Paddy @ 6/30/2018 16:23 commented on More Friends

middle doggo is so great, good good good good

Paddy @ 5/21/2018 07:27 commented on Dodohawk

you're quickly becoming one of my favourite artists on the site, would love to see you do some bigger pieces!

Paddy @ 4/14/2018 12:32 commented on 2099

this belongs on r/pixelart with the other fake pixel art. not pixeljoint. 

Paddy @ 4/7/2018 15:51 commented on Face The Facts


Paddy @ 4/6/2018 06:12 commented on Weirdheads

Space Goofs inspired? Third one reminds me a lot of Gorgeous. Love these nonetheless!

Paddy @ 3/18/2018 09:03 commented on Dungeon Party

Whilst I love the art style I think the animations look a bit odd synced up like that, that being said if it's just for a mockup then there isn't really an issue I suppose. If it were a piece of "artwork" then I think you should consider desyncing the individual character animations so they look a bit more fluid and natural.

Paddy @ 3/12/2018 18:06 commented on Big Bird

I think the issue you might have with being unable to recognize that that Darth Vader piece wasn't created using some sort of scripts is due to some sort of lack of understanding of pixel technique. At a quick glance one can instantly distinguish that his piece wasn't created using scripts. There aren't any blatant irregularities in pixel placement etc that can be easily recognized in the example you've given. Whilst some parts appear to be colour reduced (mainly the shoulders and edges of the helmet) though I might be wrong, the majority of the piece has clearly been placed by the artist.

Unsure if it's just me missunderstanding your google translated messages or not but my general feeling is you believe that the Vader piece has been made using a technique you have showcased? I strongly disagree.

Also, you made claims about that dragon piece and have yet to back up anything surrounding that. It's probably best you don't make claims about individuals or their work without actually having some sort of valid reason for doing so, it can come off as an attempt at "witch hunting". 

Paddy @ 3/12/2018 17:13 commented on Big Bird

waiting for "the evidence". spicy. 

Paddy @ 1/11/2018 16:22 commented on Big Bird

I think after you caught the first glimpse of their douchebaggery their characters became super predictable which was a bit of a shame. It's also really hard to root for an antagonist, felt strange. Really great and interesting take on pixel art and animation however.

Paddy @ 1/1/2018 12:03 commented on Faces in palettes 2

dang these are great!

Paddy @ 12/25/2017 06:06 commented on Big Bird

Happy Christmas everyone! 

Paddy @ 12/17/2017 17:20 commented on Minecraft Textures 2

pfft typical mincrfter using ditter 4 no reason

Paddy @ 10/10/2017 16:09 commented on Big Bird

he lives :o

Paddy @ 9/30/2017 12:44 commented on Wah!

thank you!

Paddy @ 9/9/2017 09:27 commented on Big Bird

that poor hurricane, having to go through you!

jk but on a serious not hopefully you and everyone else is safe and takes correct precautions 

Paddy @ 9/3/2017 01:07 commented on Regular Suspects

Adolph, yes

Paddy @ 9/1/2017 17:10 commented on Hey Boys ;*

I like that this is the piece you choose to comment that on, haha. Thank you Tomic.

Paddy @ 9/1/2017 11:34 commented on Monster Mugshots

I honestly didn't even remember that I changed the height for Frank's one

Paddy @ 9/1/2017 10:20 commented on Palette

This is all old work that I previously had on the site a couple of years ago, I haven't made much pixel art as of late. But I appreciate the kind words.

Paddy @ 8/31/2017 09:46 commented on Mustard


Paddy @ 8/30/2017 19:56 commented on Space Buckaroo

Unsure how this happened as I exported it using the save for web function in Photoshop which lists all the colours and I don't remember seeing multiples of anything. Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix it tomorrow.

Also thanks for all the comments on everything else, appreciate the time you spent writing them.

Paddy @ 8/30/2017 08:13 commented on Big Bird

"not liking the guy because of the way he behaves towards others"
Proceeds to slam and insult others.

"taking a piss all over me."
"you're just Trump levels of thick."

"accusing me of being toxic."
Surely you're joking, right?

If you don't enjoy the place anymore Greenie then it's probably best to leave, for your own sake and for the members that have come into conflict with you. I don't personally have anything against you, I just dislike seeing uneeded conflict and arguments in the chatterbox that lead to nothing but insulting people.

I just don't know anymore. Anyway, has anyone played Sonic Mania, thoughts?

Paddy @ 8/30/2017 06:36 commented on Starscream

I made this quite some time ago, so I'm not entirely sure what my thought process was at the time. Generally when I'm choosing colours I'll swap between reds/greens/blues/purples for each shade. So for highlights I nearly always have some sort of blue/green and then for the next shade after that I'll try go for a red/orange. I generally keep pinks/purples/blues for shadows. I generally will just go through several iterations of a palette before I have the final colours chosen. Also I'm colourblind so listening to me in regards to colour is literally being led by the blind ;b

Paddy @ 8/29/2017 18:33 commented on Big Bird

Apologies for making an entire new page in the public queue :x

Paddy @ 8/29/2017 13:01 commented on Big Bird

I have developed quite a few friendships through Pixel Joint and it's facilities such as the Pixel Joint Discord Server! where one can seek advice on their own pixel art or discuss random topics with the plenty of active members there. -plug here-