Larwick @ 11/9/2016 13:02 commented on Big Bird

I'm sure a lot of you remember Ensellitis, great guy. I just found out he passed away a few days ago. Rest in peace Chris.

Larwick @ 9/21/2016 15:28 commented on Big Bird

Anyone else catch the random video posted from the PixelJoint youtube?

Larwick @ 3/5/2015 15:06 commented on Big Bird

Just got an email saying my password has been reset? 

Larwick @ 10/5/2013 17:08 commented on The Hunt Begins

 Wonderful. Great depth, quality throughout.

Larwick @ 10/1/2013 12:27 commented on Big Bird

 I think he may need medical attention!

Larwick @ 10/1/2013 06:29 commented on Big Bird

 That's really neat.

Larwick @ 9/30/2013 13:20 commented on Gone Hunting


Larwick @ 9/28/2013 15:36 commented on Big Bird

 badassbill is streaming with jontron right now!

Larwick @ 4/12/2012 07:48 commented on DustyCraft "Final" tiles

I've only just recently started playing minecraft, and I knew what texture pack to check out. This is consistently the best texture pack I've found.

Larwick @ 12/23/2011 02:19 commented on Vampires vs Werewolves Mock-ups

I really like that smashed glass on the far right of the building in the first screen - something about the teal and the brown working together so well. Good work bill.

Larwick @ 6/9/2011 15:27 commented on Big Bird

 Thanks greenraven. 

Larwick @ 4/1/2011 13:16 commented on Caitiri

 I'm making a lundering dunder made of sundering thunder.

Larwick @ 3/31/2011 22:29 commented on Big Bird

 Hey guys just a reminder that the Pixel Joint game will be released on the iphone in the coming month. It's been great fun working on it, hopefully it'll live up to everyone's expectations!

Larwick @ 10/13/2010 13:39 commented on bottom canvas: fruity

love the bananas

Larwick @ 7/13/2010 19:03 commented on Rustbug Jump

Haha no! It's not perfect, that's why I now have a new one! :P

Larwick @ 6/21/2010 20:23 commented on Fleshy Fanart

Technically it's England not the UK, just incase any scottish, welsh or northern irish people out there get annoyed at being lumped together with SUCH A LACKLUSTER TEAM RIGHT NOW. :P

Larwick @ 6/3/2010 06:25 commented on Big Bird

Hey Vertigo-Z, great website design! Really cool. Great initials too.

Larwick @ 6/2/2010 10:43 commented on Celtic Doodle

I really like this! Very cool.

Larwick @ 6/2/2010 09:57 commented on Edward Scissorhands

That was great.

Larwick @ 6/1/2010 20:26 commented on Blood Raven Space Marine

Ipsen, how long ago did you create this, just out of personal interest?

Larwick @ 6/1/2010 20:03 commented on Sword +

No worries, shouldn't be hard to edit out right? Also, Verin, welcome to PJ! I hope we can provide you with a good place to learn pixel art, show off your work and meet new people.

Larwick @ 6/1/2010 19:59 commented on Big Bird

Ben2theEdge so had that covered, but I guess Paul would add the required pizazz.

Hey Met, who's the mod here? HMMMMMMMMM? Lol police state.

Larwick @ 6/1/2010 18:19 commented on Big Bird

Metaru, more like metadA!!!!!!

Larwick @ 6/1/2010 16:15 commented on Sword +

There seems to be a white pixel out of place on the blade point, is that intentional?

Larwick @ 6/1/2010 09:31 commented on Big Bird

Listening to the Moon soundtrack on Spotify, it's so great. I wanna watch it again.