PixelManiac @ 1/1/2013 01:49 commented on Big Bird

 Happy new year everyone!

Hope all your wishes come true

overall this year too!

Also hope to more awesome pixels too!

PixelManiac @ 6/10/2012 04:38 commented on 15 Game Characters Challenge - 08: D. Bison

 This is delicious!!! awesome sprite!!! This looks as if M.Bison in his teenage.

PixelManiac @ 9/10/2011 08:15 commented on Last Light: The Platform Game

 Nice concept, but the rocks near the light source should be shaded at the top, not at the bottom.

PixelManiac @ 9/4/2011 07:17 commented on Yet Another Classical Fantasy Adventure Platformer

 This image looks best at 1x according to my vision.

PixelManiac @ 8/19/2011 02:24 commented on Spongebob scene

 I just noticed that spongebob looks wider... actually, it's just because you have placed his face on the wrong side of the head.

PixelManiac @ 8/15/2011 00:31 commented on Fuujin

i'm trying the atomic claw or the orange mantis

PixelManiac @ 7/29/2011 08:31 commented on LepreCAN, LepreCAN'T!

 Great use of these 4 colors and awesome creativity. You'll be gathering another vote, by the way!

PixelManiac @ 7/29/2011 08:21 commented on Rainbow and Arrow

 Thanks for the comments everyone and thanks for voting as well :D

PixelManiac @ 7/11/2011 09:30 commented on Think...Think...Think...

 Oops! never mind, I haven't read the challenge requirements exactly . Actually this was completed under time pressure (started on Friday night). But nonetheless, I hope you all have liked it and I need more comments to get me motivated. Anyway, Thanks for your information skamocore

PS: This was my first detailed piece of pixel art ever created!

@Edward: Yes I have noticed it and I'm still a beginner. Thanks for pointing out ;)  

PixelManiac @ 7/4/2011 07:35 commented on Elle Driver

 This is awesome! I'll try :D

PixelManiac @ 6/23/2011 08:14 commented on lil' dancing dude

 actually I made this animation by referring to the dancing banana. Hope you like it though.

PixelManiac @ 6/22/2011 07:28 commented on lil' dancing dude

 Alright, so will this animation be deleted?

PixelManiac @ 6/17/2011 08:50 commented on Terry and his motor.

 One of the best and the longest pixel animation yet to be seen.

PixelManiac @ 6/16/2011 07:22 commented on Futura Room


PixelManiac @ 6/13/2011 07:39 commented on ApeTron 2000