Jawnsunn @ 9/15/2012 22:14 commented on Boy with broken face

I thought I was looking at Ryu from Breath of Fire 3 there.

Really nice piece bro. Digging the paint-like style here.

Jawnsunn @ 9/13/2012 17:19 commented on Savior Angel

Are you Milano Cat?

Jawnsunn @ 8/26/2012 21:37 commented on hhhhhhhh

Nice thernz tribute bro.



Jawnsunn @ 8/23/2012 17:27 commented on Nerdcast and the Last Supper

I'm really diggin your pixel style.

Keep em coming man.

Jawnsunn @ 6/11/2012 19:50 commented on Kulkis tileset

Getting some Flashman vibes here.


Jawnsunn @ 5/10/2012 18:17 commented on "I am Kaiba, and I am your Dungeon Master!"

Aw man, I liked watching how you progressed with this piece.

I really love the result, great job.

Jawnsunn @ 5/5/2012 19:37 commented on GLUG

*cue FF6 decisive battle theme*

Jawnsunn @ 5/5/2012 14:35 commented on Lothar Cloak

Outline needs a bit more refining, but other than that this is really awesome

Jawnsunn @ 3/26/2012 19:19 commented on John Egbert Walk Cycle

holy jesus, this is crazy smooth.

Jawnsunn @ 3/14/2012 20:48 commented on Benjiro

Might want to mention that you referenced Kyo from King of Fighters here...

Jawnsunn @ 3/13/2012 19:43 commented on Ed & Al

dat metal...


Jawnsunn @ 3/9/2012 19:24 commented on Elk's Sprite

Lovin the detail work on dat flame.

Jawnsunn @ 3/8/2012 19:15 commented on FGNTIGH GMASE

I thought that rock was a soccer ball...

I demand you to kick ass with soccer balls.

Jawnsunn @ 3/8/2012 17:31 commented on McSkip Animation Idle

@FinalFrenzy most horrible trolling ever.


keep going.

Jawnsunn @ 3/7/2012 20:43 commented on McSkip Animation Idle

Oh no, oh course not.

Not unless remakes count(my gallery has a past version of this guy.)

Jawnsunn @ 3/7/2012 19:00 commented on Mini-me

Nice animation bro, brings in alot of character.

Jawnsunn @ 3/5/2012 17:43 commented on Shoot and I'll move

Zorua looks a bit unreadable. Had to zoom in to see Zorua's pose.

Jawnsunn @ 2/12/2012 16:51 commented on Seasnake v2.0

I thought this was a gyrados...

I remember seeing this in the RPGMakerVX fourms. Great work as usual, Cyangmou!

Jawnsunn @ 12/6/2011 16:27 commented on undeadslayer knight

The walking animation needs more upper body movement. And his leg needs to be lifted up a bit more.

That sword upward anim is really nice. A bit more force upward and it will be perfect.

also, put a little bit more contrast into the colors, especially on your reds and grey highlights. No point in keeping them there if they are going to be that dark.

Jawnsunn @ 11/29/2011 19:36 commented on M&L:BiS styled minions

AA on these guys is really good. And liked how you rendered the Dino Piranha.

Jawnsunn @ 11/29/2011 17:11 commented on Mini boss - Female Bandit Leader

That's a miniboss?
It looks like a major antagonist or something. Very smooth animations!

Jawnsunn @ 11/28/2011 19:29 commented on catnind'aww

There's alot of similar greys on his armor. But I really like the overall look you gave him here.

Jawnsunn @ 11/27/2011 21:21 commented on The Radical Asskickers

Thanks A.B Lazer.