Angy-chan @ 11/16/2008 16:03 commented on doll base
Very nice basebody, maybe boobs looks a bit too high and huge to me, btw it seems a very good base!

Angy-chan @ 1/9/2008 01:36 commented on Happy New Year , jointers=)

It's Babayaga, isn't she?
Just wonderful as always!!And this color palette is extremely beautiful!
Happy new year to you too!! :)

Angy-chan @ 11/19/2007 03:47 commented on Skydoll Contest Prize
 Thank you so much!

Angy-chan @ 7/14/2007 05:45 commented on Fishing Ogre
 You're one of the best pixel artists I know!

Angy-chan @ 7/10/2007 11:52 commented on Lily Eagle

Sorry but maybe it's not clear what a standard doll is:
A doll is just an human pixel art, the base is optional or used to make a category of dolls, usually called with the name of the base...
The base is just a template to draw on and edit, it's exactly like THE WEE PROJECT or LIL DUDES PROJECT in this community: there's a human template, a lot of people edits it and adds hair and clothes
And even if the template is really good, often the result is really bad if the artist have not skills.

Then...I've never seen too similar dolls...If we're not talking about copyright infringement, of course....

One note: Dolls created with dollmakers or dress up games have never been considered "real dolls" but just a game for teens and people which needs an easy avatar for a forum

I'm sorry if I was a bit prolix but I don't tolerate that someone playes down my art basing on a wrong and prejudicial information...

Angy-chan @ 7/10/2007 04:20 commented on Lily Eagle
LOL what is supposed to be a "Standard doll"???

Angy-chan @ 7/3/2007 06:27 commented on Ragnarok Gypsy
The character is well done, but I think that there's something wrong on the color choice

Angy-chan @ 7/1/2007 16:28 commented on Monkey D.Luffy - one piece
LOL!! One piece kaoani!!
Very nice idea, maybe it needs more shading!

Angy-chan @ 7/1/2007 16:26 commented on Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu
LOL, very nice job!!

Angy-chan @ 7/1/2007 16:21 commented on Happy Teeth
:) Thank you!!!!

Angy-chan @ 7/1/2007 15:58 commented on Jellyfish Lamp [animated]
Wow it's gorgeous, very cool concept and great animation!! 5/5

Angy-chan @ 7/1/2007 03:46 commented on Graduation Project

Nice palette, maybe it needs some dithering, expecially on his trousers

Angy-chan @ 6/24/2007 05:09 commented on Munge Joe Dibrutto
I'ts a guy and this is a portrait...I can't decide how high should be the hairline ^^"...
A pic of the subject: LINK

Angy-chan @ 6/24/2007 01:43 commented on Alex Joe Dibrutto
I fixed the image

Angy-chan @ 6/21/2007 00:32 commented on AV - Pumpkin
*_* I love pumpkins!

Angy-chan @ 6/19/2007 16:08 commented on Warrior of Light
It's just fabulous Wayuki!! Fabulous!

Angy-chan @ 6/19/2007 16:06 commented on Alex Joe Dibrutto
Yes, you're right Cristopher, there's something wrong with the left knee....I still have to practice with the movement of the legs ^^"
ù_u but I don't give up!!

Angy-chan @ 6/10/2007 05:20 commented on Red panda
I agree with Amorphus, I see the body completely black or almost In a first moment I thought it was unfinished
Btw it has the cutest snout ever, awesome palette too!!!

Angy-chan @ 6/5/2007 06:53 commented on Template Walking
 great templates!!!

Angy-chan @ 5/9/2007 16:15 commented on Moriyuki-san

Adorable doll, I really love the color palette remembers watercolor effect, so cute!

Angy-chan @ 11/21/2006 05:48 commented on Dance Pumpkin, Dance.
 the greatest jumping pumpkin I've ever seen!! Beautiful style and palette and very smooth animation!

Angy-chan @ 11/21/2006 01:16 commented on Skaven Battle Line

You have the greatest style ever!!! AMAZING!!

Angy-chan @ 9/28/2006 11:55 commented on Oded Fehr

OMG I thought he was Charlie Sheen XD

btw, well done as always!

Angy-chan @ 8/8/2006 15:44 commented on Pirate Fighter

That's so so gorgeous I love the palette, the pose and design, shading is great too!

Angy-chan @ 8/8/2006 11:31 commented on favourite astronaut

 Vampirella!!! Isn't she? Very beautiful even if some parts of the face looks strange to me!
Btw that's a masterpiece, great job!