MrBeast @ 5/4/2016 08:38 commented on Big Bird

Internet arguments 

MrBeast @ 5/4/2016 03:36 commented on Some Sprites

Characters in order:

- Marius, third son of the emperor, dubbed the war prince, human version
- Charon, ascended version, summons the souls of other characters the player has already defeated, *insert dank and dark backstory here*
- Lord Steelclad, Powerful spellcaster who has perfected metal manipulation, human version
- Lightning orb, discharges lightning bolts at intruders, animated by Lord Steelclad
- Steel Guardian, animated by Lord Steelclad

MrBeast @ 1/27/2016 13:01 commented on Big Bird

Looks like he used the brush tool but color reduced the finished pieces. It's only noticable because the color reduction isn't "professional" enough.

Basically legit workflow, but not properly executed.

MrBeast @ 12/29/2015 11:24 commented on clarinet

How about no.

MrBeast @ 10/3/2015 13:00 commented on Big Bird

If you need good headphones, don't get a Sennheiser, get a Superlux. They are around 20€ and made for DJs and other professionals. They are much better than any Sennheiser in the 20-200€ range.

many mistakes where made buying the wrong headphones

Edit: Seems like they are about double the price outside of Germany, still very much worth it.

MrBeast @ 9/21/2015 05:04 commented on Goblin

I already talked with Cyangmou about what is wrong with this picture, and where the flaw in my workflow lies, but I wanted to post it anyway to gauge the reaction.

MrBeast @ 8/16/2015 05:47 commented on Khepri, Solar Ascendant

Crushing the competition once again, I see.

MrBeast @ 8/9/2015 02:08 commented on Big Bird

We just need a Yearly Showcase to replace the Hall of Fame on the front page.

And disable voting a pieces older than 6 months or so, to avoid vote inflation over a long time.

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MrBeast @ 7/24/2015 04:22 commented on Big Bird

Woah, hell must have frozen over.

MrBeast @ 7/5/2015 11:37 commented on Sprite Base (nudity)

The shading of the side view doesn't make any sense.

MrBeast @ 7/3/2015 05:05 commented on Parkour Forest

A frame delay of 0 will be interpreted as "not set" and most will display it as it would have a delay of 0.1s.

MrBeast @ 7/2/2015 15:56 commented on Parkour Forest

Depends on what application you are using, the GIF format itself has no limit for the framerate, if you say each frame to have a delay of 20ms it will also be played back at that speed.

In GIMP you have to change the layer name:
In Photoshop you have a setting for that:

MrBeast @ 7/1/2015 04:16 commented on Parkour Forest

Would look a lot more impressive with a higher framerate for the camera movement, 10 FPS might be enough for character animation frames, but definitly not for scrolling. Though even for the character sprites some more varied frame timing would work wonders (lacks inertia as it is).

MrBeast @ 5/15/2015 12:03 commented on Big Bird

git good guys 

MrBeast @ 5/9/2015 04:00 commented on Big Bird

Though completly taking a break from the internet for a few years would probably more effective.

MrBeast @ 5/9/2015 03:55 commented on Big Bird

Chrome supports multiple profiles if you want to get away from your old habits. E.g. you can have a procastination profile and a work profile. You wouldn't open twitter and stuff in your work profile and thus not get the auto completion the bookmarks etc.

MrBeast @ 4/26/2015 12:07 commented on Big Bird

You acknowledged that it is possible but none of those extensions just apply that CSS rule.

MrBeast @ 4/25/2015 17:33 commented on Big Bird

jal can you edit the stylesheet? If so please add

  1. image-renderingpixelated;

to the bottom of the img section so that we chrome users can enjoy pixel perfect scaling.

MrBeast @ 4/25/2015 17:29 commented on Succubus

Please don't upload prescaled versions. Especially if the picture is already so big 

MrBeast @ 4/25/2015 09:45 commented on Big Bird

I had a chicken once. It tasted like a kid.

MrBeast @ 4/22/2015 16:19 commented on Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure PC title screen

Because you are still Level 1. 😜

MrBeast @ 4/22/2015 16:15 commented on Big Bird

No, that's the regular version of the tool that almost any application has, and which completly destroys the dark/bright contrast of a picture. Luminance is the perceived brightness which is different for every hue, not the brightness the computer uses internally.

MrBeast @ 4/22/2015 12:14 commented on Big Bird

Does any of the pixel editors allow shifting the hue while preserving the luminance?

MrBeast @ 4/22/2015 08:45 commented on Squirrel

No theme for the palette? I know that the previous palette contests didn't have a theme either, but I think it would really add to it and make the experience a bit more unique, especially since this isn't the first pallete contest.