Wayne @ 10/5/2013 10:03 commented on Alizon - Hyper Light Drifter

Nice animation and design! Love it!

You must be thrilled to work on such an amazing looking project!  Congrats to you and your team! 

Just backed this on kickstarter. :)

Wayne @ 5/16/2013 23:37 commented on Run

 Very nice :)

Wayne @ 2/20/2013 20:22 commented on My Dog, "Whip"

 Thanks everyone!

Wayne @ 2/18/2013 01:49 commented on Roquin


Wayne @ 1/29/2013 21:10 commented on Marvel Characters

 This is awesome!!!

Wayne @ 1/27/2013 10:37 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!

 Thanks Stasis!  Don't know if I can post my work related pixel art and animation, but I'm currently working on personal stuff in my spare time that I'll post when done.  

Wayne @ 1/24/2013 02:46 commented on Thank you all! 1K gif(t)

 Awesome!  Love the sense of scale!

(PS: congrats!)

Wayne @ 1/11/2013 23:23 commented on Anna Oakley

Originally saw this on your blog and loved it!  I agree, there's a great sense of weight achieved by how much you've overlapped the bow and hair.  

I really like how you broke up the cycle in the face, and also the slight tilts you have on the head.  Very nice and very solid.  Good luck on Skylark!

Wayne @ 11/16/2012 19:09 commented on dwogs

 These are great.  Very charming!

Wayne @ 9/7/2012 00:38 commented on Treasure!

 I love how fun and playful this is!  There's all these little things for our eyes to discover in it.  Love it!

Wayne @ 9/2/2012 11:42 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!

Thanks everyone!  And thanks to those who voted!

Philippe, good observation.  I'm not saying that this animation couldn't be improved, but the "odd" arm in this frame is intentional.  The arms in this frame was drawn not intending it to be viewed as a still image but in motion.  I drew the wrist up on the right arm so there is a flick in the wrist just after the arm moves forward and before the arm lowers.  It goes along with the flow of energy.  The left arm is drawn outward so we "feel" the of the stretch-forward motion.


Wayne @ 8/17/2012 08:32 commented on Gene Run Animation

 Very charming :)

Wayne @ 7/23/2012 00:55 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!


I've updated the piece.  It now has a few things touched up and scrolling BG.  I had a bit of trouble getting the scrolling BG to look the way I wanted due to strobing, but having the BG pan subpixel solved that problem.

Wayne @ 7/18/2012 01:27 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!

Thanks everyone!

Currently I'm tweaking the parallax BG. I tried moving the BG at a rate of 1 pixel per frame but felt it was too fast so it's currently on two's.  I'm not entirely sold on the parallax and am still tweaking things.  I found that if I only pan the mountains and not the sky, it feels as if the mountains are much closer to us than the sky, which makes it feel like a small mound of snow on the side of the icy path rather than large mountains in the distance. 

Muiriled, I went ahead and tweaked a few things I didn't like on the Yeti, including removing the motion lines on the arms and smearing them instead. It hard to tell but I like it better. I haven't resubmitted anything yet until I finish the parallax BG. 

Hapiel, I thought about having the mountains cycle at 75 pixels, which is smaller than the canvas width, but decided not to because I didn't want to see the repeating pattern on screen.  But for some reason I didn't think about making it cycle outside the canvas width at 90 pixels.  Thanks for the tip. 

I'm not planning on tweaking the sky drawing further although I know it would look better with dithering. It is what it is. If it looks under developed that's because it was. 



Wayne @ 7/13/2012 01:58 commented on sun octopus

 It's like the BBC did a nature special on the sun, and this is the image they came back with.  Nicely rendered!

Wayne @ 7/11/2012 02:59 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!

Thanks everyone for the VERY nice complements!  Your comments mean alot to me as you guys are super talented pixel artists, many of whom I have much respect for.

Calv and Daanvdk, yes I agree with you guys about adding parallax to the BG.  When I drew in the BG, my original intent was to have the mountains slowly scroll as if on a multi-plane setup.  I quickly dismissed it after roughly calculating in my head (which hurt afterward) the total number of frames of the gif, if the gif were to cycle...

But after seeing it without the parallax, and you guys commenting on it, I think I'm going to give it a shot. :)

So, at 15 frames for the cycle, and the width of the piece being 82 frames, if I panned the mountains 1 pixel a frame, the least common denominator, which is the total frame length of the gif, would be 1230 frames.  But if I reduce the width by 2 pixels I can get the total frame length down to 240.  I think I'll do that.  Phew! :)  

Depending on how the parallax looks and the mb size of the gif, I'll decide whether I should resubmit.  Thanks for pointing it out.  I think it'll be a nice touch to the piece.

Wayne @ 7/9/2012 13:28 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!

 Thanks everyone for the nice comments! 

Wayne @ 7/9/2012 02:06 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

 Thanks Hapiel.  I reduced the size of the preview image and made it my avatar. :)

Wayne @ 4/10/2012 13:33 commented on Burgundy dragon

 Very nice!

Wayne @ 3/22/2012 22:32 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

 Do I need to submit the preview icon (shark only) as a new piece to make it my avatar?

Wayne @ 3/3/2012 14:13 commented on Truck Explosion

 Nice smoke FX!

Wayne @ 2/25/2012 19:05 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

 Thanks everyone!

Wayne @ 2/24/2012 20:33 commented on Alien stand

 Awesome!  I love how you textured the movement... with the top half of the body rotating more dimensionally and the bottom half more of a 2D move. I especially love the dimensionality contrasting with flat parallaxing parts of the body!  LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

Wayne @ 2/22/2012 02:41 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

Snowk, Sai, and AirStyle,

Yes, I didn't like how the waves came out either.  That was part of the reason I only wanted to submit the shark as a stand alone.  I tried and tried to animate those waves and it was just getting too frustrating.  I had a few more ideas on how to animate it (remember OutRun and SpaceHarrier?) but I wasn't having fun anymore.  Hats off to all those FX animators out there :)

Here's some of my failed attempts at animating the waves (pants down moment):

-TestA- felt like floating ice sheets

-TestB- wasn't crazy about the amount of motion

-TestC- I thought this one was "okay", it was a runner up to the one I went with

In the end I went with something simple that was more of a BG element than animated.  Maybe I'll try again one day to get those waves right. :)



I've always admired your choice of colors, shading and rendering. Love that toon look!  On my next piece I want ot experiment more with breaking the values into distinct high, mid, and lows like yours do.


Pwei and Gavralcraw, thanks!

Wayne @ 2/21/2012 15:29 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!  I listened to your suggestions and uploaded the bigger piece as the detail file, and just the shark as the preview.

Hey Ellian and Chanfan, no I didn't use any 3D referencing of any kind.  My process for getting the drawings solid and dimentional was first drawing very rough then refining and refining.  Here's some progress images I kept if you're interested...

Rough sketch

Shark Cleanup line

Rough color exploration on Shark

Rough/Cleanup line on Boat

More Color exploration

Even more color testing and drew in the fishing line