carrion @ 9/4/2019 10:48 commented on Evolution of the European Knight

This is Amazing Job. The details and research is just... amazing! The last one - polish Huzar 1683 is something really kool!

carrion @ 8/17/2016 05:29 commented on Mouse 'n' Bird

I just saw the thumbnail on mainpage and my first though wa - Veto.

Great piece as alwaye my friend!

carrion @ 4/19/2016 06:33 commented on Doomguy

I remember playing doom at this size - on Amiga ;)

Great pixel work as always.

carrion @ 4/19/2016 06:31 commented on telekinesis WIP

wow jok!

didn't expect anything from you and here -boom - your new pixels.
Great As Always!

Please do 320x256 next time ;) Amiga is not ST :D

carrion @ 4/19/2016 06:25 commented on KITTY EMPIRE

oh boy.
there's so many picture that i missed somehow... like this one.

great job

is this palette based on c64?

carrion @ 4/7/2016 03:53 commented on NES Faces

wow - just wow!

as people said - one of your best! hope to meet you again at X'16!

carrion @ 3/16/2016 07:04 commented on Crossing Damn Rd.

OMG /o\

carrion @ 3/16/2016 07:02 commented on Hut on the run

House of canabis?

Great Stuff as always? Your color choices are fantastic.

carrion @ 3/7/2016 13:11 commented on 32

...and the palette... Just briliant

carrion @ 3/1/2016 08:21 commented on Mockup from the past. vol2

it's kind of remake/reuse and collage of your previous works but as always it's so kool to watch and appreciate your talent. great stuff. keep posting them!

carrion @ 2/23/2016 13:36 commented on Mockup from the past

Fool is back. I hope so!

carrion @ 2/18/2016 05:31 commented on Icebreaker Viking mini

WOW  Helm \o/
another game to buy! 

Oh, and pixels are stunning as always!

carrion @ 2/18/2016 05:27 commented on Rat

oh wow! great. stuff. how many colors?

carrion @ 2/13/2016 07:00 commented on From Whole to Individual

wow. just wow. this one and other of your latest pixels are just amazing.

carrion @ 2/13/2016 06:38 commented on Platform Panic title screen

Kool piece (and the ones from other games too)

Is it you who does gfx for these Nitrome games? I totaly adore them. Play all the time just to enjoy the pixels. Keep em comming.

carrion @ 1/27/2016 09:09 commented on Mad Doc

a winner for me. great job with the details.

carrion @ 9/29/2015 11:48 commented on destiny islands isometric

thumgs up for the great palette

carrion @ 8/10/2015 09:43 commented on Pixel Art Academy Studio

nice work. I'm surprised about the Atari palette. Knowing different 8bit I never gave the closer look to Atari palette though. 

The screen itself reminds me of point and click arcades of 90's.

carrion @ 6/17/2015 09:51 commented on Join me, and together we can destroy the Sith

great as always \o/

actually I was wondering which of many character of ch. lee will PJ community pick to pixel as tribute. My guess was Dooku :)

carrion @ 6/10/2015 10:22 commented on Fun16 Test

wow... and what jok said. It reminds a bit of chaos engine game. I'll try to use it somehow.

carrion @ 2/18/2015 07:51 commented on Waltzer

great job.

nice idea of triangles used for hatching / dithering. actually I work on something simillar but with c64 palette. will post soon.

carrion @ 2/16/2015 03:43 commented on mirror

just wow. I like mirror motives and tried it severla time myself but havent achieved this quality.

carrion @ 1/29/2015 03:26 commented on Legende Status Facebook Header

what ptoing said. few minor changes would make it perfect. but what I especially adore is the rather "Amiga feeling". That's the way I feel it. Good job!

carrion @ 1/26/2015 05:03 commented on Sub

great style as always.

carrion @ 1/26/2015 05:02 commented on Sinners All

@DB  it's c64 picture. I cant remember the exact production but left maring might suggest C64's FLI Mode.