Nate K @ 8/11/2012 16:10 commented on Challenge medals

Great work! There's some very nice palettes in there.

Nate K @ 8/10/2012 06:09 commented on Shellbro

Awesome piece, love the design.

Nate K @ 7/31/2012 11:48 commented on Wizard

Thanks for the comments everyone! Im glad you liked it.

Nate K @ 6/13/2012 14:53 commented on Inquisitor Bob - Redux

Excellent Composition and great mood.  I think that the color for his skin gets a bit muddy for my tastes and I can't help but feeling that the whole piece is a little washed out although, I understand part of the washed out effect creates a nice mood.  Overall a really well done piece!

Nate K @ 5/27/2012 09:05 commented on Raph

Thanks everyone for the comments!

@Frost Butt:  The light blue background was an abritrary choice, I should have thought about that more. I'll keep it in mind next time!

@Lucas irineu : Thanks for your interest, Ill probably post some up in the next day or so, Ive been painting them in acyrlic. I'll post them to my tumblr blog , here.

Nate K @ 3/7/2012 09:49 commented on Adcrusher is a theif!

Recognized it was yours from your style immediately!  Awesome work, the stylizing in the forms especially in the pants is spot on.  Colors look great as well!

Nate K @ 2/16/2012 14:06 commented on Madscientist

Thanks a lot!  Congrats to everyone, I'm really proud to be among such awesome artists this month :)

Nate K @ 2/1/2012 10:57 commented on Asta la vista baby

Nice work that seems like a difficult perspective to do those bikes in.  I wish you could work some more subtle colors into the grey metal instead of just true grey though.

Nate K @ 2/1/2012 10:54 commented on WE LOVE BIG BOSS BATTLES!


Nate K @ 1/31/2012 21:50 commented on River Beast

Thanks everyone for the comments I appreciate them a lot!

I did an edit since I did submit this with a lot of mistakes, hopefully that fixes most of them.  Please leave criticism it's really helpful thanks!

@Super17:Thanks almost hahaha. Well, I'm working on learning to polish my pieces.  Let me know what you think with the edit thanks!

Nate K @ 1/31/2012 13:23 commented on True form

Holy Awesomeness!  This is incredible!

Nate K @ 1/31/2012 09:42 commented on tiny flying elephants graze

Aww man I love those little elephants!

Nate K @ 1/30/2012 17:01 commented on Three color Avatar

Hello!  Great piece , I like how the beard is kind of ambigous , Im not sure if its a full beard or just a goti. Great job.

Nate K @ 1/30/2012 16:57 commented on Avatar

Love it! Not sure exactly what it is but I love it!

Nate K @ 1/27/2012 09:45 commented on not me

The abstraction in the face is just so freaking perfect I love it!

Nate K @ 1/26/2012 10:53 commented on World War Web

Congrats on getting the top post on reddit!

Nate K @ 1/24/2012 13:53 commented on Mountaineer

Wow, I love the simplicity of this.  Great little character.

Nate K @ 1/22/2012 18:49 commented on Lend me your ears

Love the coloring style!  I can't think of a way to make the ears more readable unless you completely changed the pose and had him dangling the ears closer  to the viewer.

Nate K @ 1/21/2012 14:36 commented on Monk animation

Nice animation very smooth!  I think you could exaggerate the flow of the cloth. youve got a lot of potential to give this animation a lot of great flow with that free hanging cloth.  I hope you dont mind , I did a quick edit to show you what I mean, I just exaggerated the flow of the cloth hanging at his legs at the beginning.

Animation Edit

Nate K @ 1/18/2012 13:33 commented on portrait of a SubTerran

I really like the face but that red is just killing my eyes.  Take out the red its incredibly distracting and out of place.  The piece itself is great, it's almost picasso-esque with the mouth in that downard sort of flat position and the different sized eyes.

Nate K @ 1/18/2012 13:05 commented on Style Practice

Its getting close!  Im going to focus on the character with my crits for now.  As already pointed out, the arm just doesn't fit in there well, try having it popping out of the fur more.  The top of the head is tilting a little too far to the right for me, same with the ear.  The colors on the character are far too desaturated for the look you are going for.  I tried editing the colors just now and just increasing the saturation on the highlights and midtones really helps make her pop out more. Personally I would add one more shade of a very different color for the bottom shadow on her.  Your hues are very close together right now and that makes for bland colors.  Colors need other colors to make them really come to life, if the shades are too close to the base color it leaves it looking bland and dead. Take a look at the colors in your refs, lots of hue shifts happening making the colors look really vivid, the colors play off each other.  It's looking good, just some small fixes can make it look much better.

TL;DR colors need diverse buddies.

Nate K @ 1/18/2012 11:16 commented on cool kids draw mushrooms.

nice colors but I think the piece needs more contrast.  The stems are far too bright.  I think in general the scene isnt really lit, it has no real light source and none of the mushrooms are blocking the light from one another even though it seems like they are directly underneath.  Mushrooms of all things would block alot of light since they are basicaly umbrellas. Id suggest giving the stem a purple shadow directly underneath the head.  Try making some of the smaller mushroom heads look like they are underneath the bigger mushroom by making them darker and possibly having just an edge of light going over top of the head as if its poking out into the light. This will give it a lot more depth currently it looks very flat.  I think this piece has a lot of potential actually but the lighting is really holding it back.

Nate K @ 1/10/2012 13:07 commented on OutRun trip 2009~2012

I really like the style on the rocks!

Nate K @ 1/10/2012 10:17 commented on Vase Critter

Great detail on that eye!

Nate K @ 1/9/2012 11:02 commented on Dying Breath.

Great job on placing 3rd!  I love the colors in this piece especially in the sky!  Such a great concept too, I think you definitely had the best concept of the group!