Pukahuna @ 7/19/2018 07:06 commented on Karve

Thank you! :)

Pukahuna @ 12/14/2017 06:44 commented on Avatar

Thank you :), fixed it

Pukahuna @ 7/19/2016 15:39 commented on Jungle Cave Background

yes, it's actually easy to do that, I just moved what I already had done for the borders and filled up the center

Pukahuna @ 7/18/2016 18:42 commented on Eagle Island BGs

Amazing backgrounds, loved it!

Pukahuna @ 4/12/2016 13:35 commented on Big Bird

Oh, I did not read the old messages, sorry

I didn't knew about it, but I changed it for a static one and it still not showing

Pukahuna @ 4/12/2016 13:06 commented on Big Bird

Why my new pixels never show up on ''new pixel art''? :'(

Pukahuna @ 4/12/2016 12:58 commented on Mockup

Thank you :), I'll do a  polish pass over after I finish a considerable amount of sprites, I also will make more frames for the racoon, I used 6 frames on the Gif to not get too complicated to merge with the background, which has 4, but in game I'll be able to use more and with distinct times

Pukahuna @ 4/4/2016 15:56 commented on Ice Cave Background

Thanks :)

Pukahuna @ 1/24/2015 17:25 commented on Surface Hell Background

Thank you for all the praise and criticism,  I could refine it more, but I don't know how texture a flat stone x_x. The lava I did only 3 frames because otherwise would have to do 8, and it would give too much work @_@

Pukahuna @ 1/15/2015 06:14 commented on Ocean Background

Thank you  I am very grateful to hear it from you

Pukahuna @ 1/4/2015 16:41 commented on Creya x3

I prefer the right ( ->) one style, but the middle one pose and skirt looks better



I've done this edit on his face, legs, arms and boobs that I think that makes it prettier

Pukahuna @ 1/4/2015 16:33 commented on Grass Mountains Background

Thank you for the tips, I like your edit on the back mountains agent00x, will try to do something like that 

Pukahuna @ 1/3/2015 07:59 commented on Grass Mountains Background

It's repetitive because it should fit in the sides, the background will move with the chrater (the back mountains are just copy paste tho, actually I wouldn't post with it ) Here is the version without the back mountains, you think it's better?

Pukahuna @ 1/2/2015 22:09 commented on La union del Pixel

Really nice one :D, but I think it will not be accepted on the challenge because it must be at least 3 heads tall

Pukahuna @ 1/1/2015 15:04 commented on Samurai

 This colors you say Jalonso? I have not decided yet what will be the final version 

Pukahuna @ 12/31/2014 01:52 commented on Avatar


Pukahuna @ 12/31/2014 01:45 commented on [secret santa 2014] 4am at the river

There are 4 santas and a lizard in this image, if none of these is the real santa i give up x_x please send me the spoiler picture ;-; 

Pukahuna @ 12/29/2014 13:18 commented on [secret santa 2014] 4am at the river

Is this the santa? I spent so much time trying to find it x_x

Pukahuna @ 7/25/2014 15:00 commented on Tree #02

Eu também colocaria mais brilho e contraste, não só no tronco como nas folhas também, mas o problema é que ela precisa combinar com o resto das coisas do jogo, por isso ela é assim apagada :/

Pukahuna @ 7/21/2014 18:24 commented on Tree #01

The trunk is straight because it use ''modules'' and the game will generate the trees randomly

Pukahuna @ 2/9/2014 07:12 commented on Pyramid

WOOOOOOOW :OOOO How long it took you to make?

Pukahuna @ 2/9/2014 06:58 commented on Survival

Awesome view

Pukahuna @ 2/1/2014 11:47 commented on Yawn

Your animations are the best! And justh with 3 colors ;-;

Pukahuna @ 1/31/2014 14:30 commented on Spirit age

This is awsome, love the colors and rocks, I just think that need more contrast between the chraters and background, the colors are very similar and can't see them right

Pukahuna @ 1/17/2014 16:34 commented on Nonon Jakuzure

Awesome work