Lehmure @ 10/14/2019 07:07 commented on Big Bird

Wow, that's incredible stuff thanks for sharing

Lehmure @ 8/5/2018 18:38 commented on Wizard

Oh my that's a great theme indeed. Too bad i only saw this now. :(

Lehmure @ 7/11/2018 20:08 commented on Big Bird

Wow Cure, that was lovely, how much time did you spend doin' this? 

Lehmure @ 1/25/2018 06:09 commented on Archer Wizard Knight

Wow, the running animations looks very smooth, awesome!

Lehmure @ 11/11/2017 11:23 commented on Big Bird

@Adarias, @Schog
 Thanks for the help i appreciate it very much.

Lehmure @ 11/10/2017 11:41 commented on Big Bird

Hi guys, i have a question about game development. Does every game is made in an engine? (Sorry if i sounded silly, but games like Stardew Valley and Owlboy had me wondering if they had an engine or if they built a game engine just for that game and etc...)

Lehmure @ 8/29/2017 10:17 commented on Big Bird

Hey, guys, i have one silly question, does pixel arts with high resolution exist?( The original question is actually in portuguese and the terms might have other meaning wich may lead to me translanting it poorly, sorry for that.)

Lehmure @ 8/29/2017 08:27 commented on Big Bird

To be fair, i am kinda amazed at this pixel art, but i don't think you should post it in this state. Oh, and why you are not happy with it?

Lehmure @ 3/29/2017 16:25 commented on Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you! \o/ 

I like the sprite, reminds me of Mother 3. Oh, and maybe the transition of colors in "Happy Birthday!" ends in a color too dark for the outline.

Lehmure @ 2/25/2017 17:06 commented on Big Bird

Hi, Mrmo Tarius. I have a interest in doing low-poly mixed pixel-art but i don't know where to start, can you give me some hints?

Lehmure @ 1/31/2017 20:50 commented on Level Design Working Concept

Hi, great work you did there, but i advise you to watch out with the broken lines on the roofs and in the light on the windows. Kaiseto made a tutorial a few years ago explaining how to fix broken lines and that sort of stuff. Oh. Wait a min. imgur.com/WeyZIra . I changed a few things to show what i am trying to say.

I made the saturation a little bit lower. And see the dark pixels in the cracks? Maybe if you remove those dark pixels the cracks will look cleaner and without the fat pixels attached to it. And using the darkest color of the cloud you could put them in the edges of the clouds to make it smoother, since the grey does mix well with the blue of the background and the color of the clouds. I think that's all. Great pixel and i loved your sketches on your tumblr!

Lehmure @ 12/20/2016 12:32 commented on Big Bird

I believe that put fire into yourself has an unique charm, but it takes quite awhile and it's hella painfull. An viatnamese buddhist did it 50 years ago. Oh, and don't kill yourself.

Lehmure @ 11/19/2016 17:57 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone here knows about Podesta's leaks and WikiLeaks in general? Apparently, the founder of WikiLeaks is missing.

Lehmure @ 7/18/2016 09:28 commented on Caos na França.

Uou, muito obrigado. Pretendo lançar uma versão colorida e um pouquinho maior quando tiver mais tempo. Essa só não deu pra fazer colorida por causa do excesso de cores. D:

Lehmure @ 6/21/2016 15:52 commented on Something beatiful.

Oh my oh my. Thank you, but taking a decent look at it now, the colors of the background are extremely satured. BUT THANK YOU

Lehmure @ 1/16/2016 14:37 commented on Big Bird

Good night. o/


Wow, these looks really lovely. Does anyone knows when this game will release?

Lehmure @ 1/15/2016 09:55 commented on The hero of Ivalice

Love it. Really liked the shadows in his clothes. And i think his right arm should be closer to the body and more curved a bit. But great work.

Lehmure @ 1/11/2016 05:58 commented on Fallout 4 Side Scroller

Wow, i really liked the sprite of the mutant, his textures are just awesome.

Lehmure @ 1/10/2016 15:40 commented on Oysties

Wonderful palette and design. Actually reminded me of a Vivi from Final Fantasy, loved it!

Lehmure @ 1/10/2016 15:39 commented on Monument

Wow, i adored the way you used the colors on the trees.

Lehmure @ 1/10/2016 15:38 commented on 1

Wonderful usage of colors, this is groit.

Lehmure @ 1/10/2016 15:37 commented on Sweet Clementine

Demn. Loved the illumination.

Lehmure @ 1/10/2016 06:30 commented on Limão e pote


Hi hi, thank you.

Lehmure @ 1/9/2016 13:18 commented on Limão e pote


Oh, i think i get the idea now. Seriously, thanks. And i really tried to do a realistic illumination on the lemon, but didn't worked because i didn't knew a bit how to work with the colors very well. But thanks for the tips, i will try do better next time.

Lehmure @ 1/9/2016 11:00 commented on Limão e pote

Hello everyone, o/. Actually i don't know what to write. Thanks for the cumpliments @Artifice Machine e @Baianinho AÊ VALEU BRÓDINHO, QUANTO TEMPO.

@Finlal, actually it makes really hard to understand what's it because i don't know, probably the shading, looking here actually looks like an apple, like @neva said.


Hihya, thanks. And thanks for the advices, and i really can't understand clusters at all, and i agree with the shadow doesn't mix too much with the shape of the lemon. But thanks.