SumYungGai @ 9/5/2011 22:52 commented on Old Candle

The candle holder and fire turned out great, but I think the candle itself needs more depth and shading. As of now, it's just textured.

SumYungGai @ 8/28/2011 17:49 commented on Alakazam

I love everything but the 'stache =(

SumYungGai @ 8/26/2011 21:32 commented on Chibi Cthulhu

You could definately go with less reds (right now 5 colors for 12 pixels), and probably do some selout and better AA. His body also seems a bit flat.

SumYungGai @ 8/17/2011 01:14 commented on Foxy Spin

About the tail varying in size: it doesn't vary...well, vertically at least. I lined up everything so that it would be easier to draw later. Probably not the best way, but it did ease the process.
I also didn't use a spray brush. I'm just not very good. My color choices probably don't help anything, but I tried balancing strategic and random placing to create a fur texture. That, obviously, didn't work out.
And about the noise; it doesn't bother me, but I have had a quite a few (like 50%) comments about my stuff being too noisy. So, again, probably something I should work on.

Thanks for the comment =D

SumYungGai @ 8/3/2011 20:02 commented on Meander-thal

Thanks =) Just wish I would have known about that PJ checker. I will for next time, though.

SumYungGai @ 8/3/2011 08:32 commented on Meander-thal

Must have happened when I was copying... Gimp likes to anti-alias automatically and it's kinda hard to catch with very similar colors -.-

Looks like I have more... skin tones than I should?

Anyway... That sucks

SumYungGai @ 8/3/2011 06:19 commented on Meander-thal

I used 28 colors to make it. That's all I have on my palette...

7 grey, 4+3 (7) brown, 4 red, 2 blue, 4 green, 4 peach = 28

Is there something I'm missing?

SumYungGai @ 7/30/2011 22:14 commented on Romans on the Mars

Loved it as soon as I saw the first WIP =^.^=

SumYungGai @ 7/24/2011 22:53 commented on Casa dolce casa

*Audible Gasp*

... That's awesome!!

SumYungGai @ 7/24/2011 22:43 commented on Tile-Based House

1.) The roof: Add some tiles that show holes, or imperfections. Perfect tiles are hardly impressive to look at. Also, the lack of a dark, sparse color gives the impression of very little depth.
2.) The windows: Maybe someone wants a preveiw of what's inside?
3.) The door: Same with the windows, except maybe you want a closed door instead.
4. ) The dark blue: They used it in Final Fantasy for shadows, but I'm not sure it looks so great on the front of the house. Probably because the dark red clashes with it so violently.
5. ) The grass: ... is too shiny! Lower the saturation or contrast... or add some yellower hues.

I'm being really critical here (sorry), and some stuff I may have said could be wrong... though, maybe they could make it better? I don't know...

SumYungGai @ 7/24/2011 19:39 commented on Knight

I love it. It looks really good, expecially the lighting created by the fireball. But it also looks strange... transparent almost, like he's made from some sort of selectivley reflective glass.

SumYungGai @ 7/24/2011 18:33 commented on Commission with Pokemon In It

Other than the bright pink outline on the vaporeon, I think this piece is wonderful. I think it should have gotten a custom, slightly darker outline like the other three subjects.