Siikikala @ 1/20/2020 02:55 commented on Big Bird

Parker I have an account I share with 1 other guy for gms2 so dm me and I'll give you the login info if you need the latest version. Don't really use it myself that much. 

Siikikala @ 10/29/2019 07:24 commented on Witchbich

ok that mudere steve to bad

Siikikala @ 7/25/2019 23:54 commented on plump

thanks fellas

Siikikala @ 1/2/2019 05:40 commented on Landscape - 002

Very nice sir!

Siikikala @ 12/30/2018 13:29 commented on 2099

Glad you like it!

Siikikala @ 12/18/2018 11:15 commented on Some EagleIsland Backgrounds


Siikikala @ 6/14/2018 03:32 commented on Tree

Looks accidental though, considering the rest from center seems legit pa

Siikikala @ 5/31/2018 13:38 commented on a gnome, but, like, with a big dick

I find this piece of art very relatable.

Siikikala @ 4/11/2018 12:41 commented on Big Bird

Is Ascii/textmode art allowed in the gallery? stuff like this.

Siikikala @ 9/28/2017 03:46 commented on Big Bird

I was about to try a life without a phone but i cant give up funny memes while taking a dump. 

Siikikala @ 9/21/2017 14:21 commented on Pencils

cute pencils! :> I did a small edit incase it helps you with your pixelart, i think some color values are a bit too close to each other so i evened the ramps and tried to convey the edgy form of the pencil better.


Siikikala @ 9/5/2017 03:41 commented on Big Bird

Everybody loves me, can't relate. 

Siikikala @ 9/1/2017 06:58 commented on Skellyknight

fair point

Siikikala @ 8/30/2017 14:16 commented on Monolith

that last 20% though, i dont like the sound of that.

Siikikala @ 8/30/2017 13:46 commented on Dog hammer

Thank you thank you, appreciate it!

Siikikala @ 6/18/2017 12:15 commented on Big Bird

I think of rain as godly no matter the case. A great reason to stay inside and it smells nice afterwards!

Siikikala @ 6/18/2017 09:55 commented on Big Bird

Sounds like pretty solid proof that god is real.

Siikikala @ 6/18/2017 09:40 commented on Big Bird

I knew i'd like you carnvivac.

Siikikala @ 6/18/2017 08:52 commented on Big Bird

Waiting for autumn, wish i could go dormant in my blankie roll and spend my time through the summer there without seeing a single sunny, shitty, sweaty summer day.

Siikikala @ 6/18/2017 08:23 commented on Big Bird

RAV is just being RAV, dont bother with him too much. Leave him alone, he will continue the discussion with the nearest wall for a bit and then we're back at the normal pjbox days.

It's the natural cycle of pjbox.

Siikikala @ 8/18/2016 04:40 commented on Painlord Mercer

right there

Siikikala @ 8/17/2016 04:13 commented on Painlord Mercer

there is a gradient adding extra colors to the piece on the right forearm.

Siikikala @ 7/10/2016 10:55 commented on Big Bird

Those are cool manu!

Siikikala @ 7/2/2016 07:34 commented on Diablo GBA

Thank you for great critique, i dont plan on revisiting or fixing since its a weekly though. I made the character, hud,text and misc stuff in literally as fast as i possibly could so it is what it is. and it's blonde hair, if that helps you see it any better.

i've gotten good suggestions about the hud stuff, which i felt was messy and weak even when i made it. I'll try to get better at creating a clear hud in the future, but I don't understand what you mean by "hang" here?

Siikikala @ 6/29/2016 08:30 commented on Diablo GBA

i referenced mainly diablo 3 which is a bit more vibrant coloured and has that slight cartoonish style to it, rather than the earlier parts of the franchise. Also i kind of get that colourful cartoon style in mind thinking about game boy games in general, so i made everything a bit jollier.