|||| @ 5/21/2020 06:30 commented on The Ultimate Conspiracy

Pizza Hut

|||| @ 5/19/2020 13:06 commented on Vagrant Fencer

hey Mathias

|||| @ 5/2/2020 16:15 commented on Wooden Mask 2

It's really interesting

|||| @ 5/2/2020 16:07 commented on Random Sprite Dump 3

Wow so much joy to behold!

|||| @ 4/22/2020 09:29 commented on Vagrant Fencer

Thank you Ubisavis

|||| @ 4/17/2020 15:20 commented on Metroid Illustration

The shoes are great and the rendering elsewhere..
her legs look really good

|||| @ 4/12/2020 19:10 commented on five worlds

Top one is so interesting..
Each tile is huuge when it comes to scale; one tile equals the size of Texas for example.

|||| @ 4/12/2020 15:00 commented on awarded

Dude, you seriously need to learn how to AA!
 (really bad joke)

|||| @ 4/12/2020 14:54 commented on Vagrant Fencer

Thank you Kartonnyi/ F5. As mentioned below: pretty close (except a couple minor touches)!
Face is also less anime like.. yet I've seen some of Vagrant's work not posted here so I think it works.

|||| @ 4/12/2020 14:52 commented on Vagrant Fencer

Thanks a lot!

Well.. close, but intentionally a little more detailed (or at least I was aware of that at the time).
Vagrant would have have made it a little bit less detailed in a more graceful way I think.

  I just really enjoy working on hair and figured it didn't hurt the quality too much.

|||| @ 4/10/2020 07:56 commented on Vagrant Fencer

Thanks a lot Wolfenoctis.

|||| @ 4/5/2020 15:48 commented on Witch

both the red and blue are a little odd; but it's cool

|||| @ 4/2/2020 14:40 commented on Datsun240z

c'mon, it's not like he's slapping glow FX on the pixels or anything..
This is legit and nerd as hell; a healthy dose of nerdy for our community

|||| @ 4/2/2020 14:35 commented on Biker in the storm

I wonder if biker magazines ever went online:
you could sell this one man.
I just think a little throttle to the still image of the biker would make it a lot more powerful.

|||| @ 4/2/2020 14:07 commented on Big Bird

I almost wrote my will due to very minor allergies.

|||| @ 3/20/2020 04:46 commented on Bricks and Pixels

This is so amazing!

|||| @ 3/14/2020 02:01 commented on Mario Diorama

That is really incredible.

|||| @ 10/30/2019 10:42 commented on Drr mkIII

Weird, I just voted even though the challenge is closed; voted on both challenges actually.

|||| @ 10/30/2019 10:36 commented on What a horrible night to brew potions!

Woah, much more than expected from the preview!

|||| @ 10/30/2019 10:35 commented on Knights & Roses

Beautiful, I love the composition and everything.

|||| @ 8/4/2019 22:24 commented on Y Sword Jump Kick

Love the word choices

|||| @ 5/28/2019 02:43 commented on Dawnbringer Challenge


Just a funny dialogue

|||| @ 5/15/2019 05:54 commented on Grandmaster Portraits

I like the one on top right a lot

|||| @ 5/8/2019 06:01 commented on Soul Calibur 2 Demake

I'm so mesmerized..

|||| @ 5/8/2019 05:55 commented on Dark Red Mage (maroon?)

Super cool