Ezekiel @ 6/20/2011 12:56 commented on Huangshan

 Wow..what a beautiful stuff! :D

Ezekiel @ 6/19/2011 03:50 commented on Rural China

 Wow man...really evocative work and relaxing theme! Great realization..5 stars!!

Ezekiel @ 6/13/2011 02:17 commented on True Akuma

 Wow this is incredible dude!! Not finitshed iet? I guess that's fine the way it is.. 5 stars

Ezekiel @ 6/12/2011 15:56 commented on Pixelblink - Failsafe

 Wow Jesus.. this is fantastic!! I like every part of it! 5 stars

Ezekiel @ 6/12/2011 13:24 commented on Drifloon Avatar

 It's cool, nice colors!

Ezekiel @ 6/11/2011 05:42 commented on Legend of the Hidden Temple

 OMG! This is awesome.. you put a lot of work on it! what was your inspiration?

Ezekiel @ 6/11/2011 05:38 commented on Millstone

 Wow! Exellent idea and superb realizzation! 5 stars

Ezekiel @ 6/10/2011 22:53 commented on A tree hugger's tree

 The concept is fantastic! For the first lanscape pixel background you did a good work, especially with the grass and the lighting effects, very impressive.. The tree is great!

Ezekiel @ 6/10/2011 22:44 commented on Raziel [OLD]

 I love Raziel as a character of Soul Reaver!

You should've messed more with the pose.. true, maybe the legs, a bit crouched and the face should be looking at us. Give it a try!

Another point is the shading, not in the very entire Raziel, but I see something wrong with the contrast between the bandana behind him.

The lineart is good! =)

BTW you did a nice job here, keep this way!

Ezekiel @ 6/10/2011 15:23 commented on [nudity warning] Drunk naked dude

Very funny! Better take him to a psychologist? haha

Ezekiel @ 6/10/2011 05:19 commented on Link - The original, not the blond one

Interessant you posting the process, very personal method! =)

The sprite looks great! Bem feito Jinn..

Ezekiel @ 6/9/2011 05:49 commented on Greenery

Sure the way you did it it's really advanced.. the best part of it is the concept! Awesome!

fav =)

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 22:10 commented on Soul Reaver Remastered

 I want this game too.. (I was a fanatic of Soul Reaver) a very cool 2D version of the game!

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 22:04 commented on Cavorite

 Very good stuff here!

You did an accurated job and well disgned. Particular note for the nice contrast between the colors.

Thumb up!

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 21:55 commented on The Green Garden of Rabbit

 Very good realization, it reminds me a famous italian park! Is this based on a drawing or a photo?

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 14:16 commented on Mr. Jellyfish

 Very artistic Jellyfish with those neonlight colors.

The transparency effect works well!

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 14:13 commented on Hand

 This was maded with your mobile phone?? Very interessant.. and the hand works perfectly.

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 14:09 commented on Homeless guy looting trash

 Haha very trash, for sure! animated well and funny.

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 14:05 commented on Ezekiel

 I've worked on the microphone, using suggestions of Joe and I guess it's fine now.
Thank you again!

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 12:45 commented on Mario Mobile

 A great style and retro colors.. love it! =)

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 12:41 commented on Doorway

 I agree with Jabber and tanuki with the door appearance, but BTW the representation is good. Remind me old school PC games!

Ezekiel @ 6/8/2011 05:53 commented on Barbados

Really like the idea!

Only one point: the colors, at the first time the buildings seems a distant "evening-like" background.

Hope you'll implement this stuff in a videogame one day!

Nice job.

Ezekiel @ 6/7/2011 06:33 commented on Ezekiel

 Yes, that's the point Joe, the microphone seems a part of me and probably a solution, it's changing the color of the microphone (using the same palette).

I'll try to solve them tomorrow.

Thank for your comments!

Ezekiel @ 6/6/2011 23:11 commented on SHMUP! Ships [1]

Ah what a mischance..

But actually you can draw better things easly and BTW this was good for an earlier PA work.

Ezekiel @ 6/6/2011 05:46 commented on Alottoni & Azaghal

 Ja ouvi falar desse podcast de satira e ja vi os caras no youtube e sao quase iguais, o desenho é muito bom!