iamlowlikeyou @ 11/3/2018 13:44 commented on Sunrise

Thank you!

iamlowlikeyou @ 9/28/2017 10:13 commented on Metal cow

Thanks :)

iamlowlikeyou @ 11/28/2016 15:38 commented on Nova


iamlowlikeyou @ 1/9/2011 23:59 commented on Bob walking cycle

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Actually he's supposed to be quite "stiff" and bitter :D
But I'll definetely give it  a try with the head!
I also see what you mean about the flow - I didn't notice that until now. I will try to fix that too!

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/9/2011 15:51 commented on Leading Star

Error messages are just fine with me, and thanks a lot :D

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/9/2011 15:49 commented on Xmas Imp

Thanks a lot!
And I agree, the dithering could be improved...

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/8/2011 08:57 commented on Iamlowlikeyou

I see, thank you :)

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/7/2011 15:06 commented on Leading Star

You're right. And thank you for pointing out - actually I'd forgotten to rework this piece, but I will take a look at it one of the following days...

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/7/2011 15:05 commented on Iamlowlikeyou

What is it that you scrunched by 50%?
The way I "exported" this piece in 2:1 was to do print screen and then copy it into a 1:1 canvas and save it. Is there a way to actually save a 2:1 file so that it remains 2:1 when viewed?

I am now working on another piece with more organic forms like you said. It's really fun to work with 2:1 and looks so great! It's also done in C64 palette - I've totally fallen in love with that :)

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 16:53 commented on The Death of the Woods

Thank you very much! :D

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 13:47 commented on DEV WEAPONS - GFX Dept.

Yeah, I'm gonna try it out - I think it looks really great  :)

EDIT: But if I save an image in photoshop with 2:1 pixels, like say a .png file, when I view it the pixels are squared... How do I maintain the 2:1 ratio in the viewed file?

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 13:45 commented on Duh! (Man-Like Revised)

Thank you :D

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 11:37 commented on der Scheissbaum

Very elegant form on the trunk!
I also like the square-ness of the background rocks and the subtle dithering in the sky.

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 11:33 commented on DEV WEAPONS - GFX Dept.

I LOVE this piece!

How do you do the wide pixels?
I mean is there a program that can draw wide pixels, or do you "make them" yourself by placing two seperate pixels side by side?

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 11:15 commented on Futile.

HOLY #%@%!!! This is absolutely amazing!
I love the style, the palette, the content - and together with the text it reaches a poetic height I'm not sure I've seen in a pixelart piece before :D

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 10:28 commented on Vampire

Thanks :)
It's fun to work with the light in such small images.

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 09:45 commented on my APPLE

It's not bad I think.
Perhaps a little work on the banding would serve it well.
Is this really supposed to be in the challenge?

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 03:46 commented on The Death of the Woods

Ooohh, right. I never knew that function...

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 03:05 commented on The Death of the Woods

Forget about time, I TOOK my time to correct this because I couldn't leave it alone :)
I made changes according to all critique (I think), please comment!

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/6/2011 01:34 commented on The Death of the Woods

@TortBR: Thank you, and I have already fixed the colours, so there is only 11. I will try and find the time to improve the piece concerning all the great critique I've received before end of challenge :)

@Mathias: Thank you! And thanks for pointing out about the aa. I will definetely also try to work something out with the sky, I agree with you that it could be much better performed.

@Jeremy: Great, I've downloaded IrfanView - I didn't know that viewer :) About Paint's colour replacement eraser - that's probably only in Vista version, right? I'm running XP, so that's so same good ol' Paint as in W95 as far as I know :)

@Mister Troid: Thank you :D

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/5/2011 08:54 commented on The Death of the Woods

I did this piece in MSPaint, so I guess there's no way there :)
But thanks for this link, I will use that next time!

And thanks a lot for your critique! I will take a look at the dithering and see if I can fix something up, but currently this was the "safest" solution - I'll have to practice to reduce the dithering...
I knew the shadows were somehow wrong, but couldn't quite figure out how - I will also try to fix that.
Great idea about the dark color, I will also try that out :D

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/5/2011 02:13 commented on The Death of the Woods

Thank you for pointing out. I will correct this soon!

This sounds stupid, but how do you count the colors?

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/5/2011 02:10 commented on "Final Forestry"

I agree with r1k on everything -
I think the treetrunk is actually quite nice with the rough look, but it should definetely be lower saturation to match the mountain. At first I thought it was missing aa, but on second thought I think it could turn out pretty cool without any aa, if the design is perfected. IMO the darkest grass parts (the upper grass) on both sides of the tree should be removed. As I said the trunk looks quite good, but the treetop needs revision. And the tree should overall be lower saturated. The clouds look somewhat "childish", try to study some pictures of clouds, both real and drawn to get some inspiration. And last, like r1k also stated, the whole image should definetely be dragged a bit down, so the treetop isn't cropped!

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/4/2011 02:49 commented on Baum Isle

Really nice with the "flat" colors. I like it a lot :)

iamlowlikeyou @ 1/1/2011 14:46 commented on Cat Blimp

Like 1ucas said, great aa - and GREAT colors overall!