|||| @ 2/27/2021 08:43 commented on The Boys- Billy Butcher Pixel Portrait

Wow! Excellent portrait.

|||| @ 2/24/2021 04:51 commented on Link to the Present - Entry

It looks really good! The sword and shield are rough, but it looks intentional.

|||| @ 2/8/2021 02:09 commented on Morgan Yu PETSCII

Very neat style on this one, I really like the middle version.

|||| @ 2/6/2021 03:26 commented on Gift

In that case, the trail makes more sense leading from the cage. I also was wondering about that reflection. Has a storybook/ fairytale feel.

It's a neat peice and the ornamentation on the cage are very interesting.

|||| @ 2/6/2021 03:20 commented on Faerie

The tiniest one is super cute!

Definitely agree about the cel shading too (looks really good on the 64x64 version).

|||| @ 1/24/2021 12:23 commented on Dungeon Level!

Great way of pushing the palette!

|||| @ 1/24/2021 06:17 commented on Tile Centric Village

Thank you!

|||| @ 1/24/2021 06:15 commented on Na Kraju

verovatno pocetak!

|||| @ 1/23/2021 23:57 commented on Na Kraju

No, it's a "global palette" from a project I worked on (although maybe tweaked I don't remember).

|||| @ 1/23/2021 23:55 commented on Pegmode - Eastern Retrograde Memories

I think this is really interesting and well done.

The trees look superb.

The only thing that I think could be done that would be an easy touch-up would be to move the ponytail out of the way of the girl's face by pushing it back. It would read better;  honestly it took a second to realize what it was (it looked like a beard to me for the first moment).

|||| @ 1/19/2021 09:51 commented on Tile Centric Village

Thanks a lot Stava (moj prijatelj)!

|||| @ 1/19/2021 09:49 commented on 50 portraits

Great portraits and solid sets!

|||| @ 1/19/2021 03:02 commented on Dragon Quest Mockup

This is great!

|||| @ 1/18/2021 05:10 commented on Tiles

Super nice serene scene and palette choice.

|||| @ 1/18/2021 02:42 commented on Tile Centric Village

Thanks a lot, really glad you like the blocky look!

|||| @ 1/17/2021 01:14 commented on "Corporate Nudist" Tileset

I really like the soft toned pastel kind of background tiles!

|||| @ 1/17/2021 01:11 commented on Tile Centric Village

It's a bit ecclectic with some elements. I'd say experimental mostly.

Thanks for the comment.

Comment #2 cracked me up (no pun intended).

|||| @ 1/17/2021 01:08 commented on Tile Centric Village

Glad you like the mockup!

I see. It was more of a stylistic choice to put the tiles into groups of mostly four.(though not all of them) to give it a very blocky almost Minecrafted look. Also the shadows would break that.

I don't mind if this is removed from the challenge because of that. It can just be an art piece in a way.

Though it doesn't say that the tiles need to be displayed anywhere in the challenge rules (I just double checked to be sure).

|||| @ 1/11/2021 06:46 commented on Amityville Horror

Sounds like a fun one!

|||| @ 5/21/2020 06:30 commented on The Ultimate Conspiracy

Pizza Hut

|||| @ 5/19/2020 13:06 commented on Vagrant Fencer

hey Mathias

|||| @ 5/2/2020 16:15 commented on Wooden Mask 2

It's really interesting

|||| @ 5/2/2020 16:07 commented on Random Sprite Dump 3

Wow so much joy to behold!

|||| @ 4/22/2020 09:29 commented on Vagrant Fencer

Thank you Ubisavis

|||| @ 4/17/2020 15:20 commented on Metroid Illustration

The shoes are great and the rendering elsewhere..
her legs look really good