Akira @ 6/14/2009 22:37 commented on Rock Room

Fully implemented in 3.6. You cannot try it out now in the beta version.

Akira @ 11/24/2008 00:29 commented on poker hubris
Adventure game sprite? I like this more than a lot of the other entries. I think you should reconsider.

Akira @ 11/9/2008 21:01 commented on Wobbly Old St Nick
Thanks guys. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I'm alright jal. Just kinda busy with life and stuff ya know?

Akira @ 6/28/2008 21:57 commented on dithered goo
hmm weird. wasn't me.

@Wolverine: I agree. It is pretty ridiculous making users purchase the upgrade but I guess he has to make money somehow. I bought the upgrade. I don't know if it's worth it or not yet. I haven't used any of the new features but I'm not getting as many annoying bugs.

Akira @ 6/21/2008 21:58 commented on Lavitz
@Eugeniu: you don't get it...

Akira @ 2/1/2008 00:03 commented on Bedroom
Bring in an Oekaki gallery? Oekaki pretty much describes the examples you posted. I think the mods here use the term to differentiate between that type of art and pixel art.

Akira @ 1/31/2008 23:32 commented on Crazy Ghettup!
Marvin Gaye would be my pick. Let's get it on. Sexual healing. Ooh yeah.

Akira @ 1/31/2008 15:20 commented on Crazy Ghettup!
what's the link changing url? could someone post it?


man i'm funny.

Akira @ 1/30/2008 16:11 commented on Rabbit
no. it's not taking a yellow crap.

Akira @ 8/19/2007 17:22 commented on RGCD Issue #03
yeah yer probably right. i was running out of time so it isn't quite as polished as i would have hoped.

Akira @ 7/9/2007 23:21 commented on Auto - wrench
Wheee! Nice challenge ;)

Akira @ 6/13/2007 00:43 commented on CowPG Mockup
is frontalot like mc frontalot? i hope it is.

edit: oh and is manny like manny from black books? i hope it is.

Akira @ 6/3/2007 19:19 commented on nods
jah, this was never meant to be a magnificent piece. just testin' my animation skillz. the AA is a bit much. thanks for the comments kids.

Akira @ 5/13/2007 02:49 commented on Skipper/StairwaytoEvan Collab Thumbguy
GTA3 wasn't unique. belgh. as soon as they went 3d i lost interest.
Worms should have been on the list. Halo is shite. They could have at least spell checked the friggen list. What has the Sims influenced? err... the Sims 2?
What a waste of time. If you're going to create a list of inflential games, pick games that are influential rather than a list of games that you like to play. And don't correct people about things like pong being the first game when you can't even get it right yourselves. What a load of wank.

Akira @ 3/26/2007 23:45 commented on Spyed. Green power
///back on track///
this is my kinda challenge...
that doesn't mean i'm gonna enter. i'm just saying its my kinda challenge.

Akira @ 2/9/2007 21:35 commented on Anime Hos
animation please.

Akira @ 2/9/2007 16:10 commented on public enemy n1
......it's a lie.

Akira @ 2/7/2007 17:32 commented on java-programmer
i'm aroused.

oh the challenges sound good too.

Akira @ 2/5/2007 15:20 commented on Horses
open office bitches

Akira @ 1/15/2007 17:03 commented on ArchangelMorph
they still require fancy-dancy pens though...

Akira @ 11/24/2006 02:33 commented on Vampire
i love it. nice 'korean' style to it. vampire + mafia = pornography with clothes on.

Akira @ 11/11/2006 23:40 commented on Secret Identity Talk Icon!
impressive. probably some mutant genetic experiment the icelanders haven't told us about.

Akira @ 11/4/2006 02:31 commented on Freak out!
jah, you kids deserved to win. woulda liked to see oogie boogie vs the birds up there too but then you'd really need a top 4.

Akira @ 10/15/2006 16:06 commented on Robots
BATBOT! so damn hot right now.

Akira @ 10/13/2006 14:51 commented on Go! Tingle! Go!
favourited even before it was approved. sucka!