DragonMarx @ 4/28/2020 15:34 commented on Big Bird

I feel like the lack of a feed is what really sets pj apart at this point. It's hard to really get attention or follow someone's progress because there's not an easy way to collect all of it in an easy to browse format. As it is right now, it's almost impossible to get a consistent stream of interaction on here besides chatting here

DragonMarx @ 11/20/2019 01:24 commented on Big Bird

'pixel pure' can be hard to achieve in modern media tools anyways - if someone labels it as 'pure' though I'm sure as hell going to judge over NPA artifacts.

DragonMarx @ 3/5/2018 18:57 commented on Big Bird

Hey greenraven, glad to see you're still on here. I hope things turn around for you soon man

DragonMarx @ 12/19/2016 10:07 commented on Big Bird

Hi guys, by any chance does someone here know a workaround a cross origin error using JavaScript? Jsonp wont provide any results and the server is not CORS compatible.

DragonMarx @ 9/28/2015 18:32 commented on Shoryuken!

Why not make a game with the resources you have?

DragonMarx @ 8/17/2015 18:23 commented on "The Tree"

I like it! You should try experimenting with line patterns using a very limited palete and black :o

DragonMarx @ 8/14/2015 13:14 commented on Big Bird

My question was "Is having the 8 larger than the rest of the text good because of font design?"

DragonMarx @ 8/13/2015 14:20 commented on Big Bird

Paddy/Peyton act*

Well at least Peyton keeps his avvys : /

DragonMarx @ 8/12/2015 19:25 commented on Big Bird

Mind providing a screenshot? All the browsers I've tested on (even mobile) have this: http://i.imgur.com/MvOGiGV.png... dunno if im not getting what youre laying down or noobish css is making this inconsistent across browsers/sizes.

Im not well versed in font sort of things but is having the 8 a different size good? 

DragonMarx @ 8/12/2015 16:14 commented on Big Bird

whats wrong about the alignment?

DragonMarx @ 8/12/2015 10:43 commented on Big Bird

finished website header :o

DragonMarx @ 8/7/2015 10:50 commented on Big Bird

Yeah I've come to accept the fact that on pixeljoint, chances are that you're pieces aren't gonna receive much attention unless they're really good or really lucky. Community is pj's strength, imo.

DragonMarx @ 7/29/2015 20:17 commented on Big Bird



inb4 wow thats really neat, thats if the pixel art is smooth and good enough haha.

DragonMarx @ 7/29/2015 19:56 commented on ¡Vas a tener que ponerte el pañal el la cara, renacuaja, para recogerte el río de lágrimas que te ha

i feel like the inside of the mouth could be refined more : / otherwise great animation!

DragonMarx @ 7/28/2015 12:04 commented on Tiny TMNT

Btw your preview image is broken : o

DragonMarx @ 7/28/2015 11:58 commented on Big Bird

Ah so like stratego!

Also, clicking the link in your messages to get to the chatterbox results in an error 500

DragonMarx @ 7/27/2015 17:56 commented on Big Bird

No I mean is the game played like chess where both sides have the same pieces and advance?

DragonMarx @ 7/27/2015 10:32 commented on Big Bird

oof gotta get working. 

@ParkerBabyDiaperCompany is that like chess?

DragonMarx @ 7/24/2015 10:02 commented on Death Knocks Title

Really digging the pallette and AA!

DragonMarx @ 7/14/2015 20:00 commented on Spooky Scary Skeleton

have an updoot

DragonMarx @ 7/6/2015 07:36 commented on Ahhh!!!

The dithering on the top can work but you have to create a transition of sorts between the patterns. Otherwise nice piece!

DragonMarx @ 7/3/2015 18:47 commented on Big Bird

ayyyyyy new avatar

DragonMarx @ 6/28/2015 08:46 commented on Big Bird

I'm trying cross country after my spectacular failure at the 400 last year... been running for about half an hour every day, turning the speed up a mph every minute (4-9mph) in an attempt to get my cardio back up from being lazy.

EDIT: Has the PJ google search been broken for a while now?

DragonMarx @ 6/6/2015 13:53 commented on Bitter Bear 2 : Steve Returns

I'm keeping it as two because the transparency aren't part of the images themselves. If I had used transparency to change the shape of the canvas, it counts, but in this case it's just for the sake of seperating images.

DragonMarx @ 5/17/2015 19:11 commented on Night Pearl 64x64px game mockup

wow, makes me kinda wish this was real haha. I think it'd make for a really interesting game that could be played on very low resolution mediums, i.e one of those business cards with a small screen