Ben @ 1/18/2012 13:31 commented on Swamp Thing

Whoops.  Forgot this was zoomed.  Re-uploaded at original size.

Hmm... animation speed is a little fast, now.  It was slower when I previewed it in FIrefox.

Ben @ 7/30/2009 14:57 commented on Mockup

 I agree with Randommonkies... It's way too busy. I do love the colors though, and a game with this style (just a bit easier to read) would be really cool.

Ben @ 7/8/2009 08:35 commented on His Majesty

 You need to get a kitty litter.


(Awesome sprite btw ;)

Ben @ 1/4/2006 09:45 commented on Mr. Mailbox
Mailboxes, taxis, phone booths and busses in London are all way classier than in American cities. And they burp hearts too. Very nice.

Ben @ 1/4/2006 09:42 commented on London Townhouse
Really stylish for such a small piece. A five...

Ben @ 1/3/2006 18:14 commented on Sleeping Penguin
It's a simple animation, but it looks great. I like the way his tail and little pompador hairstyle move.  The only suggestion I can think of is to make his wings move up with the rest of his body as he breathes in. I think that would make it look more like his stomach is expanding instead of his back. Everything else is great. Everybody likes penguins.

Ben @ 1/2/2006 18:11 commented on Chien Noir
Nice. I like how the parts you can see kind of suggest the shapes of the things in shadow (like that ridge on the right side). I love this black and white ink-style stuff.

You could practice drawing textures on the brick wall to make the light look more diffuse.. but then the hard light fits the noir-y feel.

Ben @ 1/2/2006 17:58 commented on Nova 5
Nice character. I like the shiny, silky look that the dress has. Very sexy in a cold, calculating, possibly murderous robot kind of way.   

Ben @ 1/2/2006 17:52 commented on Subway
The lighting is perfect. Looks like a movie still.

It looks like you started to aa the back of his leg. The only real suggestion I have is to finish that, and turn a good image into a super-badass one

Ben @ 1/2/2006 17:35 commented on She
Nice. The girl is just right. Can't think of anything to improve there.

Honestly though, I think the aa on the bar and chairs is a bit much. It makes them look like they're out of fucus. You could have saved about  40 colors or so to aa those bottles in the background, which as is look a bit out of place.  . 

Ben @ 1/2/2006 17:24 commented on Zipper Blues
Slay's got quite the ego

Anyway, whether it's 100% pixeled or not, the details on this are pretty impressive.  The biggest problem I see is that the shading makes the characters look really flat, like cardboard cutouts standing up in a hallway.  Look at  the leftmost guy's torso.

Other than that, it's good. Looks like you put a lot of effort into this.

Ben @ 1/1/2006 20:51 commented on TVM_GrassSkirtGorilla
Does he even know he's wearing a grass skirt?
I love this. Some great animation here...