DryWhiteToast @ 6/10/2009 23:20 commented on Dirty Baseball

Thanks, man.  I trimmed the colors down to nine by making the stitches all one color and using the same color for the outline and the seams. 

DryWhiteToast @ 2/11/2006 17:51 commented on White Spy
As awesome as this website is, it hurts my eyes like crazy! @__@..but it's fun.  Blindness is a small price to pay.

DryWhiteToast @ 2/9/2006 17:44 commented on Mime
Haha, that's fun.  Now I wanna play.  ._.

DryWhiteToast @ 2/7/2006 17:58 commented on 5000 views
Ah, you know I love this!  <3

DryWhiteToast @ 2/1/2006 07:15 commented on Christmas/Winter Doll

Yeah, that's the way the base's hand is.  Not much I could do about it.  XD  That's not a mask, it's my signature.  It's a little hard to tell, though.

Thanks for the compliments, though! =D

DryWhiteToast @ 1/20/2006 16:59 commented on House- front on view
Aww, it's so cute!  I love the colors you used!

DryWhiteToast @ 1/20/2006 11:34 commented on Tiny Foods

Oooh, yummy.  I don't know why, but I too dig pixel food.  I love the sandwich!  I think the pie looks good, but yeah, it's too green. XD  I like green, though.  Well, anyway, awesome job on this.  *steals ice cream* <___< >___>

Oh yeah. *adds to favs* =D

DryWhiteToast @ 1/20/2006 11:30 commented on Want A Slice?

Thanks for the comments guys! ^_^  Well, let's see.  The reason the colors aren't cakey is because the purpose of the competitions is to make a cake, but make it as un-cake-like as possible.  XD  Hence the browns and greens and whatnots.  I'll consider putting it on a tray though.  Also, I think that if I took a bigger slice, the rest of the cake would fall over.  Haha.

Thanks, again.  =3

DryWhiteToast @ 1/20/2006 00:53 commented on Big Bird
...funny.  (what the hell is wrong with my keyboard??)

DryWhiteToast @ 1/20/2006 00:52 commented on Big Bird
LMAO.  XD That's

DryWhiteToast @ 1/19/2006 19:00 commented on Bwain?
Ugh, damn, I meant both not but. 

DryWhiteToast @ 1/19/2006 18:59 commented on Bwain?

Bwaha.  Is it wrong that I think it's cute? O__o...

Anyway, I love this, 'tis awesome.  I love the animation, but the spurt and the blinking.  =D

DryWhiteToast @ 1/18/2006 16:08 commented on Incoming Mail

Larwick: Thanks.  Perhaps I'll change some stuff on it.  I'm not sure.  I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with.  Seeing as the animation kinda bugs me.  XD  I could always make the font pink?

Lunarknight: ^__^ !  Thanks a lot! =D

DryWhiteToast @ 1/18/2006 10:35 commented on Incoming Mail

Like if it closed and went away again? I dunno how that'd work, but...XD 

Thanks, though! Haha.

DryWhiteToast @ 1/15/2006 18:38 commented on AV - Odd One Out
Myuhh!  That is so cute! *squish*  It looks very well done.  I didn't even know it was pixel art until you posted it here.  <3!

DryWhiteToast @ 1/13/2006 20:22 commented on Pixel - Snowman

Aww, the poor snowman gots no love.  :(  I think this is absolutely adorable.  I love the little heart and the animation.   It looks marshmallow-y, too.

Teehee *pokes*.

DryWhiteToast @ 1/13/2006 20:20 commented on Pixel - BDay Cake

Mmmm, I can taste it.  *want*   *___*

Hehe.  Anyway, I like the inside texture of the cake.  Looks real spongey and moist.  XD  *licks off frosting*

DryWhiteToast @ 1/13/2006 14:26 commented on Pixel - Hot Chocolate
Gyuh!  It's green, it's cute, and it holds hot chocolate!  It's the ultimate in cool!  XD  <3.  I like how there's a fallen marshmallow, too.  Nice touch.  ;)

DryWhiteToast @ 1/5/2006 21:43 commented on The Sears Tower

Thank you! 

Yeah, I agree with you about adding more details.  I may go back and add some later, but I'd been working on this for three days now and I just wanted to see it finished.

XD  And yes, I realize that the bus stop bench is a bit huge, but let's just pretend it's cause the building is farther away.  Haha. >__> *ahem*

DryWhiteToast @ 1/2/2006 22:05 commented on Nothing Lasts Forever...

Ok, just to clear this up.

I did the basic line art/scribbly stuff in Paint, saved it, opened it in Photoshop and used the 1 pixel pencil tool to clean it up.  No effects or anything...not that that's what it looks like anyway. XD

No hard feelings, buddy. :P

DryWhiteToast @ 12/31/2005 13:43 commented on Nothing Lasts Forever...
Ummm...what?  Since when does the definition of pixel art involve it being ONLY done in MS Paint?

DryWhiteToast @ 12/25/2005 20:27 commented on The Republicans went Nazi

I love the dithering on this, it's thuper! XD 

Cool subject matter, too.  Even if it was just pure coincidence. :P

DryWhiteToast @ 12/22/2005 12:29 commented on So Delicious...
...or wait.  Gah!  I'm so stupid sometimes! >__<

DryWhiteToast @ 12/22/2005 12:29 commented on If You Insist
I agree!  and thank you!

DryWhiteToast @ 12/22/2005 12:28 commented on So Delicious...
I meant my left and right...