Cammymoop @ 8/11/2021 12:54 commented on Mushroom House 2

Lovely little mushroom house, and great use of colors

Cammymoop @ 8/3/2021 18:52 commented on The Ascension

Incredible, really love the cluster shapes and subtle dithers. The pallet is really nice, great concept and the composition looks very dynamic and intersting.
Good job all around :>

Cammymoop @ 5/26/2021 16:31 commented on Blackmago

The robots are taking our jobs!

This is pretty cool actually

Cammymoop @ 5/26/2021 16:27 commented on Monolith

I don't know what's going on and that's the best part

Cammymoop @ 5/26/2021 16:25 commented on Townspeople 3

These are sick! love this style

Cammymoop @ 5/26/2021 16:22 commented on Mouse Boy

Very cute

Cammymoop @ 5/20/2021 07:04 commented on pink clouds

Very soft, I love it

Cammymoop @ 5/18/2021 07:08 commented on Tropeognathus Mesembrinus

so cute :>

Cammymoop @ 5/17/2021 18:15 commented on Valley of the statues

Lovely atmosphere

Cammymoop @ 5/14/2021 06:56 commented on Prehistoric game map

This is really cool

Cammymoop @ 5/5/2021 15:56 commented on Mount Corcoran

This is lovely! I love the color choice

Cammymoop @ 5/3/2021 07:58 commented on Team 10 in Pixel Art

This came out really nice!

Cammymoop @ 4/24/2021 11:12 commented on My Avatar.

Very cute ^^

Cammymoop @ 4/23/2021 09:30 commented on Bottalions Logo

Bo Alions!
love the little army silhouettes

Cammymoop @ 4/20/2021 18:18 commented on Fox Art
Nice fox girl, welcome to PJ
IDK if this gets accepted as is because it very nearly passes point 3 on the submition rules:

Some lines could definitely use some cleanup, nothing major just getting rid of the jagged parts of outlines like the outline the hair makes against the inside of the right ear, and really smoothing out the darkish ring inside the eye.

Another thing is the cheek shading has 3 colors but is so subtle it's almost invisible at least for me, could easily be just 1 color which would help it pop a bit too imo.
I saw some of your animated sprites in the lospec discord server, you should definitely post those too I'm sure they'll get in no problem!

Cammymoop @ 4/20/2021 18:02 commented on Waaaah

This is really excelent

Cammymoop @ 4/20/2021 06:34 commented on Mingyu Portrait

Gorgeous portrait

Cammymoop @ 4/16/2021 19:51 commented on Junk Food

looks tasty!

Cammymoop @ 4/16/2021 14:25 commented on Bob

Well bob, you made it!

Cammymoop @ 4/12/2021 20:16 commented on abandoned and overgrown

I just love these a lot, I'm always a sucker for ruins and also good pixels. The colors work really well even though they're all so muted. I especially love the depth in the top left one

Cammymoop @ 4/12/2021 17:48 commented on Close your eyes

This is cute! I think the hair looks pretty good, nice job

Cammymoop @ 4/11/2021 13:35 commented on Return to slime

It's inescapable. Eventually we'll all have to contend with the crab-death of the universe.

Cammymoop @ 4/11/2021 08:35 commented on Reshot: The forest

I really love the little leaves and stuff on the undergrowth

Cammymoop @ 4/10/2021 16:25 commented on Cryptids Rank Icon Set

I love these, my new favorite set

Cammymoop @ 4/10/2021 15:28 commented on Gondola

yes this is a good gondola :D