Joshr_691 @ 4/29/2010 13:17 commented on Yoshi's Hungry

You know, when I eventually get back to this, I should really look at how Yoshi's posed in Super Mario Galaxy 2 & New Super Mario Bros. Wii, That will probably help more than using Super Mario World's Yoshi as a Reference...If only because they use the 'Modern' Yoshi

Joshr_691 @ 4/28/2010 18:08 commented on Yoshi's Hungry

Actually, I made him lean forward so much to conform to the Mario I have in my Gallery (in my 'Infinite Power-ups' Submission) this is sort of from a while ago, which really isn't an excuse, since I haven't opened the file since early 2010...This is more or less a 'Rough Draft' of the 'Riding' Pose, since I have yet to make a better one, but like you said, I should probably make the Mario & Luigi  Riding Pose first, rather than after. Since I sprite in pieces, the Arms aren't really a problem, they are meant to overlap Mario's legs, but I see what you're saying

I was thinking of doing something like that, sort of like how GameFreak animates their Pokemon sprites, but some people I know absolutely hate that about the Pokemon games...But again, it doesn't necessarily have to be like that (I could just as easily widen Yoshi a few Pixels, then shorten him the same to get a Stretch effect without actually stretching him)

Going back to the idea of Yoshi Riding Yoshi, I was kind of thinking of yoshi only being able to use his tongue after he Grabs an egg, or something, but then that doesn't really answer how you can get hit, and reclaim it by jumping on it...Yoshi could Ride Birdo, but I'd prefer him/her as a mini-boss...I never actually thought of Poochy, but that would make the most sense, seeing as how Poochy is a 'Yoshi' character (Only you don't really ride him...)

Joshr_691 @ 4/27/2010 12:16 commented on Infinite Power-ups

The Blue Flower is the Ice Flower introduced in Mario Galaxy, and then appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii...In this animation, Mario's using the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Version (Since it probably fits better in a sidescroller than one that can walk on water)

Joshr_691 @ 1/8/2010 16:11 commented on Oh Lord.

I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again, this came out great!

Joshr_691 @ 12/13/2009 03:11 commented on spiritomb

Wow, this looks great! I love the colors and the way it looks more 'cartoony' than it would normally look

Joshr_691 @ 10/28/2009 11:20 commented on LEVEL GET!

Wow man, this looks great!

The only problem I noticed is just the outline of the sword near it's tip

Joshr_691 @ 10/12/2009 07:43 commented on Rotom And Duskull

I have to say, these are better than/just as good as the official sprites

...Wait, you're Cshad? It's been a while

Joshr_691 @ 9/17/2009 11:58 commented on VS Trainer Red Portrait

Looks great man, I love how it came out


I can't wait for these games

Joshr_691 @ 8/29/2009 10:55 commented on Mecho Tales

Oh man, this looks great!

Joshr_691 @ 8/25/2009 22:33 commented on Blufro and Lilly

haha, I love Blufro

Joshr_691 @ 8/25/2009 00:01 commented on Fencer Viera, FFT Style

I have to say, this looks really good, and official


I know this is supposed to be in the style of the Portraits, but I'd like to see what you could do making it with a body

Joshr_691 @ 8/24/2009 23:50 commented on Mario Characters

Wow, this came out looking pretty great!

Joshr_691 @ 8/24/2009 23:48 commented on retarT.E.D.

Wow, this came out looking great man

Joshr_691 @ 8/17/2009 23:18 commented on The Final Battle

Looks Excellent

Joshr_691 @ 8/1/2009 01:11 commented on Turtles All The Way Down

Looks good! I love the style

Joshr_691 @ 7/1/2009 21:11 commented on Onward, Gustav!

Came out looking awesome, great job, Dex!

Joshr_691 @ 6/18/2009 21:19 commented on The Winged Crusaders

These look great!

Hope this makes it to Wiiware, it seems like an interesting and promising game (and I probably won't buy an iPod Touch just for this...I barely used my Shuffle when I had one)

Joshr_691 @ 6/18/2009 21:14 commented on A 'Fro [NUDITY (noodlety)]

Haha, he really has a 'Third Leg'

But all dick jokes aside, this is pretty well done

Joshr_691 @ 4/21/2009 08:24 commented on Trainer Josh Wants to Battle

Well, I don't have a link to the palette, since I got the colors from the ripped Sprites...

Raichu's just a little bent back, he's trying to mimic the pose the Trainer's in...and the Trainer's not stepping on Charizard's claw...Charizard's a little farther back, which is also why he's not taller than the Trainer(I guess it's just bad positioning, he should be a few pixels higher)

thanks for the input! I still have the Pokemon, and the Trainer separate, so I can fix most of the positioning problems

Joshr_691 @ 4/20/2009 23:08 commented on Trainer Josh Wants to Battle

Actually, I just got lucky on my 2nd Mew from Pokemon Ranch

...And, a lot of Soft Resets for the Charmander =P

Joshr_691 @ 4/20/2009 19:01 commented on Fighting Angels Mockup

Looks awesome!

Joshr_691 @ 4/12/2009 23:32 commented on cosepass

a Believable pre-evolution for Nosepass, and it looks good too. Nice job

Joshr_691 @ 4/9/2009 06:43 commented on Animated Knight

Wow, this looks great! Very smooth

Joshr_691 @ 4/3/2009 08:50 commented on The Bitch! [NUDITY]

Colors need more contrast, but it's still pretty good

Joshr_691 @ 3/31/2009 21:41 commented on Shaide

Thanks for the comments! I might give him some clothes, or armor, and maybe change his face