DerpingShrimp @ 9/2/2012 16:01 commented on Self Portrait

 Better than nothing, right?

DerpingShrimp @ 9/2/2012 10:16 commented on Self Portrait

 Ohboy homestuck

Those shoes were a pain to do, I think it's the angle I made them. Oh well~

DerpingShrimp @ 8/30/2012 16:19 commented on Self Portrait

 Actually, now that I look at it, it kinda is!

But actually that's what I was wearing that day.

DerpingShrimp @ 8/29/2012 19:29 commented on NEStea

 Whoops, sorry. That's just how large I made it.

I can minimize it, that's not too hard.

DerpingShrimp @ 8/28/2012 18:16 commented on Oh Lord.

 That's a wonderful little Arceus you made~

And you say it's crappy! But it's not!

DerpingShrimp @ 8/22/2012 22:32 commented on Elk's Deathwing

 Daaaaaaaamn, that's amazing. What an inspiration!

If you say there's flaws I can barely tell where they are, amazing job overall, and the time you spent on it was well worth it!