marilii @ 11/18/2008 13:37 commented on Teletubbie Wars
Scary :P Absolutely love it, though :D

marilii @ 10/15/2008 16:05 commented on Alone
Lol. I've been on a 'pixel low' for a while since my personal life got busy (moved to a different country). But it's nice to know people still remember me :D

marilii @ 12/31/2007 16:40 commented on Big Bird
Happy New Year from Estonia everyone! :D

marilii @ 12/30/2007 05:44 commented on Guardians
Haha! Yes, I'm beginning to feel like that as well. Unfortunately, I have an unfinished pixel piece that's about as big and I'd like to think that I'll finish it...*Someday* :)

marilii @ 12/27/2007 06:15 commented on Big Bird
Thanks! At least now I know what's okay and what's not :D

marilii @ 12/27/2007 06:06 commented on Big Bird
Well...I sent it in. I just wanted to be sure it was okay. I'm not trying to be mean or vicious or anything. Sometimes...reporting makes you feel really bad about yourself :/

marilii @ 12/27/2007 05:46 commented on Big Bird

Yes, for example changing the layer opacity.

And - Oh darn! I have a dilemma now. I'll go and report then.. :S

marilii @ 12/27/2007 04:08 commented on Big Bird
Hey all, I just wanted to ask everyone - are opacity changes reportable offences in Pixel Joint?

marilii @ 12/25/2007 04:57 commented on Guardians
xy-mirror? Erm, I don't really understand what you mean but I guess the answer would be yes. They've been copy-pasted with some minor editing as I was trying to finish this in time. But no dither brushes, however (see my explanation below). And no, no excuse for the cookie-looking planets :S

marilii @ 12/24/2007 13:40 commented on Guardians
Nope, no dither brushes used. What I do, to make sure I dither the correct area, is that I colour that in with an obscure colour that I haven't used and then dither over it. And as I use layers, I simply get rid of the 'obscure colour' layer afterwards which then leaves the dithering and the main colour.

marilii @ 12/23/2007 03:52 commented on BittyBay Territory
Hmm...have you used reduced opacity for the see-through things (lights etc) or were they hand pixelled? Because if they weren't, it would count as NPA. Otherwise, I really like the piece.

marilii @ 12/12/2007 04:36 commented on pokus - pokémon sprite

I believe it could have been done by hand - he would have only needed to pixel one image and then recolour it four times which isn't *too* much for such a small piece. But then again, you can never be sure :P

I really like the character, though :D

marilii @ 12/12/2007 04:29 commented on Benikage (Rumble Roses XX)
Perhaps shading the skin so that the fishnet casts a wee shadow on it would help if you're not entirely satisfied? It's a lovely piece of pixel art, though :)

marilii @ 12/2/2007 07:19 commented on Starry Starry Night
Actually, a friend asked me the same question. I simply didn't want to have anything atop the tree :/

marilii @ 12/1/2007 10:18 commented on Owl

Thank you! I (finally) edited it :D

marilii @ 9/20/2007 09:41 commented on Temple
Studying pixel art? I am horribly curious now. Whereabouts in Estonia can you study pixel art? I like the piece though I have to agree about the black and the repetitive patterns. Some more variation would have been excellent :)

marilii @ 9/11/2007 13:51 commented on Gaia's Vengeance
It looks amazing. I especially love the background. I need to study the way you made the bushes, they look absolutely fabulous. :D

marilii @ 8/28/2007 02:02 commented on Statue
Thank you! I did try to follow one of the '8 heads' tutorials. I obviously missed something, though. I'll try and improve next time (as I'm not really supposed to edit this piece) :)

marilii @ 8/27/2007 04:24 commented on Statue
May I ask you to point out what exactly is wrong with the anatomy as I did try to get it right (obviously failed, lol). The arms have been shortened intentionally, though. I was hoping for a more tree-like feeling :S

marilii @ 8/25/2007 07:46 commented on Fighting Game mockup
I like the dinosaur, though I must agree with sharprm that he could benefit from a bit more contrast. I'd also desaturate the palette a bit and the clouds look a tad random. But it's up to you. All in all, you've done a good job :)

marilii @ 8/25/2007 07:40 commented on Jalonso
Very clever. LOL

marilii @ 8/25/2007 07:35 commented on Rain Wind Tree
I like the background technique, it's very interesting :) And the tree looks excellent, though perhaps a bit too simplistic for my taste :)

marilii @ 8/25/2007 07:34 commented on Weapon set
I must say I am a fan of the rifle's texture. Is that rust? Sorry if I'm wrong, I really don't know guns :P

marilii @ 8/25/2007 07:30 commented on My New Sunglasses
I like the concept of this one. And the overall pixel is excellent as well :) Good job!

marilii @ 8/23/2007 16:09 commented on komododragon
I am in awe. Gorgeous work :)