Cyangmou @ 11/16/2021 09:13 commented on Lavender Town

Ah makes total sense.
Yes in that case it's way more like an actual game project, as you have to carry through some decisions not perfect for every occassion just to keep it working overall. I am Feeling with you very much there :)

Cyangmou @ 11/15/2021 01:41 commented on Lavender Town

really love your depiction of this cure. The way you used the palette and texture - I'd have totally loved playing something like this.

The only small idea I wanted to share by looking at it, would have been the possibility to let the light come from the right side, so that the towecould be overshadowing the entrance of the city, which might add a layer of storytelling or foreshadowing.

But I really love this. Great work.

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 11:31 commented on Princess Evelyn

@Wayuki: Yeah finally finished this one, was great fun.
I Had a busy week, but Love all your new art :)

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 11:23 commented on Princess Evelyn

Been doing some serious fantasy worldbuilding recently. Writing a lot, drawing and sketching a bit too :)

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 11:18 commented on Princess Evelyn

Yes it's kinda fun to make backgrounds, if you have the time to do so. I like to put a lot of small stories in, if I can :)

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 11:14 commented on Princess Evelyn

@Vrine: Glad you like it :)

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 11:12 commented on Pokemon Victory Road F2

Been a while since I played this. According to my memories way back there should be a whole lot more of the bats :D But I love the light and all the nice lil touches and different sprites. I'd have totally loved to experience it like that, but that limited gameboy memory :)

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 11:09 commented on Princess Evelyn
THanks for your lovely comment. I am glad that you like it.

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 05:03 commented on Big Bird

Wow Hapiel, middle click worked. That's great, thanks for helping out :)

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 00:34 commented on Big Bird

I got an issue with adding pixes to my favourites. When I click the add fave button, it's just loading, but not adding.
I am using firefox and fixeljoint, might be that there is some problem? I have that problem since a week and it's not a temporary issue.

Cyangmou @ 10/8/2021 00:31 commented on The attack of the squeaker

Oh awesome, yes it totally does :)

Cyangmou @ 10/7/2021 05:04 commented on The attack of the squeaker

really nice compostion and value balance Wayuki :)

Cyangmou @ 10/7/2021 01:33 commented on Knight Portrait

Thanks a lot. Put some effort in the shading here :)

Cyangmou @ 10/7/2021 01:33 commented on Knight Portrait

Thanks :)

Cyangmou @ 10/7/2021 01:27 commented on Knight Portrait

@Johvi - Thanks a lot.

Cyangmou @ 10/7/2021 01:26 commented on Knight Portrait

@Fleja - thanks. Also your work also is always great too :)

Cyangmou @ 10/5/2021 06:41 commented on Knight Portrait

@SeDiceBisonte: Thanks, lots of metal in this one :)

Cyangmou @ 10/5/2021 06:28 commented on Knight Portrait

@Luca - yeah here is not much else to shade than metal. but usually I enjoy it a fiar bit :)

Cyangmou @ 10/5/2021 04:56 commented on Knight Portrait

@Wyuki - Thanks a lot.

Cyangmou @ 9/27/2021 00:21 commented on Adjudicator

Cool piece Fleja, also great fluid animation.

Cyangmou @ 9/27/2021 00:16 commented on Moods

Great mood. Very fitting for the season :)

Cyangmou @ 9/21/2021 00:39 commented on Demonette revamp

Great to see you around again here Wayuki :)

Cyangmou @ 9/9/2021 01:16 commented on Moutains

This one clearly is pixelart, but was saved as a JPG instead of a png. Once you zoom in you see that the sharp pixels got destroyed because of the filetype you chose for saving.
It's best to save pixelarts either as pngs (generally a good idea), gifs (<256 colors, might cause problems on some websites though, but necessary for animations) or bitmaps (super inefficient way).

SO I'd suggest in future save pixelarts as pngs and the outcome will be exactly the same as you saw during creating it in the software.

Cyangmou @ 9/9/2021 00:48 commented on Starry Night
That's a cool try at pixelart. No matter what some people say here, don't let it get to close to yourself. Some folks here are just overly defensive about the craft and bad at teaching.
My first pixelarts actually looked the same, as I used soft brushes and did not know how to work with limited palettes :). But That's something which is fairly easy to understand, if you know where to look for.
Cure made a really great beginner guide for pixelart which you can read over here:
This also sums up the aesthetical principles the pixeljoint community values. A lot about pixelart is trying to achieve a lot with little and keeping auto-antialiasing tools out of the work. It's also an awesome way to achieve the same aesthetics as the pieces you already added to your favorites. Good luck, sorry that you experienced this and I hope you keep having a lot of fun with creating art, as it's a really relaxing hobby to have.

Cyangmou @ 8/23/2021 22:27 commented on Retrowave

Ah wow, you also finished this one.
Great work on the car, also now it really draws you in. ALso the shading of the windows is nice.
Really enjoyed the perspective line step :)
You're improving those things a lot, keep up the good work.