TrojanMonkey @ 3/24/2015 13:00 commented on Finn-Zero

They pretty much decide by random when he has a full set of teeth and when he's missing a few. But even if he misses a few, it's nothing like missing most of his teeth.

TrojanMonkey @ 3/24/2015 01:19 commented on Finn-Zero

I'll merely write jabs, tired and all.
* no point making individual teeth at that res, just draw one line of white or don't do anything at all.
* Imo, drop the lines on the hair. One of the first lessons regarding hair is not to treat it as individualistic strands, instead -- look at it as one group with mounds and valleys. People generally only bother to add the highlights and shadows. I personally did something similar.
I'm no pro at hair, I actually suck at it most of the time. But it is easy to suggest to avoid such practice.

Something like this?
I scribbled something for a few minutes (the shading in the example are extremely exaggerated)
Also, if you want to learn more, go read about Negative Space.
I fucking hate negative space.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/4/2014 23:15 commented on Treeline

I'm one of those peeps that can only think of pieces like this : "Hm? Isn't this just noise?"
I am very poor at french-esque museums.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/4/2014 23:09 commented on Medusa

It seems that by the time she pulls down her towel, the only part that is uncovered is her back. A minor flaw to what is otherwise a very laborous piece.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/2/2014 12:45 commented on Traveling the lands of sillis

It just occurred to me that taking a boy-band, or just about any other group that one might ferociously hate and create a scene upon that -- could be entertaining.
A scene where One Direction is being set ablaze for heresy, for an instance. Hmmhm. I like this direction.
Alright, enough horrible puns from me.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/2/2014 02:16 commented on Did you want something?

I don't know what it says about me at this point when I do not even look that much at breasts.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/1/2014 00:41 commented on Did you want something?

Oh, no, indeed you can have a camera-facing, 90-degrees-facing character and yet have her gaze pointed somewhere else other than straight-forward. I was merely marvelling at the fact that most of her face points out one direction, but because of the hair and the towel which rests upon it dictate a different direction; the entire face seems to follow along with it, regardless of its own intrinsic direction.
TLDR: Even though it makes no "sense" after looking a little at it...In actuality; it WORKS. It simply works. And having that ability is praise worthy.
(╯°□°)╯︵  *Praise*

TrojanMonkey @ 5/31/2014 23:13 commented on Four of 'Em

I don't think you'll care for this, but with my slight case of OCD the girl with the pointy green hair comes off as incredibly irritating since her unreasonbly shaped hair stays perfectly the same. Does she have a wig? Since the rest of the characters' hair seem to flow sensically.

The life of an obsessive person.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/31/2014 23:09 commented on Did you want something?

Hmm...Isn't something about the nose a tad off? She has angled herself sideways, yet we don't see that form of curvature. Now that I think about it, the eyes and chin are also structured to face the camera at 90 degrees yet are gazing sideways.
That's...An interesting "mistake" to make. I'd say it's more of an impressive illusion than anything; that the direction of the head bound towel and hair makes the entire face seem to move along with it. I think we all just learnt a shortcut.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/31/2014 23:01 commented on m y . d e a r

I'd say there are a few anatomical inaccurracies, but they are mostly invalid when considering anime-esque aesthetics.
It's a very lovely piece, I especially like how you drew the hair; I think you can use it more as a motif, to be tied together to the cloud in some manner.
The downside here, imo; is the noise. Way, way too much noise. Most of it is obviously left-over of early sketches. Even the 'left' arm has a quasi-duplicate.
This work could be so much better if you had just cleaned it more, and I'm talking about the glitter as well.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/30/2014 11:26 commented on Momohime

I'm frankly surprised it took someone that long to post something like this.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/23/2014 23:39 commented on Betrayer

Yet again someone is breaking down a figure into a smudge of paint instead of doing so with a skeleton.
I really should try that myself.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/21/2014 07:45 commented on Dem eyes

Presentation, huh. Haven't thought of that.
How about now. <:

TrojanMonkey @ 5/19/2014 10:23 commented on blue void

I call dibs on Dungeon Keeper.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/12/2014 00:18 commented on Drake

So, an extremely old-school scene which depicts empty spaces or the sentiment of emptiness...
Considering the pallete, I can only assume everyone is going to make a pseudo post-apocalpytic scene at sundown.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/12/2014 00:12 commented on Balsamo

I saw several people use that style, it is very much akin to painting rather 'anatomical constructing' a character, which is what I personally tend to, at least, try to be doing.
I guess I'll have to give it a shot one day, cheerios.

TrojanMonkey @ 5/10/2014 23:55 commented on Balsamo

Indeed, quite she has quite the shoulder.

Say, I had issues with translating anything bigger than an icon into pixelart for quite a long time..I can draw fairly well on paper, but when it comes to the pixels...Woof.
I'd like to see the process in which you draw full-body pixels. <:

TrojanMonkey @ 6/9/2012 00:31 commented on Kush Vision

 I was wondering when someone will post a hippy-dippy illustration of narcotics.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/3/2012 10:36 commented on Daft Ladies

I invoke rule 34.
Dear god why.

TrojanMonkey @ 6/1/2012 16:38 commented on Slugs

 That's because it was a practice run, nothing more. I might beef it up a bit from time to time, but it's sole purpose won't change; a simple practice.

TrojanMonkey @ 8/31/2011 00:33 commented on Beavis

Good challange for trying out Grafx, still gotta get the hang of it.

TrojanMonkey @ 8/21/2011 23:34 commented on Gambit

Sheesh, nightmare mode is a bitch to guy with typos. I always ended up pressing the neighbor key..I had planty of time left, but the longer you play the more typos you have. It tinkers with your mind.

TrojanMonkey @ 8/16/2011 13:58 commented on Dem British..

Why is a british person saluting?

TrojanMonkey @ 8/16/2011 13:57 commented on The Masked Claw

The background should fluctuate with the character. A claw and an ice-theme does not incorperate very well. As a humour background you can have the beach, for an instance. Maybe have a tiny crab next to it's feet.

Apropos feets, why does he / it has hoofs? Is it an incarnation between lobster, man and something angulate?

P.S: The anatomy of the holding hand seems false, the thumb does not seem to start from the palm but the other side. It or has to be vertical along the outter leg of the secateur or horizontal along the palm over the fingers. But this is a minor detail. Your biggest problem right now is the bg....And the hoofs. <:

TrojanMonkey @ 8/15/2011 15:20 commented on Fuujin

I can't believe there's no "captain" at the first segment.