CELS @ 6/28/2022 06:37 commented on Sandbox compilation [1].

Seeing all these together in this way is just a wave of good feelings. Incredible! Thanks for making these. 

CELS @ 6/27/2022 16:19 commented on Applying feedback

In my mind, this is a big improvement. Nice colors. The only thing that stands out is the river, which looks a bit cartoony compared to the rest. Maybe using blotches of light and darkness would be a better way of communicating ripples in the water. I don't know.

Good work! 

CELS @ 6/27/2022 16:16 commented on My first pixel art

I think you're clearly on the right track. There are different ways of dealing with grass. Usually, you can pixel individual blades of grass in the foreground and gradually move to large clusters of different colors, representing (and exaggerating) color variations or uneven terrain in real life. I've made a quick and sloppy edit here to get my point across.

It's the wrong canvas size and not the best choice of palette but I hope the idea makes sense, even at a smaller scale. Of course you can add much, much more detail than I have. Especially if you use more colors. But it can also be valuable to simplify a picture to create empty space, letting the mind rest between the important details, like the signs, the river or the trees, which you may want the viewer to linger at. :) 

PS: It's probably stupid of me to offer advice in the middle of a friendly competition. Apologies if that seems daft.

CELS @ 6/27/2022 09:21 commented on Miami Vice: In the air tonight...

Hm, did you read my Miami Vice comment before I deleted it or are we just sharing mental vibes? 

Very cool piece and a nice reference to that darker part of Miami Vice that is expressed in the original montage. The airplane and blinking reflections are great details.  

CELS @ 6/27/2022 08:47 commented on Gilead

Thanks, DukeDarer! I hope you find it worth your time. It's from the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood and famous TV show, The Handmaid's Tale. 

CELS @ 6/27/2022 08:45 commented on Gilead

Thanks, Rewind! I appreciate it! 

CELS @ 6/26/2022 08:25 commented on Witch Pin-Up 2

Really well pixelled. Love the colours. Really like the fireflies and the magical flaming lantern.

NSFW joke incoming: fire crotch 

CELS @ 6/26/2022 06:57 commented on My first pixel art

Welcome to PJ, alcon! Good first submission. Since you welcome comments, my suggestion would be to avoid single (orphan) pixels during the early phase when you're learning to do pixel art. It often adds noise without actually having information. A chaotic pattern of single pixels don't look like grass or rocks or sand, they're just... something, or maybe nothing. When you're starting out, it's better to experiment with bigger clusters of pixels, to learn how you can indicate whether the ground is grassy, rocky, uneven, dry, wet, muddy, cracked, whatever. If it's all grass, maybe indicate that some grass is in shadow, while other is in sunlight, or that they're different types, or growing on an uneven surface. Something that is interesting to look at. Good luck 

CELS @ 6/20/2022 23:50 commented on Auzom

Thanks, Trigonomicon! Gotta bring my a-game for the PJ weekly! 

CELS @ 6/20/2022 13:26 commented on Jean-Jacket Rousseau

Really nice! The pun got a sensible chuckle out of me and the likeness is very good 

CELS @ 6/20/2022 13:21 commented on Kart Marx

I'm super impressed that you managed to get so much character and caricature into that face with so few pixels. Funny idea too! 

CELS @ 6/18/2022 13:24 commented on Auzom

Thanks, MrQuetch! It was ok here but I think I would have struggled with anything more than a black background. 

CELS @ 6/18/2022 13:23 commented on Auzom

Thanks, b236!

CELS @ 6/18/2022 13:17 commented on Sceneca

Nice! Really creative idea. I scene what you did there. 

CELS @ 6/18/2022 13:15 commented on Passenger Ship

Cool! I like this style without highlights and outlines. 

CELS @ 6/18/2022 09:54 commented on 24.Water

The composition feels slightly unbalanced to me but I really love the concept, setting and style in this piece. 

CELS @ 6/18/2022 09:49 commented on Sir Oliver

I've no idea what this is but I can certainly appreciate the great cartoony aesthetic and the amount of depth + readability you've managed with only 4 colors. Both the portrait and the sidescroller mockup are fantastic. 

CELS @ 6/18/2022 02:29 commented on Clearing

Thanks, Thomas! Yeah, trying something new and still trying to figure out what I'd actually like to do with pixel art. I think I'm getting there. 

CELS @ 6/16/2022 08:30 commented on Luna 2

Thanks for the crits, Xenero! And the blocks! 

CELS @ 6/16/2022 08:29 commented on Clearing

Thanks, Xenero! If I can get you to write something without 1337-5p34k, I must be doing something right. 

CELS @ 6/14/2022 09:46 commented on Tarot Cards

Haha, I see! So that's how the pros work. Note to self: to add visual interest, set things on fire. 

CELS @ 6/13/2022 13:20 commented on Tarot Cards

These are great! Very impressive pixelling, considering the small canvas and the palette. The blood on the edges is great too. 

Are the flames (?) on the three of wands a reference to the Light Seer's tarot, or is that a common thing? I haven't seen it with flames before. 

CELS @ 6/13/2022 11:03 commented on Termian Order

Pixelling puns of philosophers is such multi-dimensional nerdmongering, I hope I can participate. Now to choose betwen Daniel Denim, Thomas Bagel and David Chompers.  

CELS @ 6/13/2022 05:12 commented on Clearing

Thanks, Adarias! The combination of horizontals and verticals is something I did not consider consciously. I appreciate you guys pointing out stuff that worked, because  sometimes one stumbles upon these things. 

CELS @ 6/13/2022 05:10 commented on Clearing

Thanks, Christoballs! That is something I was at least partially conscious of, which is progress.