Grimm_Dingo @ 8/30/2012 12:50 commented on Feasting Imp

this is awesome, great rendering of the light hitting him, and the subtle blood soaked appendages is chillingly effective, great work 

Grimm_Dingo @ 8/3/2012 08:43 commented on London 2012

lol black fireworks

not bad  

Grimm_Dingo @ 8/3/2012 08:38 commented on Jimi Hendrix - Immortalized in Pixels

  thanks for the comments and positive feedback guys :D 

Jimi was an awesome ecclectic and eccentric individual for sure <3


@damicon yeah might get around to adjusting that, I settled on a dark band because I recall the other choices seemed to clash with surrounding colours.


Grimm_Dingo @ 8/3/2012 08:34 commented on Paying A Visit

looking better ^ ^ nice additional changes too, and creepy new laughing preview :P

Grimm_Dingo @ 8/1/2012 23:22 commented on Paying A Visit

quite menacing, amongst the best 1bit stuff I've seen, I think his shoulder to bicep transition looks quite awkward, the rear hand lacks volume and the before mentioned foot perspective issue and flatness.there is also some funky stuff going on with the pants his left leg in particular, I think mostly just the lighting, but that's not major enough to worry much about, good work. edit with some suggested fixes


half res 5 colours same amount of detail :


~also his neck on the left (his right) is protruding an unnatural ammount too, whole piece has a halloween* vibe to it (*the distrurbing carpenter slasher flick/s)



Grimm_Dingo @ 7/31/2012 02:16 commented on Akuhiko the White Ninja

thanks guys, I rather like how it turned out too 


@adcrusher524 yeah I see it too now you mention it, I think it's because the impression of that kinda helmet/headgear is  implied  in the hoods shading ^ ^

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/31/2012 02:10 commented on Ninja of the Sunset

doesn't scream ninja, but it's some really nice pixeling, great palette and mood

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/31/2012 02:09 commented on Sloppy Eater

I did them all saturday evening and sunday morning, but yeah I did ^ ^ 

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/30/2012 08:57 commented on kissed by the sun

@pandora's Secret: thanks =)


@PixelPiledriver thanks man appreciate you saying so :D ,  and you're entry is quite awesome too~

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/29/2012 23:10 commented on TheoVision's Cubes

hehe nice work, the highlights of the cubes lining up with his brow ridges and chin kinda make him look like a klingon too  nice choices on the cubes. 

haha I like how google adsense on this page is packed with rubik's cube ads

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/29/2012 09:49 commented on Sloppy Eater

@Joe/Wrath Designs: thanks, and yeah been doing quite alot of exploration lately, I noticed you have quite alot of rather amazing multi-res work in your gallery, I think you might be interested in a form of restricted multi-res I started experimenting with lately, it's basically 2 sets of 1x pixels at 2x resolution offset by an equal amount here is an example of it in action: 


@|||| thanks =)

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/29/2012 09:42 commented on kissed by the sun

 huh, oh not really influenced by anyone consciously, just checked out his gallery nice stuff in there, some really abstract stuff too 

and I know utilizing alot of pixel friendly geometric shapes and clustering to push a more abstract style is nothing new but just been exploring alot of that lately ^ ^ thanks for the comment :)

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/29/2012 09:42 commented on kissed by the sun

haha sleep with the light on?  

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/29/2012 07:29 commented on Jimi Hendrix - Immortalized in Pixels

aw thanks for the faves and comments guys! <3

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/29/2012 03:46 commented on Sloppy Eater

@joe/Wrath Designs was that a complimentary observation? ^ ^


thanks for the comments guys =)  

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/16/2012 14:31 commented on "Gonna need a bigger boat"

 this is awesome,  btw did you use a 3D model as reference for that boat? nevermind read your comments, the lighting looks very effective at conveying the 3 Dimensionality of the boat

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/16/2012 14:26 commented on Yeti... at LARGE!!!

this is quite brilliant, gorillayeti, that is indeed quite a smooth & dynamic animation, great job  

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/14/2012 16:05 commented on Ring Around The Rosie

 I dunno why I spent over an hour doing this, but I did.

your's is really difficult to read, so I decided to pixel it from scratch from the reference image to see how I'd approach it.

1)  make sure the canvas is big enough to render out the details, and try to ensure they read at 1x

2) choose an appropriate palette with decent contrast 

3)don't be afraid to deviate from the source image to reinforce the clarity of the overall image

hopefully you find this useful in some way, making it worthwhile having done it  


Grimm_Dingo @ 7/14/2012 15:06 commented on sun octopus

nice work, quite amazing  

Grimm_Dingo @ 7/14/2012 15:03 commented on True Form of the Sun's Dark Spots

looked like a wizard in an orb/shield at first glance to me O: look's quite awesome, great palette choice

Grimm_Dingo @ 6/24/2012 22:43 commented on Mountain Pass

:O nice comp and nice transition too

Grimm_Dingo @ 6/24/2012 14:56 commented on Come on hero!

O: this is frickin awesome! nice concept 

Grimm_Dingo @ 6/24/2012 14:44 commented on Don't do a barrel roll!

pretty epic rendition =) wouldn't be suprised if it gets in the top 3 .w.

Grimm_Dingo @ 6/24/2012 12:29 commented on Capsule Bot army

I went on autopilot and made the hat at a slant, looked pretty good but soon after finishing realized I had inadvertently gone over the colour line, so had to patch it up and centre it, got kinda lazy too, might fix it at some point

Grimm_Dingo @ 6/23/2012 07:58 commented on Capsule Bot army

@Surt haha I was actually playing with the idea of isolating it in the preview and calling it portrait of a robotic p..... and then add pill bot or such in the description =D i was also thinking of calling it Army of Ptoing because I feel he's become kinda synonymous with cap/pill bots due to his pixelation avatar ^ ^; 


@Mngwa okay well that's enough of a consensus for me to fix it up a tad and swap it out =) unless I get alot of hate comments I'll enter this busy bot version =D