philippejugnet @ 2/18/2021 15:07 commented on Keith Haring

amazing jeremy.

philippejugnet @ 2/5/2021 17:05 commented on Crisp Mountain Air

nice one

philippejugnet @ 12/10/2020 19:09 commented on Retro nightmare before Christmas :)

best pixel art in this site, in my humble opinion

philippejugnet @ 7/9/2020 17:36 commented on Town Escaper

good to see you aroun. lovely shapes

philippejugnet @ 7/4/2020 12:01 commented on King Babar and Lord Rataxes

nice one

philippejugnet @ 6/17/2020 13:37 commented on Vierkan

Lovely artwork. It's very strong and has a lot of motion. Congratulations!

philippejugnet @ 5/14/2020 07:36 commented on Death Magic

I can still remember the day that you posted this. amazing work =)

philippejugnet @ 5/4/2020 20:24 commented on Big Bird

I joined back at 2012... I feel like I really improved over the first year when I was still a kid... I think I would have improved more after so many failed sketches and dumped artwork. Kinda sad about the level of art I am atm after such a long time knowing pixel art. Community is shorter and I sure do miss a lot of good people I don't see anymore around. Not to mention Jal =(

philippejugnet @ 4/22/2020 19:23 commented on Dead Snake


philippejugnet @ 3/21/2020 11:38 commented on Isometric Rooms

the boxes not getting hit by the system triggers my OCD xDD

philippejugnet @ 3/21/2020 11:25 commented on Big Bird

Our president is saying its all just a commmon cold, not to be worried at all. 


P:"This is all a really big hysteria"

Q:"More people die in this hysteria, then (...)"

P:"Some will die? yes, they will. some by having some deficit, others because the virus will strike, and unluckily some will die, and I'm sorry for that. But we can't create this scenario. because it disrupts the economy. Informal, low class workers will have difficulty to bring food home. If he loses it's job things will get worst. If the person in the family, who is starving, will have more chances of dying then from someone with the virus practicing "informal" work. And what I see here in brazil, not all, but many politicians take absurd "measures" only to satisfy the electorate. Just like how I mentioned early, closing malls, some people even want to close the churchs! the last refugy for the people. obviously the shepherd will know how to lead the cult. he(the priest or shepherd) will have consciousness that if the church is too full, he will say something about it. He will decide. Even because, the guarantee of a cult is protected by the laws. A governor can't even think that such a thing will get blocked. there will be no more mass. It's an absurd, and that's what we have to tell society. the rain is coming, you will get wet, but if you dress your raincoat properly, everything will be ok. but if you go crazy about it you will drown under the rain."

philippejugnet @ 1/23/2020 09:42 commented on meeting

these are a huge level up!
congratulations, these are amazing.

philippejugnet @ 1/14/2020 23:18 commented on Big Bird

@DawnBringer:I don't know if they are just exemples. but no credit was given and it's been used as a paid ad and it's all over the web. And I have said before I don't authorize the use of my art even if credit would be given.

Edit: what the hell is going on this public queue man.

philippejugnet @ 1/13/2020 20:25 commented on Blasphmous menu screen

tbh I love it.

philippejugnet @ 1/13/2020 20:23 commented on Big Bird

has anyone bought this course, which is uses my artwork without my permission? if yes, please contact me!

philippejugnet @ 1/6/2020 14:38 commented on Big Bird


I managed to transfer the font to an online app, but the accentuation ( is that correct? ), didn't really work =(. So, I'm glad im going to try both of them! so, thank you very much!

edit: that was fontstruct. im going to watch some tutorials to see if I can get these accentuation right.

edit2: all I had to do was change the tab in the bottom left corner to extended latin =)!

Fontstruct is really good 

philippejugnet @ 12/27/2019 08:44 commented on Big Bird

Hello jointers!
Feels good to be alive and be able to enjoy the existence of this chatterbox.
without further ado, I was wondering if any of you good people know how to get these pixel art fonts going hehe.. I mean, I have the font sprites, but I'm kinda not getting the quality right enough. Is there a program better then these online font creators?
Hope you're enjoying your end of year festivities !
Tyu for your time, good souls.

philippejugnet @ 10/30/2019 12:04 commented on Big Bird

philippejugnet @ 7/24/2019 13:07 commented on Glade

love the big color clusters =)
could be an amazing mark of your own style
want to see more of these around


philippejugnet @ 7/2/2019 14:16 commented on DQIV - Solofia

Nice one! =) love the hair

philippejugnet @ 4/8/2019 17:38 commented on Its not our Earth anymore

one of the best pixel artworks I've ever seen 

philippejugnet @ 4/8/2019 07:19 commented on Pacific Grove | Slym Pixels

very pleasing to look at =))) lightning and ambience were very well put together in this.. The only thing I can wish for are some cirrus clouds on the background

philippejugnet @ 4/5/2019 08:13 commented on Diorama

looks like a whole bunch of effort put on this. This is just amazing. composition was really well put together and the little birds just add too much too it.


philippejugnet @ 4/1/2019 06:31 commented on Big Bird

@Adarias - I did 6 months ago, they did not take it down tho..

philippejugnet @ 3/31/2019 17:12 commented on Big Bird

Hey, there's an advertisement on pixel joint using my art, and it's copyright infringement. Can you guys take it down please