Atooi @ 2/15/2007 19:49 commented on School World
Actually, sausage, the inspiration was Megaman Battle Network, but drawn at a straight angle instead of isometric.

Saying that this reminds you too much of Pokemon is like saying Sonic reminds you too much of Mario, and both are ridiculous statements.

Atooi @ 11/6/2006 07:08 commented on The Mob [Updated]
Great stuff. Amazing detail.

Atooi @ 10/31/2006 12:10 commented on Big Bird
Happy halloween!

Atooi @ 10/27/2006 06:02 commented on Legend of Iya player run cycle
Great job. Wonderful sense of weight.

Atooi @ 10/26/2006 08:55 commented on [nudity] In the Depths
Wow, this is superb. Your color choice and shading techniques are incredibly effective. Wonderful use of lighting.

Fav'ed, 7/7!

Atooi @ 10/25/2006 13:59 commented on Big Bird

Atooi @ 10/25/2006 11:04 commented on Gremlins VS Critters
Wow, nicely done DarkfalzX! This is awesome all around.

I really like the Gremlin's ear going out of scene - great dynamic touch. The background creates a wonderful atmosphere. Great use of color too.

A very enjoyable piece.

Atooi @ 10/24/2006 14:46 commented on Big Bird
Do you think B.O.B was able to create great pixel art straight out of the womb? No, it takes a lot of work and a lot of mistakes to learn and improve on your craft.

Keep at it, sk8m8trix.

Atooi @ 10/24/2006 13:47 commented on Faraway from myself...
Very smooth. Nice job!

Atooi @ 10/24/2006 06:44 commented on Can he fly?
Was this originally rendered in 3D, and then touched up?

Atooi @ 10/23/2006 14:04 commented on Alien VS The Mummy
There are 14 colors, including the filmstrip.

Atooi @ 10/23/2006 09:13 commented on Wrong tape
Yes, I think that does look more like Mr. Jigsaw.

Atooi @ 10/23/2006 07:34 commented on Pixelween entry: WoTW vs. KKfOS

Amazing execution, B.O.B! Seriously, this is beautiful pixel work.

When I first saw your piece I thought it was an amazingly creative depiction of two “villains” coming together – very clever. However, I did not expect the reference to be essentially the same thing. I must admit that I am a little disappointed that your image is just a combination of two movie posters.

Atooi @ 10/23/2006 07:15 commented on Alien VS The Mummy
Great idea. Great execution. Just great! :)

I look forward to seeing more from you, Snake.

Atooi @ 10/21/2006 16:17 commented on Dance Pumpkin, Dance.
Great work Larwick - looks awesome!

Atooi @ 10/21/2006 16:15 commented on Big Bird
What are you unsubscribing from, Carl? There isn’t a newsletter is there? If you don't want to be involved in Pixel Joint malarkey just delete your art submissions and walk away.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 16:13 commented on Big Bird
Lol, of course I used an online translator! I don't know how to speak Russian. I just thought it would be nice for Gas 13 to see some of his native language on Pixel Joint.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 14:42 commented on Star Wars characters
Superb sir! Great job!!

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 14:30 commented on Big Bird
In some movies he walks like a sleep walker, and in others he just lumbers around.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 14:25 commented on Crash
Very nice indeed. The shading is great. Good color choice too. Excellent sky effect.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 14:23 commented on Big Bird
Perhaps this is better:

ваше искусство выглядит очень хорошим

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 14:20 commented on Big Bird

I hope this doesn't say anything rude!

спасибо снова. ваша пикселвин часть выглядит очень хорошей.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 14:15 commented on Big Bird
Thanks Gas.

No, neither Zombies nor Frankenstein talk much in any of their movies. They're more about action than anything else. :) I just added the thought bubble to help illustrate the joke.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 13:57 commented on Big Bird
Hi Gas. Great job on your pixelween entry btw. Love the FF Tactics style.

Atooi @ 10/20/2006 13:46 commented on Big Bird
Happy Friday everyone!