cam. @ 4/27/2011 09:24 commented on Pig-male

 Thats very cute i love it!

The shines in the eyes *U*

cam. @ 4/27/2011 09:20 commented on Fries

 Thanks :)

Tyriar, i added the white border just because i wanted to separate the fries from the background, also, if i take out the white border, it looks very sketchy and the edges get very rough... so the white border allows AA.

cam. @ 4/26/2011 08:41 commented on Star of Elements

 There is something about the water star... I dunno, but i love it. Good stuff!

cam. @ 4/26/2011 08:38 commented on 16 x 16 px treasure chest

 I love it, its such a cute animation; i love the little bounce it has when the chest closes.
Also the shine is really nice!
Love it.

cam. @ 4/26/2011 06:35 commented on Claypool

 Oh, so were not allowed to animate at all in challenges? Haha, that explains why no one did it before!

cam. @ 4/26/2011 06:14 commented on Claypool

 If we make it animated. does the egg have to be present in every frame? Or is just one fine?

cam. @ 4/25/2011 15:54 commented on Steampunk Owl

lol whaaaat? You eat OWLS for breakfast? 

cam. @ 4/24/2011 13:04 commented on Baconzitos

I love the peice, but maybe take off the white background. It will eliminate the extra colours. Also, the bag of chips seems half flat because the shading ends too fast.
Maybe if you re-used one of the darker burgundy colours you used as a background for the letters,(BACONZITOS), as a shadow it would be less almost-flat looking.
Otherwise, i really like it, the details are really nice!
Out of curiosity, did you use a real bag of Baconzitos chips as a model or did you invent it?