Zizka @ 2/13/2021 05:23 commented on Ghibli - Arrietty

That grass texture must have required a lot of patience, well played! 

Zizka @ 2/13/2021 05:22 commented on Metroid - Samus

This is pretty amazing.

Zizka @ 2/13/2020 17:24 commented on Big Bird

I'm personally just looking for a place to get critique which I find the hardest thing to find.

Zizka @ 2/8/2020 10:18 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys,

Pixelation is sort of vacant now so I'm on the lookout for active pixel art communities. Do you guys have suggestions? I've heard of discord but I'm really not sure.


Zizka @ 9/30/2019 16:25 commented on Kingdom Fortress

Loving the foliage. Loving it.

Zizka @ 9/5/2019 20:51 commented on I want to believe

I thought this was fool at first. Loving those trees, that texture of the foliage, yum!

Zizka @ 6/12/2019 19:36 commented on Big Bird

Just checked the screenshots. Although I must admit I miss having colors, the pixel art itself looks good! Seems like a fun game.

Zizka @ 8/31/2018 16:19 commented on Red Dragon

Those scales though! Yummy!

Zizka @ 8/4/2018 17:38 commented on Turf house interior

Aw come on, don't be so modest. It looks great.

Zizka @ 8/4/2018 04:02 commented on Turf house interior

That fire animation though, oh wow.

Zizka @ 8/1/2018 16:08 commented on Big Bird

I thought there'd be a news about the release of Chasm. I don't like the game myself but the pixel art is really top notch.

Zizka @ 7/24/2018 12:23 commented on Big Bird

Hi guys (happy belated birthday, Mandrill),

Is anyone whittling here? I want to buy tools to get started but don't know what to get. I want quality tools. I want to start with spoons as it's a typical beginner thing. 


Zizka @ 7/20/2018 10:12 commented on Turf house

すごい!Nice to see your game is moving along!

Zizka @ 6/21/2018 04:52 commented on Last words from fellow Chevalier...

Hair texture is nuts!

Zizka @ 5/31/2018 06:25 commented on Nude fencer battle animations

Nuts! Hall of fame worthy!

Zizka @ 5/15/2018 06:09 commented on Dark roguelike

Very nice tile texture.

Zizka @ 4/30/2018 13:03 commented on ...

Wow, those clouds are just wow.

Zizka @ 4/22/2018 15:52 commented on Big Bird

Depression has this thing where you have no motivation to do anything except sleep (as it requires no effort). It's part of experience. It varies from person to person of course. Some people will stop some things will in the most intense cases, they'll stop everything.

@EdJr: Express yourself. It might sound silly but men often have trouble expressing themselves and it kind of fossilizes inside. It's so hard to find an outlet though, that's a challenge on its own.

Zizka @ 4/19/2018 14:25 commented on Retro Futurism

Those clouds goddammit! 

Zizka @ 4/17/2018 16:57 commented on Zverek

Loxing the texture/style.

Zizka @ 4/16/2018 19:00 commented on Mayan warrior 1 walking

Animating the head would be nice as the others said. There's something wrong with the leg cycle however, something doesn't flow. The torso part flows well but they legs don't for some reason.

Zizka @ 4/9/2018 18:06 commented on Begrudgingly Awoken From Slumber

I thought this was ptoing as well.

Zizka @ 4/9/2018 17:11 commented on Tony's Mask

I was going to say ''Hotline Miami''. Looks cool! Hope you make more.

Zizka @ 4/9/2018 17:09 commented on The Collector

Lovely composition, loving the forground the most.

Zizka @ 4/6/2018 06:32 commented on BOCEANSCENTED

You captured the style perfectly.