flamkuch @ 2/1/2014 02:48 commented on single-seated spherically shaped tank

That texture... *drools*

flamkuch @ 1/26/2014 15:55 commented on The littlest sprite

You perfectly captured the essence of a run cycle in 8 square pixels (in my eyes at least). Impressive!

flamkuch @ 1/25/2014 11:47 commented on Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Intro Shot 2

DAMN that trailer looks awesome! And music by Virt!? I'll check out the demo ASAP! (Thank you for providing a Linux version!)

Great piece, by the way. I love that combination of pink and green :)

flamkuch @ 1/22/2014 16:26 commented on Monster 2

I like this one! Nice style.

With this palette it sort of looks like a stone statue.

flamkuch @ 1/22/2014 16:23 commented on Monster 1

Is that Japanese on the banner? 人を...

flamkuch @ 1/22/2014 16:08 commented on Secret Santa, Adcrusher524

This screams bad ass in so many ways!

I'm in love with the shading. Each texture fits in perfectly. I'll save this one for reference! :)

flamkuch @ 1/22/2014 16:00 commented on 2 Cars!

They look like miniature toy cars! :)

flamkuch @ 1/21/2014 16:11 commented on High Voltage

Cool lighting effect! I'm still learning this kind of trick, so I can't tell you if the way you pulled it off is 100% correct, but I really like it. The way you got the shading to suggest the 3D shape of the face looks great. I think it'd look even better with some AA especially around the sharp highlights.

flamkuch @ 1/21/2014 15:11 commented on special

That explosion looks REALLY cool.

flamkuch @ 1/20/2014 09:01 commented on Don't Move or the Carrot Gets It

Thanks for taking the time to review my piece Manupix!

I actually added the car as an afterthought, because I wanted to use a light source close to the ground, which I had never attempted before. It does look a bit out of place in the story, though, and I should definitely re-work the perspective now that you point it out.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the lighting, either; it looks a bit off on the cat for one thing, but now that I look at the picture again the lighting on the pavement looks disconnected from that on the wall.

I'll use dithering more sparingly in my next piece -- it's pretty tricky to find just the right amount!

Anyway, a lot of room for improvement but that's what I'm here for! Merci ! :)

flamkuch @ 1/20/2014 06:55 commented on Don't Move or the Carrot Gets It

Thanks for the encouraging feedback everyone! I was worried I might have gone a bit overboard with the dithering, but I'm glad it can be read as texture on the ground.

And bunnies like to devour their carrots alive ;)

flamkuch @ 1/19/2014 02:23 commented on oko

I think the dithering on the wall is a bit superfluous. The transitions between colors are quite abrupt, yet you use dithering, which just adds noise in this case. Decide whether you want abrupt color transitions (that could be a valid stylistic choice), or, if you choose to use dithering, try to make the transitions smoother.

Also, you could try reducing your color count. Right now you're using 30 colors but given the tone of your piece you could easily reduce your palette to 16 colors or less.

Good luck!

flamkuch @ 1/18/2014 08:40 commented on Neytiri Pixelart 25 colors remastered

Nice theme and mood!

I think you can reduce the color count even further. I've had a quick shot at it (12 colors): see - I merged similar and/or rarely-used colors together. With a histogram tool, such as the one in Grafx2, you can identify "lone" colors that are used in 10 pixels or less; these seldom-used colors are easy to remove or merge. Of course, this leads to some details being lost. With some more careful tuning, I'm sure you could get this piece down to 8 colors :)

flamkuch @ 1/18/2014 05:00 commented on bomberman 98

Vibrant colors and composition!

flamkuch @ 1/16/2014 17:23 commented on Spanish Rim


First time a piece of pixel art makes me laugh out loud :D

And it's going to be a Mega Drive game?! Can't wait to get my hands on this!!

flamkuch @ 6/18/2013 07:31 commented on Pixel-me

Great expression!

flamkuch @ 6/15/2013 14:32 commented on Mosh Guy

Your previews are...weird. But the animation is great, especially the smooth hair movement!

flamkuch @ 6/15/2013 14:13 commented on Among the Clouds, the Ancient City...

I really like the ambiance given off by the earthy palette and the composition.

flamkuch @ 10/23/2012 09:54 commented on Rabbit Dish

Thanks for the feedback! I use a GB palette when I just feel like pushing pixels without elaborating a palette that looks right. I think creating a good-looking palette is really difficult! I start most of my images with 4 colors and add colors later on if I feel like it, but I'm never really satisfied with the palettes I make...

flamkuch @ 5/1/2012 13:20 commented on Morning Coffee

Never heard of Yage tea; does it look like it?

Aha -- just did a little bit of research and now I get it :P