Itchy Beard @ 1/6/2011 03:07 commented on m-645 "fusilade" rapid rpg launcher

 Very Nice!

Although I think the Perspective is 'slightly' off. Other than that, Excellent work!

Itchy Beard @ 11/12/2010 17:11 commented on Dirty Grass

 Thanks for the input guys, i'll take them into consideration for the next time ;)

Itchy Beard @ 11/4/2010 04:29 commented on Room for one last project

 That is simply amazing!


I am so impressed, I'm looking to you for inspiration :D thanks

Itchy Beard @ 11/4/2010 04:27 commented on Adam and Eve

 Very Beautiful! Very Detailed, Thanks for uploading! (in 2006!)

I'm going to look and see how far you have progressed in 4 years!


Well done!

Itchy Beard @ 11/4/2010 04:25 commented on Colossal Katamari

 WOW, Brilliant! I don't think anything needs to be changed here :D

How long did it take you to make?

Well Done.