Powertrousers @ 1/26/2013 03:55 commented on Big Bird

Cant get fat off stomach even with stone hard muscle-legs... :(

Powertrousers @ 1/26/2013 03:55 commented on Cheetah men remake

 Why on earth would anyone in their sane mind do this? Great job nonetheless. 

Powertrousers @ 9/2/2012 00:11 commented on Damian

 It looks good right now. Gj! I can really tell the adams apple is big now. it even bulges out. 

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 03:51 commented on Sword in the ground

 The ground looks kindof nice. Thoug shading need major improovement here.

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 03:51 commented on Courage the Cowardly Dog

 Mureal looks a bit thinner than she is in the show.

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 03:49 commented on Big Bird

 Is it just me, or did a ton of Adventure Time pix just start flooding the place once I started talking about the last episode?

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 03:48 commented on Damian

Oh wow. This is hillarious, nice AND sick at the same time. Great job. Also, whats that one dark pixel doing on the throat? It's kindof out of place.

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 00:13 commented on Guardians of Sunshine

 awesome. 3 out of pi. Would play. 

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 00:09 commented on The gentleman vampire

 See this is what I find funny about vampires. Cant they drink, I dono, pig blood or something? Great work though.

Also, why is the clock counting down?

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 00:06 commented on NO WAY I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS

 umm... ok. He looks kinda funny.

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 00:05 commented on Big Bird

 I dont know how to make the preset or whatever you call it before the done piece. I usually always start out with an outline and stuff. Why cant I make those cool squigly wip things that you guys make? :(

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 00:02 commented on Am I Greenraven?

 Ok. Good to know. Good work btw.

Powertrousers @ 8/30/2012 00:01 commented on hhhhhhhh

 Aw, you're too kind. No, I just thought it was more of a frozen thrust or something. Hmm. But yeah, hips would be nice.

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 14:46 commented on Nyan Nyan

 The fuuq? how?

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 14:38 commented on Am I Greenraven?

What does greenraven even do? LAst time I checked he wasnt that marvelous of an artist... was he?

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 09:12 commented on hhhhhhhh

 Is that stance even physically possible? I've seen it a lot but I tried it once and I couldnt get it right.

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 09:11 commented on Xeno Kong

 why? why? 

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 09:08 commented on Big Bird

 Too much ripping of the guitar. 

try this.


not heavy. But I like it.

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 09:04 commented on Earthworm Jim

 wow. This is sick. just. More like parasite jim. The neck. 0_0

not bad though.

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 00:06 commented on 94's game art

 Wow! This looks amazing!

Powertrousers @ 8/29/2012 00:01 commented on Big Bird

 Wait what? That really was a ripoff. 

Powertrousers @ 8/28/2012 23:52 commented on Big Bird

 I like miike snow - all of it. just sayin. Though thier newest stuff might be considered awful by a few... yeah.

Just start with the old stuff. I like nightwish and chiptunes and Lapfox and... stuff. I like massive attack, but only because of that one song. And I like TSFH. It's just amazing.

Powertrousers @ 8/25/2012 11:14 commented on Big Bird

 Ok sorry, now that my internet is back I can continue. whre was I?

oh yeah...

I HAVE NO IDEA! HOW!? I am eager to see what the next episode will have. I mean, if Jake becomes a dad then that will destroy the show. He cant be! Not yet. Or can he? I wana see.

Powertrousers @ 8/24/2012 13:45 commented on Big Bird

Please dont. Jake would be furious. So would I. ALso, please dont do it WHILE shes preggers. Pls.

Powertrousers @ 8/24/2012 12:55 commented on Big Bird

 So I just watched the last episode of Adventure time and WTF!? Jake and Rainycord had INTERCOURSE!?!?!?