AtskaHeart @ 5/27/2021 15:29 commented on evil bunny

Thanks a lot, it's very much appreciated!

AtskaHeart @ 12/8/2020 17:52 commented on Ape Escape

Love it!

AtskaHeart @ 6/26/2020 12:59 commented on 2020

*agrees with cure* hahaha gorgeous work!

AtskaHeart @ 12/3/2019 13:27 commented on Big Bird

Just published a KS campaign on a pixel art game I've been working in and would appreciate all the help you can give us! Hope you enjoy the trailer and the awesome music of the game: link

AtskaHeart @ 7/12/2018 04:34 commented on Big Bird

Gorgeous cure... would be nice to see the making of, I would love to try this!

AtskaHeart @ 4/26/2018 12:08 commented on flagbearer

Thanks Cure! It never fails to amaze me how people approached pixel art as a medium back in the day, and the beautifully crafted first works of pixel art that shaped our understanding of what pixel art is today.

AtskaHeart @ 4/26/2018 12:02 commented on Big Bird

Honestly I hate twitter but I agree with others that it's very popular among game devs. It's specially terrible for PA gifs, that you just cannot zoom in if you are using a smartphone. In many cases, you just won't appreciate pixels.

AtskaHeart @ 7/16/2017 03:13 commented on 2017-style characters

Brilliant, as always. Love the metal textures in the knights. I love the bishop hahah. By the way, are the colors used here from the T57's palette? :P

AtskaHeart @ 6/14/2017 13:18 commented on Big Bird

Not sure if someone has shared this in the chat, but I find The Last Night a new step in hybrid pixel art graphics. Interedting commentary on the E3 trailer here:

AtskaHeart @ 5/8/2017 15:01 commented on TGI WorldMap

Well, this is an art piece, I don't get why you mean by buying it heheh. Are you asking for some commission work for a map like this one for you?

AtskaHeart @ 10/18/2016 19:50 commented on Trump: The Game

I'm in love with that Hillary xD!

BTW! I think there is a typo with "UniveRsity students"

AtskaHeart @ 10/15/2016 04:51 commented on DSA

I love the animation and feeling of this piece! Best of luck!

AtskaHeart @ 8/15/2016 18:45 commented on Baphomet

Beautiful, perceived the Paul Robertson's style in it as well hahah!

AtskaHeart @ 8/27/2015 17:56 commented on Jorogumo

Guapisimo :o!

AtskaHeart @ 3/2/2015 17:32 commented on Take a stand against bullying

Lol, I just noticed now that you mention it, you are right :)!

AtskaHeart @ 5/17/2014 13:04 commented on Big Bird

Problem with murloc decks is that they are too risky and you have to play them when the flavour of the day is favorable for you (ie vs control decks such as the lately common warlock giants deck xD).

AtskaHeart @ 4/15/2014 00:15 commented on Bike Assault In-game Screenshot

Tiene muy buena pinta, y el prota es verdaderamente genial, me dan ganas de jugar :P.

AtskaHeart @ 4/12/2014 12:26 commented on Big Bird

Pixelish style (aesthetics) and pixel art (understood as a technique) are different concepts. I guess that proven control over pixels and palette are the main differences here.

AtskaHeart @ 4/11/2014 08:16 commented on DOK - The Great Adventure (SMS)

Esta muy curioso, me encanta :)!

AtskaHeart @ 4/10/2014 07:28 commented on Big Bird

"In my personal opinion it can't be pixel art if its not made on a computer because a pixel did not exist before then."

That's the point. Pixel art may have similarities and influences in non-digital mediums, but it's definitely a form of digital art. Otherwise, Flegal and Goldberg (XEROX PARC - ACM 1982) would have used another term instead of pixel art to refer to this form of art (though these researchers had another understanding of what makes a piece pixel art).

@Noburo, what you said is probably the best approach for this semantical debate.

AtskaHeart @ 4/10/2014 00:29 commented on Big Bird

"Yes, I agree with most of what is being said here, mainly that pixel art can be 'pixel art' outside of the digital realm, however I don't think it's quite appropriate to refer to it as such.. at least academically or technically speaking."

Definitely true. The common - and probably the best for teaching - approach is that of a digital art technique.

"Most likely, as technology advances, pixels will no longer be used. Will we still call this type of art pixel art on newer devices? If so, it would only be due to tradition."

That's an important question. As for now, the concept of pixel art has evolved with technology, it may happen so in the future.

AtskaHeart @ 4/9/2014 22:20 commented on Big Bird

From my point of view, the main reason I feel some sort of consensus is needed is the fact that, even though pixel art has had a great impact on the digital art and early digital graphical representations, there is still a lack of formal publications addressing what pixel art has been. And what preoccupies me most, is that the few available publications have either ignored or proven to fail in defyning the historical context and origins of pixel art.

Maybe defyning pixel art in a formal way is not possible, but explaining why it's not is. One of the reasons I believe it's difficult to address pixel art is the fact that the technique has been in constant evolution since its beggining as a form of digital art, and it's evolution has depended on art and technology. We can see a clear evolution in hardware that has affected the visual representation of pixel art (an example on how technology - the existence of bitmap display and gfx software - has paved the way for pixel art can be found in this early "computer mosaic" art: Link, intention is there, required technology not), as well as a relevant evolution in the technique (80s computer art + Demoscene art). Not to mention the influence that Abstract art has had on digital art (thus pixel art) by those decades. What we do today differs considerably from early patterns of binary pixels.

It's hard to deny the fact that the definition of pixel art, even when we don't really have it, has been in evolution since its beginning. Maybe it would have been easier to define what pixel art was in the 90s, but today pixel art (as an art form) has emancipated from our screens (I'm sure we all have seen some of those pixel art sculptures, mosaics, paintings, etc.). This expansion in its meaning/concept means that we should also consider searching for earlier examples of pixel art (in physical representations) if we want to know more about its history.

As a side note, I also would like to address another issue, and it's the academic recognition of pixel art. There is none as for now. For the last couple of years in my case, as well as other pixel artists from other parts of the world, have been in charge of pixel art courses/workshops and have had serious problems in defyining what pixel art is without ruining the lesson. 

Sorry for the long post :S.

@Adarias, maybe some points could be summarized to the need of existence of a virtual or real matrix of pixels (a virtual one considers the independency of scale, limitations, material - thus the piece can emancipate from the digital space, and the pixel - matrix's cell - as atomic)

@Ontopic: I found this today in ebay antiques:

AtskaHeart @ 3/7/2014 05:07 commented on Monster Hunters

I believe it was under the name "ahruon", though pieces were disabled, not sure if it's still like that.

@ontopic, amazing work! Nice to see it uploaded in PJ :)!

AtskaHeart @ 3/7/2014 01:01 commented on WTF Trolls title

I've watched the WIP video yesterday, awesome work! I find it so hard to make good title images for videogames :).

AtskaHeart @ 3/5/2014 09:43 commented on Kwin enemy 1

Very promising!