Adarias @ 4/27/2021 12:46 commented on 2021 Avatar

Looks good to me!  The revised palette is 2/3rds smaller and well within rules 4+5.  Agree that we maybe could have gotten there a bit sooner with better communication!  But life goes on.

Appreciate the patience and willingness to re-export.

Adarias @ 4/27/2021 10:51 commented on 2021 Avatar

Hi all, looks like it's my turn to offer perspective!

As Gecimen notes the main purpose of the rules is to prevent a flood of sloppy art.  They were written and recently revised according to extensive community feedback so that we don't come off as completely arbitrary in determining which pieces to allow in and which to send over to the (largely defunct) WIPS forum.

We've accepted works containing transparency and gradients before on the condition that they are secondary elements.  This has always been the case.  We are also much looser when it comes to avatars (which are tiny and more about personal expression) and larger finished works - again the point of the rules is to prevent a flood of, well, crap.  Maybe the rules are due for another update...

But if the question is whether Cyangmou considers per-pixel relationships as the primary mode of working, I'd consider that asked and answered.

Cyangmou the peice has already been accepted, but if you were to edit this to use a smaller and more linear ramp on the BG rather than the auto-dithered one, I think the piece would look mostly identical and there would be no debate.  You have over 100 colors that are used for 1 or 2 pixels.  Surely those are not strictly needed to convey your artistic intention?

DawnBringer, right or wrong about technique you can't actually curse people out without some kind of warning.  You and Cyangmou are both longstanding pillars of the community regardless of any personal disagreement.  Let's keep the discussion about the art, and avoid the name-calling?

Adarias @ 4/9/2021 08:16 commented on Bonsai Trees

Love these!  They have beauitful movement for such relative economy of form.

Welcome to PJ :)

Adarias @ 4/8/2021 07:43 commented on Dying Breed (Lost Part)

Ahh, fooled me :)

I enjoy especially the retreating's handled very subtly and is very effective

Adarias @ 2/20/2021 15:54 commented on ls 01

2021 is off to an incredibly good start!  What a mix of talented work =D

Adarias @ 1/25/2021 07:23 commented on Obi and Ani

Correct!  Here's a verion as exported from Aseprite...

100x100 canvas created using "Pixel Aspect Ratio: Double-High Pixels (1:2)"

and then later exported using "Resize: 100%" (aka no resize) and "[x] Apply Pixel Ratio"

Adarias @ 1/17/2021 11:36 commented on Amityville Horror

The required challenge is a tile set.

The optional bonus is to show the tiles mocked up.

The team didn't really discuss the possibility of doing just a tile-based mockup.

I think where we have landed is that we won't reject mockups that clearly show the tiles...

...but if you can include the tile set as a tile set somewhere (e.g., adjacent to mockup, or as the preview image) that's better!

Adarias @ 12/17/2020 15:39 commented on stompbox

Yep they get attached if you had a listed birthdate in the month the awards are for (meaning the cupcake is always at least 15 days late)

Adarias @ 12/7/2020 13:30 commented on PuppetTear

She looks like she'd be right at home in Chrono Cross!

Adarias @ 11/6/2020 10:31 commented on Daily Sprites

@Sjpixels softness too.  The lighting is objectively hard and doesn't even have AA, yet feels supple rather than stiff in most places.

Adarias @ 10/5/2020 12:26 commented on Fantasy Lagoon

66 entries has got to be a record of some kind.  I'd guess 2-3 years at least?

Adarias @ 9/25/2020 08:34 commented on Kids - Orange Girl

> Colors - Max 7, 6 from the palette + transparency.

There's no great way of wording this but I guess we're trying to reflect the idea of combining 2 sprite palettes, each having 3 opaque colors + knockout (making 6 opaque colors and trans couted twice?)

Adarias @ 9/15/2020 10:34 commented on Pet 09 - Dogs

Great work gang!  I thought I was tripping when I was matching up the names but indeed it's the same few artists on a loop this month :D

Adarias @ 9/15/2020 10:33 commented on Knight Of The Blossoms

Tell the reddit haters they can drink from your golden chalice :P

Adarias @ 9/14/2020 19:25 commented on Pet 08 - Cat in Bag

@skamocore yeah that's a great point - with only 2 channels that's basically the universe (give or take some possible interpolation / rounding errors)

Adarias @ 9/2/2020 13:12 commented on HiLo

This reminds me of an age of the internet I thought was long-over, in a great way

Adarias @ 5/24/2020 09:20 commented on Guilmon

@aamatniekss the script I use to build these posts puts a cake next to any winner who has a birthday during the month the awards are being given for.  Since these are the awards for works submitted in April, you get a cake, even though the votes are tallied in May :)

Adarias @ 5/15/2020 17:33 commented on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

Hi @Otto, I enjoy this piece but I think it is too big for the weekly, which is constrained to max 250x250

Adarias @ 4/29/2020 05:13 commented on Cauldron

I kinda hate the colors, but love the way you've used them!

Adarias @ 4/13/2020 07:36 commented on The Approach - Wasteland Mockup

West Texas? Needs several hundred oil wells, and maybe a windmill or two "ruining the view" ;-)

Really enjoy this pieces; the broad flat areas of color are very different form your usual approach and work really well for this particular landscape.  They also set off the much-more-detailed shady areas really well.  I half expect a gecko to peek out.

Adarias @ 4/13/2020 07:27 commented on Q boss

Ilu is correct, we can only accept the peice if the glowing effects are removed.

To be clear I think this is a very nice piece and the effects are nicely done.

But if we allow airbrush, then we have to decide how much airbrush is too much.  People will complain we are moderating according to taste or, worse, playing favorites.  So as long as the no airbrush rule (#5) is on the books, we have to enforce it.

I look forward to this piece (without the glows) being added :)

Adarias @ 4/13/2020 07:21 commented on Angle of 74

Hiya, did you mean to have the square crop, or did the preview get mixed up with the full version?

Adarias @ 3/19/2020 11:11 commented on Playing Card Collab: Seven Deadly Sins of Clubs

@Rekkimaru you only need 5 frames - 1 image per expression - to meet the criteria.

If you choose to add further frames of animation, either as additional steps or embellishing your existing 5 - you are free to do so!

Adarias @ 3/19/2020 07:44 commented on Big Bird

To clarify - we are ALL missing the wedding.  There are no guests.

But we were able to livestream it, so there's a silver lining.

Adarias @ 3/18/2020 12:34 commented on Big Bird

I am missing my twin sister's wedding in Scotland (unable/unsafe to fly), which is pretty devastating.

Our office has instructed us to work from home indefinitely.  My partner has the same instruction.

Other than that just getting caught up on yardwork, housecleaning, about to award the monthly top...!