Nikonani @ 2/17/2015 12:01 commented on Perplexe

always adore your art, some of the very best on the site imo

it's too bad you don't pixel anymore, I'd love to see more

Nikonani @ 2/17/2015 12:01 commented on Skull

shouldn't have been rejected

Nikonani @ 6/5/2014 16:19 commented on Treeline

> I didn't say this wasn't art, I just don't think this is very good art.

That's a valid criticism and I would take it as such if you were able to back it up with something other than "this isn't art this is just noise", rather than how the piece is constructed (colors used), how the noise is distributed, or your take on it.  Or if you think that your take on it is weak.  All you do is say it's not art and I'm not going to consider that as more than a shitpost.  Especially the whole "look at picasso, that's REAL art," even though picasso is decades dead and abstract art has split a million directions since then.

> Because you made rectangles of noise.

solid observation

Nikonani @ 6/5/2014 09:58 commented on Treeline

If you urge everyone to improve, why single me out?  You could say that to nearly everyone on the site, as you yourself said.

> I don't see the point of randomzied pixels blobs and blots, where the placement meets no end

Somewhat randomized but highly controlled.  Lot of time spent ensuring that the color distribution was intact, that areas of focus were especially well mixed, and that the overall original color blocks from earlier in the process remained.  Put strong emphasis on colors like greens and pure magenta, since they clash wonderfully and are easily picked out by the eye.  More of a planned aleatorism.

> It's randomized to a point where I have to ask myself, "why?", Surely anyone can write a program that does this 1000x , does that make each one art?

Ignoring the fact that this isn't 100% randomized and rather controlled, sure, anyone can.  But anyone can draw a 16x16 sprite of a man running or a profile picture of a pirate, albeit at different skill levels.  As for the "anyone and a program could do this," it's a tired question that's decades old and has been tested in art and music extensively (In C by Terry Riley, 4'33" by Cage, The Well Tuned Piano by La Monte Young -- not that I'm comparing myself to them in any way other than giving an example, of course.)

> Picasso is a great example of when abstract  art actaully means something, and to a broad audiance. Maybe gain some insperation from people like him.

> "Abstract art actually means something"

sure w/e if you say so

Nikonani @ 6/5/2014 07:03 commented on Treeline

Not going to argue you intensively but I don't see how "artistic ability" will alter how I will put "meaning and value" behind it.  Everything I did was intentional.

Nikonani @ 6/4/2014 18:18 commented on Treeline

Cool comparison.  I started out somewhat similarly, except more based on a striped pattern against a black background, and messed around with color distribution and ensuring that colors were never clumped in such a way that colors could not be used as a form of bringing the piece together, to cause it to look chaotic.  With the most chaos around the center of the middle shape (less shapes, more single-pixel noise, etc.) as the only way other than the shapes themselves to draw the eye's attention.

Oh and thanks to those who like it : ^ )

Nikonani @ 5/20/2013 13:43 commented on Clouded Leopard

 Looks wonderful!

Nikonani @ 4/30/2013 16:18 commented on Frank-n-furter

 Very nice, recognized it and guessed it correctly before I clicked and looked at the title.

Nikonani @ 4/24/2013 09:47 commented on Sentry going up!


Nikonani @ 4/9/2013 18:10 commented on Mai Waifu

 Gave me a good laugh when I saw past the preview.

Nikonani @ 4/8/2013 14:00 commented on El Empalador

 Looks great!

Nikonani @ 3/29/2013 16:16 commented on Zack Link and Zelda

 Looks nice overall.  Zelda's nose is a bit manly, though.

Nikonani @ 3/26/2013 06:55 commented on Golbez

 Hmm, reminds me of Exdeath from FFV, even though from what I can tell it's not.  Anyways, looks great!  Pretty smooth colors and color transitions.

Nikonani @ 3/24/2013 09:23 commented on B&W Adventure

 Hmm, I actually prefer this one with the zoom factor.  I think pre-zooming things actually works when pieces use a low number of high-contrast colors on a small canvas.

Nikonani @ 2/20/2013 08:29 commented on Steve

 >>>/Job Offerings/

Nikonani @ 2/8/2013 05:35 commented on pixel art test: clouds

 Depends on the type of cloud.  Low-hanging stormclouds are almost always flat.

Also, it depends on what angle you're viewing them from.  On the ground, all you see is the bottom anyways.

Nikonani @ 2/3/2013 17:21 commented on Big Bird

 What the point of watching the Superb Owl?  It's all rigged in vegas anyways.

Nikonani @ 1/31/2013 14:19 commented on Weighing Souls With Sand

 quite nice, but the lack of AA on the clouds ruins the vector-like look of everything else in the mockup.

Nikonani @ 1/30/2013 16:54 commented on Scavengers

 I liked it when you first started it, I love it now that you've finished it.

Nikonani @ 1/28/2013 08:13 commented on Oh my.... O.O

 Giving new meaning to the saying, "Hitting rock bottom"

Nikonani @ 1/25/2013 17:03 commented on Weapon design #2 - 100 swords

How I would love to be the vidya character wielding one of these; numbers 38, 61, 69, 72, 96, and 100 in particular look like they would be fun to fight with.

Nikonani @ 1/19/2013 18:31 commented on Your Other Half

Anything that scales up/down using "Nearest-Neighbor" scaling.  For example, MS Paint.

Nikonani @ 1/19/2013 12:46 commented on Shiny Lights

 You have over a 100 colors, most of which are in the lightbulb; You can easily cut down to 19 colors just by removing the lightbulb, which goes to show how messy that area is.  In addition, most of the dragon doesn't really seem to react to the bulb; the body barely reflects any light, and despite it being the only lightsource, the bulb isn't even bright in comparison to the dragon's underside, which is so incredibly bright that it seems to be glowing.

Nikonani @ 1/19/2013 09:17 commented on Wigglytuff

Swapping between the two, it's obvious that it's an edit; which is not a bad thing, but I think you should make it clear that it is indeed an edit.  It's a very nice one, too, hence why I think you should clarify so someone doesn't report it as being "ripped" (when it obviously isn't a rip.)

With that out of the way, I'd love to see more edits of those sprites -- your versions are wonderful!

Nikonani @ 1/18/2013 18:35 commented on 2 Bits landscape

 Looks nice, but the low contrast makes it hard to read.