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 Oh oops, looks like i had Transparency checked on causing that to be 11th color even though i didn't use it.

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 Gramatically, I think it should be "Lives" in the upper left, and i still think the right column (the score numbers) should be right-justified (aligned to the right).

There are some strange kerning (Space between character) things happening there also with your 9's right before the commas (,) in the 29,000 the space looks closer than either of the 19,000 could be the fault of the font you're using. 

This does look much better, it now looks like the a screenshot  of the  high score screen from an old arcade game while the "Demo mode" Plays in the background.

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 Yah sorry it was so long, I'm a designer by trade, (not an artist) so i tend to be more critical of design than of art. While a high score screen might be "pixel art", displaying information in a logical, functional and creative way is design.

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 I like it. Its nice, but its also very early in the week to be finished. There are plenty of things that you could do to improve this I think. There is a bit of design to this challenge this week, its not just about making a pretty picture. Think about how what a it means to be the High score, shouldn't they be bigger than the rest of the "Also-Rans" on the screen? what about including some elements of "the game" into the screen?  What about including some of the in game icons that stay on screen when the high scores are displayed.

Slapping a few numbers on a screen might be a high score screen but its a little basic right now. While this is better than a White background with black letters, its not doing much more than what that would do. 

Some changes i would encourage: Right Justifying Scores, especially when not using a mono-spaced font this can look strange. Like how 8,000 taking up almost the same space as 15,000?

I don't mean to be over critical but it seems like this was rushed out, I would have liked to see it in the WIP forums before it was posted to the gallery.

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 This'll be interesting, i see it seems more like a design challenge than an art challenge, but i could be wrong. 

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Totally wanna pixel one of these: