HarveyDentMustDie @ 9/1/2018 19:30 commented on Retro Mockup - Donkey Kong (Arcade)

I love Donkey Kong's face expression. I'm sure animation would really add quirkiness to this character and change angry gorilla approach.  :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 5/24/2018 14:45 commented on Wrestling mock up

You definitely create most appealing pixel art drawings and animations I've seen. They are so crisp and shiny like a candies every time. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 11/19/2016 13:05 commented on rowdy boys

Why did you reduced resolution from your original designs. I adored your original drawings and animations from several years ago and always wanted to see more.

When I saw this at first I thought someone is making bad copy of original drawings, especially buffed guy with cowboy hat. Maybe it will allow faster finishing of game, but I still vote for original design and animations cause they are unforgettable. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 10/2/2016 05:17 commented on swapnote bacon

She's so cute and alive. Perfect.

HarveyDentMustDie @ 10/2/2016 05:10 commented on Emerald Knight

Thanks. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 8/20/2016 16:37 commented on Wake up Mana

My first idea was Photoshop but then I thought, there must be tousands of frames there which is very hard to controll. So I presume you arrange them in timeline instead of frames.

I always wanted to make Silent Hill short animation, I even got chip tune themes custom made but at that time my skills couldn't follow my ideas so it's on hold for very long time, I will probably start from scratch if I decide to make it.

Thanks for reply, and best luck with future animations. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 8/20/2016 09:00 commented on Wake up Mana

I saw all episodes and I must say, this is top notch pixel art work, animations are soo smooth and appealing while backgrounds are full of details. I especially like Vallow character and his animations. It's strange that it doesn't have bigger audience. All in all great job. :D

I also have a question, in which software you combine your backgrounds and animations to make everything smooth but still make it look like there's a grid beneath. Aftereffects?

HarveyDentMustDie @ 8/15/2016 16:22 commented on Baphomet

Effects look very smooth and fluent. Great job, I hope that the rest of the game will have same level of detail and cool animations. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 8/15/2016 16:17 commented on Cross animation reel

I agree that during the run head should move cause he looks like he's stuck, like in cartoons when bigger character or a robot holds him in the air by his head.

Also leg is too tick in stationary pose, even if his legs are folded under his body like with chickens you should suggest that with darker green. That big block looks a bit strange when it's compared to other animations where legs are defined.

Next to this there are some pixels here and there that need fixing but, overall it looks interesting and appealing. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 2/23/2016 07:13 commented on Mabel's groove

I knew this was your animation from the first glance. Great job once again. :D

Gravity falls is one of the best cartoons I've watched. There's so much care and thought invested in every little detail, which makes it very unique and special.

HarveyDentMustDie @ 11/22/2015 08:45 commented on Anatomy Practice

I knew this was your work at first glance. Great job, very smooth shading. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 9/29/2015 17:21 commented on Overflowing Wisdom

Your colors are always very bright and eye catching. Do you have some specific color picking method?

HarveyDentMustDie @ 7/28/2015 08:51 commented on The Butcher

Good idea, especialy with ropes around arm to make it look like salami, and good usage of black, but it needs more cleaning and polishing to make it look perfect. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 6/21/2015 10:51 commented on T-51b

Impressive. :D Great colors. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 6/21/2015 06:03 commented on Hamster Bunny's home

Agree with CELS, perspective is all over the place, but I really like the colors.

HarveyDentMustDie @ 5/31/2015 05:46 commented on X-Men Clone Wars Mockup

I see you've made some new upgrades. :) Lights are perfect now and those animated cogs are great detail. Great work wolf. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 5/24/2015 17:39 commented on bad animation for a really bad guy

I don't know why, and I'm sorry for saying this, but the way you've animated front hair strains reminds me of food going trough bowels.

I like how eye design change after each blink, it's very subtle.

HarveyDentMustDie @ 5/17/2015 15:25 commented on The Witcher - White wolf

@Mandrill I think that Patric Brown have a sure win, cause his work can hardly be compared with the other submissions. Later I thought I should have made something more complex but I didn't have enough time so this was an interesting personal chalenge. :)

@dTfromUA Thanks. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 4/30/2015 18:01 commented on Pixel Art Avatar Commission 15.04.26

I like the face expression. :) Maybe pants are pulled too much up, few pixels down would be better and I think that you don't need those black lines over the legs, you could have suggest presence of the edge with color.

When I saw it, the first thing that corssed my mind was this

That bussiness bear made impression on me long time ago. ;)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 4/27/2015 04:22 commented on Martial Artist

His movement have no weight, he moves like marionette pupett. You should look for some references, they may help you a lot.

HarveyDentMustDie @ 4/20/2015 06:07 commented on drop color

First part (until droplet hit the surface) is too slow. You should speed up the whole animation for a bit, it would look much better. Great job on the ripples. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 4/19/2015 14:43 commented on 20150409

I really like head and eyes, it reminds me a bit of Disney characters. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 4/18/2015 10:32 commented on Security Guy

When I saw this in gallery first reaction was smile. :D Great job, and very appealing colors. :)

HarveyDentMustDie @ 3/10/2015 19:47 commented on Majin Boo

Something confuses me here. You said this image have 52 colors, program shows there's 36 colors here and visually there's no more than 12-13 colors. Did you draw this over low res image, cause that would explain this.

Also this looks unfinished so I presume it's still WIP?

HarveyDentMustDie @ 3/8/2015 14:12 commented on Pallando and the Powerfull Palantir

Amazing, I really like his face expression. :)