Proton @ 8/28/2011 05:49 commented on Above the Clouds

 It's okay, not too bad really.
The simplicity works, but the image isn't that interesting


It mainly neutral, as it doesn't stand out.

Which, is good for some like a simple scrolling background, but it's not something that would tile neatly, which is making me assume it's just supposed to be a simple piece.

I suggest upping the contrast, or maybe make the starry sky brighter along with being a bit more of a focal point.

Proton @ 8/21/2011 23:38 commented on Dirty Monster

 Canada's greatest spriter.

Proton @ 7/23/2011 23:04 commented on Because Simplistic TF2 is Rare

 If you kindly would look at the comment under yours.

Proton @ 7/23/2011 20:49 commented on Because Simplistic TF2 is Rare

I know.

The entire artist comment is sarcasm.


Lots of people makes things like this.

All the time.

There is a TF2 game based around simplistic TF2 sprites.

Proton @ 6/5/2011 14:30 commented on spess mehreens

 Thanks, I'll touch it up then.

Proton @ 3/29/2011 19:46 commented on Go Blastoise!

 's delicious.

Proton @ 1/31/2011 17:35 commented on Oddish


Proton @ 1/25/2011 17:40 commented on Sidescroller mockup

 How can you not edit the colour brightness?

Proton @ 1/22/2011 17:46 commented on Sidescroller mockup

Up that brightness, there.

Proton @ 8/12/2010 22:34 commented on Plague Mask Doctor

Might be a diff. between our screens.

I see it fine.

Proton @ 8/11/2010 18:32 commented on Chi Bots

The face is what needs work.

The eyebrows should be switched around and it should look better. 

Proton @ 8/10/2010 23:27 commented on Travis Touchdown

The left foot needs to be adjusted.

Looks like it's bending impossibly.