tanuki @ 6/19/2014 20:30 commented on Big Bird

Dear kitten

tanuki @ 6/9/2014 17:50 commented on Big Bird

I was just eating chips and I bit my tongue so hard blood was dripping from it for a minute. ;_;

tanuki @ 6/3/2014 19:55 commented on Big Bird

What'd I say? *checks* oh. huh. There's quite a few random things there... <_<;

tanuki @ 5/30/2014 15:28 commented on Big Bird

There's a Chinese restaurant near me called Chopsticks. They have no chopsticks. I've decided to name it Forks.

tanuki @ 5/23/2014 12:57 commented on Tea Fox

Maybe they should have their own brand. :)

Now I want to make a tea party to end all tea parties...

tanuki @ 5/23/2014 10:48 commented on Big Bird

I just found a tail in my garden. I don't know what kind of animal it came from, but it's furry and has bone sticking out. Something happened here last night... ._.

tanuki @ 5/22/2014 18:58 commented on Big Bird

.5 cup broth (118ml) + 1 tablespoon corn starch (14.8ml) + 2 teaspoons soy sauce (9.86ml) = really nice stir fry sauce

UK and Australia call corn starch "cornflour"
...what do they call corn flour then? >_>
oh, wikipedia says "In the United States, very finely ground cornmeal is also referred to as corn flour. However, the word cornflour denotes cornstarch in the United Kingdom, where cornmeal is known as polenta and finely ground corn flour (for making bread or tortillas) is known as maize flour." @_@

tanuki @ 5/21/2014 23:21 commented on Big Bird

For some reason when I type "castle" into the keyword search I get no results. Using "fortress" gets results, including two castles. Only one of them has the word castle in its keywords (not separated with commas though) but the other has it twice in the comments. I tried adding castle to the keywords of one of mine for a minute and then searching for it but it still said there's no results.

Searching for castle in the Google search gets plenty of results, including pixel arts with the word castle all over the page and in the keywords.

tanuki @ 5/18/2014 22:03 commented on Big Bird

I just captured a small snake in my house ;_;

it's not a venomous one though, one of these

tanuki @ 4/24/2014 17:16 commented on Big Bird

It doesn't look like mspaint supports pen pressure, but a tablet outright replaces the mouse input for controling the cursor on the screen. The program you're using at whatever given moment doesn't matter. :)

tanuki @ 4/22/2014 18:41 commented on Big Bird

Hidden in Old Paintings, A Clue to Past Climate [Photo Essay] from Scientific American.

Apparently the more pollution is in the air, the redder sunsets will be. Looking back through the past couple hundred years of art history there's both a general trend to see redder sunsets in art (thanks a lot, industrial revolution) and spikes after major volcanic eruptions. So, artists have been unknowingly creating a visual record of increases in pollution.

tanuki @ 4/3/2014 09:46 commented on Big Bird

These water gathering giant baskets are cool. "25 gallons of drinking water a day from vapor."

tanuki @ 4/2/2014 17:05 commented on Big Bird

*plants two blueberry bushes* :3~

aaaaand the bees have already found them.

tanuki @ 3/27/2014 14:34 commented on Big Bird

Another dwarf planet, 2012 VP113, has been discovered in the far reaches of our solar system. It's "slightly reddish" or has a "pink tinge" and is certain to be very cold and possibly icy. What would you name it?

tanuki @ 3/16/2014 19:06 commented on Big Bird

This was an interesting video about a Chinese artist.

tanuki @ 3/10/2014 19:02 commented on Big Bird

I think usually ooooold pixel art, like this one, although not that long ago jalonso or someone was asking in the chatterbox for a particular one to be made for an upcoming news item. Maybe two months ago or something... or two years ago? Time goes super fast sometimes.

tanuki @ 3/10/2014 13:08 commented on Big Bird

I know, but it's more lightfast in oil than in watercolor, and I'm always careful with the toxic ones.

Actually it really is pretty bad in watercolor from a couple of tests I've seen in the past, but oil provides more protection from UV light and its rating is on par with other less than ideal but still used paints like naphthol red.

Even if the lightfastness is worse than I expect, I'm still okay with it since I don't sell my paintings and instead just scan or photograph them for posting online. The working properties of PY40 are what really makes it stand out. A really good yellow that dries fast. The only other fast drying yellows, unless you start adding drying mediums which are toxic themselves and may have fumes that unmodified oil paint does not, contain lead and so are worse than cobalt yellow.

tanuki @ 3/10/2014 12:44 commented on Big Bird

We'll see, but I have high hopes for it :)

Genuine cobalt yellow (aureolin) is always high in price. If it was from an inexpensive brand like Grumbacher (retails $30, discounted catalog price almost $17) then yes, but the cheaper brands also tend to use more fillers, lower grade pigments, etc., when it comes to the more expensive pigments.

Of course, you'll find from an expensive brand paint that's 300-400% the price of a cheap brand but only 150-200% the quality, but that's why I'm excited to find a really good paint for a very low price. :)

tanuki @ 3/10/2014 12:38 commented on Big Bird

This paint. :)

One of the most expensive pigments (PY40) from one of the most expensive brands (Blockx). I would never pay the asking price, or even the catalog discount price (really, I get nearly everything 30-60% off retail through mail order catalogs), for any paint if it's that high but then I found it on Amazon. :)))

tanuki @ 3/10/2014 08:57 commented on Big Bird

Guess who just ordered a tube of paint that retails for $110 in the US for only $20.

(it was me) :3

tanuki @ 3/9/2014 19:02 commented on Avatar

Looks cool, but I'm seeing a few small issues. Avatars here need to be 64x64 (just the thumbnail preview, called the "small file" when uploading) and this has a preview of 80x80. The larger image you've uploaded seems to be scaled up from 80x80 to 100x100. If you increase the dimensions of pixel art it needs to be an exact multiple of the original dimensions or the image will be distorted. Also, the small thumbnail has a couple of pixels on the left edge that don't match the background color.

tanuki @ 3/9/2014 18:52 commented on Pyramids of madness

This looks really cool and well made. The color balance is very nice.

The color count is very high though, with 175 colors. Did you make this with a semi-transparent layer of colors somewhere? I tested it with about 1/4th to 1/6th of the colors and nearly the entire image looked almost exactly the same, so somewhere there's a lot of colors that don't need to be there.

tanuki @ 3/8/2014 23:22 commented on Big Bird

This was kind of funny, a story about a student that noticed something in a famous painting.

tanuki @ 3/6/2014 14:06 commented on Big Bird

I planted garlic and made a wood box for planting other things ^_^

tanuki @ 3/6/2014 01:16 commented on Big Bird

I downloaded that just a few hours ago after watching a speedpainting video with it on youtube. I haven't tried it yet though since I'd have to reboot my mac to load up windows first.