case, since your full piece fits as the preview, you don't need a detail image at all.

eishiya @ 1/7/2023 14:54 commented on Flying lantern

Please make sure you read PJ's rules on the submission page before you submit. Automatic effects such as the glow effect here are not allowed in the PJ gallery.

In most cases, here included, manual effects that are less smooth are a better fit, as they fit the aesthetic of the rest of the artwork.

eishiya @ 1/7/2023 06:10 commented on Game Boy horror mockup 01

Fair enough, we have different priorities :D The size would bug me more than a lack of variety.