PaoloVictor @ 2/28/2009 09:27 commented on Sprite of the Silver Haired Maiden

If it's not that great, I can't imagine what you consider "great" =]

PaoloVictor @ 2/21/2009 20:07 commented on Demon

Thank you, Balamoot. Your works are awesome!

PaoloVictor @ 2/21/2009 10:07 commented on Demon

haha, awesome! I've never heard of them, but the one with small skull... "eyes" looks like a Castle Crasher's enemy...

PaoloVictor @ 2/4/2009 16:00 commented on Raven Blackheart - A simple fighting game sprite
oh god


PaoloVictor @ 1/28/2009 18:42 commented on Fairytail
Nice atmosphere and color usage!

PaoloVictor @ 1/28/2009 06:34 commented on Mockup v2
Thanks! I've got some inspiration from the earlier sonic games :)

PaoloVictor @ 7/24/2008 20:24 commented on The almighty Arceus our Lord
Triforce! That's the only I could get =\

(I'm not that big into games)

PaoloVictor @ 7/23/2008 20:22 commented on Big Bird
For free: blender, gmax
For bucketloads of cash: 3d studio

Oh, there's also milkshape and a bunch of others I can't remember =\

PaoloVictor @ 7/12/2008 17:41 commented on Sal collects eyeballs

My only gripe is with his left sleeve, it has a strange "bell" shape.

PaoloVictor @ 7/12/2008 07:20 commented on Platformer Mockup
I think all the colors are a bit over-saturated...

PaoloVictor @ 7/11/2008 16:33 commented on Starry Night
You mean this one?

You do realize that since they're based on the same painting, it's no surprise they are similar, right?

Also, on terms of pallete choice, composition, etc, it can't be considered a copy, imho.

Looking at your gallery, you've done some mario icons. Surely someone has done that before, but does that mean you copied them? Or did you use the originals as source of inspiration and injected your personal style, just as this guy done?

Are you really trying to say that if I pixel a subject someone else already done, I'm copying?

Well, that's just my opinion. I don't want to turn this into a flame war or something =)

PaoloVictor @ 7/11/2008 14:18 commented on Starry Night
'Ndsfreak", did you even read the challenge's rules?

"Challenge winner pain challenges you to pixel your own version of a famous picture/photograph.
Easily recognizable photo preferred. "

PaoloVictor @ 7/9/2008 17:53 commented on mk_7
Holy crap!

I actually had to resize it to believe it was pixelled!

Hats off for you, sir!

PaoloVictor @ 4/13/2008 01:19 commented on Big Bird
Thanks for the clarification, Jonna =]

PaoloVictor @ 4/12/2008 15:48 commented on Big Bird
Please, read this article:

If it's true, there is a bill in the US congress that, if passed, will take our copyrights on our own works unless we register them (i.e. pay) in "privately run registries".

This is serious stuff. Contact your congressmen. Spread the word.

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 22:01 commented on There! Thats the one that tried to eat my head!
Good one =]

Nitpicking: Maybe the arms could be a little thicker (and shorter), and the fork's outline is a bit messed up =x

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 21:59 commented on Pixel Pig Couple
First: Your friend is a perv.

Second: Good, clean job. The lack of shading makes them look like NES sprites, and that means an extra point just for the nostalgia factor =]

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 21:57 commented on Fragile Fellfirar
Good work! I agree with Cure about the contrast. You could either scrap the shading altogether and adopt a "clean cartoon" look or crank up the contrast, but I'm not sure about the later.

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 20:04 commented on chu chu~
Sickeningly cute.

In other words: you've really got the point =]

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 20:02 commented on Little Red Riding Hood
I dig your style. Please do the wolf =D

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 20:01 commented on hot head
Very nice! Maybe his left arm seems bigger than the right one? And what's with the black background?

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 20:00 commented on Havoc Zone mockup
Oops, nevermind.

That's what you get when you don't read the thread =p

PaoloVictor @ 11/11/2007 19:57 commented on Havoc Zone mockup
Holy mother of baby emo christ!

Do you have any plans to make a game out of this? I'm learning pygame... since I get the hang of it and make a couple games, it'd be awesome to work on this =]

PaoloVictor @ 8/24/2007 12:22 commented on Traveling the lands of sillis
Marvelous scene! My only gripe is that the mountains seems a bit off, they're gorgeous anyway =)

PaoloVictor @ 8/24/2007 12:21 commented on Bahamut perched
hail to our pixel overlord!

st0ven, where are you, man?